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    The Stone Diaries by C. Shields

    "What kind of a man was your father- in- law , Mrs Flett" Lewis posed this question in a social voice, while spreading butter on a floury scone
    "Well I'm not quite sure"
    "But you must have some kind of impression
    "An unhappy man .Aggrieved. His wife left him, you see
    "Aha" Teasing " one of those old – fashioned happy families"
    "His three sons took their mother's part. They refused to see their father. They would have nothing do with him"
    "And this made him Bitter?
    "It drove him back here" She swept a hand toward the window, taking in the drenched dark street, the black clouds,
    "When he was sixty-five years old. I can only think he must have been bitter"
    "But you don't know for sure"
    "Actually I never met my father-in -law"
    "I see" Clearly he was taken a back.
    "We never met, no. And I've always felt sorry about that.That we never met in his lifetime. I've almost thought ...well
    "That we might have things" she paused "to say to each other"


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