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    Haiti Relief

    In January 2010, a deadly earthquake struck Haiti. The destruction was unimaginable.

    Even the capitol building lies in ruins.

    Rubble is everywhere and people are still digging out.

    A quarter million dead, countless injured. Buildings, schools, and homes leveled to the ground. Survivors still living in makeshift shelters With no money to rebuild.

    As you head into the countryside, you can see some emergency aid is getting through…

    and you can see the sad but hopeful faces of children.

    Beyond the city, supplies can’t reach people until roads are cleared.

    More aid is still needed. People need food and water day after day…and the water must be not just potable, but portable as well…because so many people are located in hard-to-reach places.

    That's why Jusuru (Joo-SOO-roo) has donated to the international relief effort. Though our chief product is a nutritional supplement, we also manufacture oxygenated water. We shipped our entire inventory to Haiti as soon as we learned about the disaster and a Jusuru team was on hand to help distribute clean water, along with clothing, sandals, toiletries, and first aid kits.

    To learn more about Jusuru’s Giving Program, contact the person who shared this video with you.

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