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Feedback Forum > English Children > Animation > Word World—boppin’ With The Bug Band Ext. Frog’s Log – Morning

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    Word World—boppin’ With The Bug Band Ext. Frog’s Log – Morning

    SCENE: As we push in toward Frog’s log, we hear music.

    NARRATOR: "One fine morning in Word World, the sound of music filled the air."

    SCENE: FROG stands in front of his front door, bobbing his head in time to the melody, while hammering together the letters B-E-L-L. A boom box radio sits nearby.

    FROG: "I love to listen to music while I work."

    SCENE: Frog is holding the letters B-E-L-L.

    NARRATOR: "Uh, what are you doing Frog?"

    FROG: "Oh, hi, Mr. Narrator. I’m fixing my doorbell."

    SCENE: Medium shot of Frog holding the letters B-E-L-L. He spells them out, pushes them together, and they morph.

    FROG: "B..E..L..L"

    KIDS: "Bell!"


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