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    Verizon Wireless Mobile Phone

    1st person: Okay, sales are lagging, so let’s call twenty clients today, now here’s the plan.

    2nd person: OK.

    1st person: You call half and I’ll call half.

    2nd person: Oh. I can’t take half.

    1st person: What do you mean you can’t take half?

    2nd person: Oh. I can’t. You see...I bought a new digital wireless phone from one of those PCS companies, and it only works in a couple of places.

    1st person: What!

    2nd person: Yeah, but by the end of the summer they said I should be able to call from almost anywhere.

    1st person: What about from the highway?

    2nd person: Oh, that depends.

    1st person: On what?

    2nd person: Is it spring of ‘2003 yet?

    Announcer: Don’t get stuck with a digital wireless phone that doesn’t work everywhere. Use Verizon Wireless mobile digital choice service. We go further, so your phone can too. For wireless service that you can depend on, call Verizon Wireless.

    1st person: So, it looks like I’m making all twenty calls.

    2nd person: Well, what do you want me to do?

    1st person: Call Verizon Wireless at 1-800-255 BELL.


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