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    Amoco Certicare Service While You Sleep 1

    Anncr: Amoco knows how busy you are ...

    Wmn: I ... am the busiest person in the world.

    Anncr: We know there’s never enough time in your day.

    Wmn: I make instant oatmeal in the microwave ...

    Anncr: We know it’s not always convenient to get your car repaired.

    Wmn: I have mastered the art of being in 2 places at the same time ...

    Anncr: So, Certicare will now fix your car at night -- while you’re asleep.

    Wmn: My last vacation was a nap.

    Anncr: New, “Service While You Sleep.” Just call 1-800-4-REPAIR. That’s 1-800-4-REPAIR. Certicare’s “Service While You Sleep.” Only at participating Amoco dealers.


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