David Goldberg's 3-Week Self Direction and Cold Reading Workshop

A 3-part breakthrough workshop for voice actors with Edge Studio's CEO, David Goldberg

Voice actors are frequently asked to self-direct their projects, with no interaction and limited direction from their clients. Further, they’re often given very little time to complete the project. This leads to the voice actors’ daily conundrum – how do you decipher what the client wants without spending an exorbitant amount of time doing so?

In this three-part interactive course, respected coach and casting director David Goldberg teaches the essential and practical steps needed to make certain you’re able to self-direct your projects, even on cold reads. Learn how to give the client what they are expecting to hear quickly and efficiently, so you have more time for other projects.

These essential steps could be what moves you from a career plateau to a whole new echelon of jobs and clients. Don’t miss David Goldberg’s rare multi-week long workshop!

In this course:

  • You will discover what your client wants to hear by pinpointing the key factors clients, agents, and producers ask for every day
  • Learn the techniques that considerably speed-up your recording process on cold-reads
  • Develop your skills with direct feedback from David Goldberg, as well as ear-training from listening to your peers
  • Submit a recording of your work that will be personally evaluated by David Goldberg


David Goldberg's 3-Week Self Direction and Cold Reading Workshop

Class Dates: March 4, 11, and 18
Time: 8:30-10:30pm EST
Location: Webinar

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