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    Congo Gorilla Forest

    Congo Gorilla Forest provides its animals with a rich, physical environment, but it doesn't stop there. The vision behind "Congo Gorilla Forest" is important to more than the gorillas. It's a powerful experience for every visitor who comes to see them. This exhibit is about presenting all of us with choices. A revolutionary component gives visitors a choice about how their entrance fee should be spent. Presenting them with a variety of field projects to support. They are helping save gorillas, which are under threat in the wild. Every day, gorillas are killed as part of the bushmeat trade. The commercial hunting of forest animals, for food. Lowland Gorillas are being forced to the edge of existence. Day after day, this express train travels into the capital of the Republic of Cameroon. It's carrying bags of slaughtered wildlife from the forests. As it arrives, traders drop the bags of bushmeat down outside the market. It's illegal, but there's seldom anyone around to do anything about it. And it's not just happening in Cameroon. Scenes like these are repeated in cities around Central and West Africa. As long as people have lived in African forests, they've hunted for food, but while they once hunted to feed themselves, their families and local communities, many now hunt to supply an ever-growing urban demand for what has become 'status' food.


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