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    In the field of small tactical unmanned aircraft systems one company leads the way:

    For more than five years, the ScanEagle by Insitu has distinguished itself as one of the most capable, cost-effective, and dependable systems available for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

    Now, with the Integrator, Insitu has created the next generation UAS—combining key strengths of the ScanEagle: Long Endurance, High-Performance, Heavy-fuel propulsion, and Runway Independence (without the risks associated with nets), with technologies enabling a new paradigm in UAS payload capability and operational flexibility.

    Built for both the present and the future, the Integrator’s open software architecture is a force multiplier. Standardized electro-mechanical and payload data interfaces provide for rapid integration and deployment of large single or multiple payloads. With multi-mission capability in a single aircraft, the Integrator can be configured to handle the most complex operations with a single sortie—imaging, intelligence, tracking, communication relay, all independently or in concert. Flexibility that allows the operator to adapt, overcome, and succeed in the most dynamic mission environments.

    With Integrator, technology makes the difference and Insitu leads the way.

    Integrators suite of Insitu payloads is another example of focused technology benefiting the mission. The single turret’s electro optical and dual infrared sensors provide critical imagery, night and day, while adding ranging and visible cueing to forces on the ground. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) enables broad-area searches by imagery analysts, to detect man-made objects obscured to the naked eye. —all can be deployed on the Integrator. Just as critical is the direct support to those who need it most: Cutting-edge communications payloads securely relay tactical information and provide encrypted digital video to a forward unit’s Rover 4 or Rover 5 remote video terminal.

    Insitu has been the class leader in heavy-fuel propulsion, fielding in theatre successfully since early 2008. Integrator carries forward this tradition of excellence and leading from the front with its electronic fuel injected heavy fuel engine. Now in flight trials, this powerplant reduces logistics footprint and costs by use of a common commodity fuel. EFI/HFE also improves reliability and performance by utilizing a controlled and standardized fuel, implementing finer engine control and health monitoring via EFI, and creating an engine that dynamically adapts to its operating environment.

    Cutting-edge technology makes the Integrator by Insitu the most versatile UAS in its class—prepared today for land and maritime expeditions around the globe.

    The Integrator by Insitu—advanced technology to support your mission.


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