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    The Meadow

    The meadow is full of life. Tall, yellow wildflowers called Goldenrod grow in the meadow. In the morning, a hungry, green grasshopper nibbles on a wildflower. Nearby, a big, brown toad is watching. Soon, the hungry toad catches the grasshopper with his long, sticky tongue and eats him right up. Toads can do that. At noontime, the toad is resting. A snake slithers by. The long, hungry snake sees the toad and eats him in one big bite. Snakes can do that. In the afternoon, a hawk flies over the meadow. She spies the snake below. She swoops down and catches the snake with her feet. Hawks can do that. At sunset, the hawk shares the snake with her hungry chicks. It’s the end of a long day of eating in the meadow. And it all began with wildflowers.


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