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    US Space Program Starts at Ft. Bliss.

    May 1945, it's the close of WW II and a group of German V2 Rocket scientists led by the modern "Father of Rocketry", Wernher von Braun, gladly surrender to American troops in Germany. The team of more than 100 scientists were swept off to Ft. Bliss where they continued their rocket research program named Operation PaperClip!
    While at Ft Bliss, Von Braun and the scientists, trained US military, industrial and university personnel in the intricacies of rockets and guided missiles.
    You could say that America’s “Race to Space” actually started right here in El Paso 65 years ago.
    More El Paso history next time, on El Paso History Moments. I’m _________________ for the El Paso County Historical Commission.


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