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    Car Cash

    Man: OK! You’re ready to sell your car. Right?

    Woman: Right.

    Man: Nothing’s wrong with it. You’re just ready for a change. You want the highest cash price.

    Woman: Absolutely.

    Man: But you’ve worked hard all day. Taken about forty phone calls. Worked with some pretty tough customers.

    Woman: Ah. You’ve said it.

    Man: The last thing you need is more hassle, right?

    Woman: Right!

    Man: So talk to Car Cash. Since 1977, Car Cash has been Americas biggest and most experienced car buying service. Don’t sell your car for less than true value. Or, spend hours with strangers who have no cash. Thousands of satisfied owners have sold their cars to Car Cash.

    Woman: Perfect.

    Man: So just call 1-800-Car Cash.

    Woman: Hmmm...Car Cash...It’s the only way to go.


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