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    Mary Poppins Opens The Door

    The King gave a sullen snort of rage. “Tomfoolery! Nonsensical bosh!” The Cat held up its paw for silence. “Will you answer my second question, please! Where is the sweetest milk to be found?” Immediately the King’s face cleared, and took on a confident smirk. “As simple as A.B.C.,” he said loftily. “The answer, of course, is Sardinia. For there the cows live on honey and roses and their milk is as sweet as Golden Syrup. Or perhaps I should saythe Elegant Islands, where they feed upon nothing but sugar cane. Or Greece, where they browse in the Candytuft. Now taking into consideration--“ “I can take nothing into consideration,” said the Cat, “except the fact that you have not answered my question. Where is the sweetest milk, O King?” “I know!” Cried the little Page, pausing for a moment above a half-filled inkwell. “In a saucer by the fire.” The Cat gave the child an approving nod and yawned in the face of the King.


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