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    Prego Restaurant 3

    Carlo and Maria have come to Prego, the restaurant, for their fabulous food. But they are too in love to notice the food. They have been in love for a very long time now. For over an hour, which is a record for the both of them. Maria plucks a mezzelune from her plate and feeds it to Carlo. He is a little plaything, she thinks, like a puppy -- loyal, eager, panting ... drooling. She takes a bite of his Agnello Grigliato. The people at Prego stare, but Carlo and Maria, they care not. They are blinded with love. It is a game of cat and mouse. Of kiss and tell. Of ... crime and punishment. Carlo glances at her. Ah! She is perfect. But what’s that? A crumb is stuck to her chin! Maria has noticed something herself. A sucking sound. Could that be Carlo eating? Oh, Carlo! Oh, Maria! Their disillusionment is as thick as the minestrone.


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