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    Hoechst Celanese Employee Training Film

    Here at Hoechst Celanese, we make chemicals. The chemicals we make are used in turn by other companies to make the products we come in contact with every day. Hello, I'm (insert name), and for the next few minutes, we're going to take a look at just some of the many ways Hoechst Celanese Chemical Group's products are used to make the things that touch our lives. We all know that matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules. Every drop contains about a quadrillion billion molecules. In turn, molecules are made up of atoms. Water molecules for instance contain two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. All molecules have a characteristic shape. For instance, H2O molecules are triangular. What then is a chemical reaction? It is a rearrangement of molecules. When chemicals react, molecules break apart and rearrange, sometimes combining with bits and pieces of other molecules to become new substances. That's what happens to most of the molecules we produce: they're split apart, broken into pieces, and converted into new molecules.


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