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    Opie and Anthony Radio promo contest

    This was an attempt at an Opie and Anthony Radio show Promo contest.

    Tommy: So Listen to the Opie and Anthony (Phone rings), ah damn..Hello!
    Friend: Hey Tommy, What are you doing?
    Tommy: I'm Working on that contest for Opie and Anthony.
    Friend: Who's Opie and Anthony?
    Tommy: Opie and Anthony, the guys on the radio in the morning; they're funny.
    Friend: I never heard of them.
    Tommy: What do you mean you never heard of them, it' Opie and Anthony on 92.3..
    Friend: I'm telling you I never heard of them..
    Tommy: Oh Jeez, Those guys that gang banged your moms last week?
    Friend: Oh...Them.
    Announcer: Opie and Anthony! Gang banging moms across America!
    Background voice: 92 3, Free.


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