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Work with a 30-year Professional Singer and VO Talent Carolee Goodgold!

Carolee has recorded Jingles, Records, Song Parodies, Industrial Shows, Children’s Books, Anime, Audiobooks, Toys, Video Games… She has sung with Carly Simon, Larry Gatlin, Rosie O’ Donnell, The Chieftains, Keely Smith and more.

Responding expertly, in any voice over situation, is the calling card of a true professional, the key to getting more bookings.

That's the point of Edge Sings!

We focus on singing for voice over.

We don't train you for your Broadway, screen, stage or album debut. There are many good teachers for that.

We train you to satisfy more voice over clients by incorporating singing techniques.

Being able to sing - even if not well - has many benefits:

  • Hearing the "music" in the copy expands your range and makes you more expressive as a performer.
  • Singing in different styles...country, rock, opera...makes you more versatile as a talent and you end up letting go of your inhibitions in a safe environment.
  • Widening your pitch range expands your range of creativity, gives you more vocal variety for clients to choose from, enlarges your stable of character voices, and even helps you better mimic deliveries that clients sometimes demonstrate.
  • Knowing how to do all this without damaging your throat protects your livelihood. In fact, it helps you maintain your vocal health.
  • Warm-up exercises for singing greatly help your voice over delivery.
  • And the fundamentals of singing can help you take direction, perform more skillfully and get through copy in less time.

The Edge Sings! program teaches all that.

Group Class

The Edge Sings! class is a 5-part class, limited to 7 students. The price is $297.

Whether you sing well or not, a foundation in singing will open new doors in your voice over career. And it's not all exercises and theory. Edge Sings! also includes things like:

  • Jingles with Character Voices
  • Cartoons, which usually require singing in character
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Each of the principal singing genres (Blues, Rock, Country, R & B, Pop, Gospel, Rap, etc.)

So it's not only instructive, and valuable . . . it's also FUN!

From the first class -- where you'll learn the details of all the many ways singing plays a role in voice over -- you'll enjoy the process of adding more capabilities to your repertoire.

Each 5-week series is limited to 7 students, so register soon. We anticipate a chorus of people clamoring to get in.

Edge Sings! 5-Part Class

Edge Sings! 5-Part Class

Class Schedules

Edge Sings! 5-part class - at our NY StudioClick for registration
dates to be announced
Edge Sings! 5 part class - via Tele-ClassClick for registration
dates to be announced

Class 1 Empowering voice actors with tools to generate more work!

  1. How does singing help Voiceover? (Breathing, articulation, expanding vocal range, ear training)
  2. Developing a Healthy Voice. (vocal exercises, breathing techniques)
  3. The tools that singers use that will help voice actors. (pitch, blend, speed, harmony)
  4. Overview of types of work where singing is used. (ESL, e-Learning, toys, animation, children's books, commercials…)

Class 2 Find your personal voice...or voices!

  1. Discover different character voices. (Southern belle, teenager, child, cowboy, reporter, rapper etc.)
  2. See how they sing.
  3. Expand your range.
  4. Learn what makes a genre sound authentic.

Class 3 Using your voice-over voice to sing in popular genres - Part 1

  1. Rock, Blues, Country, R & B, Pop, Gospel, Rap…
  2. How do your characters sound in these styles?

Class 4 Using your voice-over voice to sing in popular genres - Part 2

  1. Classical, Broadway, Jazz, Latin, Foreign Language, Kids Music
  2. How do your characters sound in these styles?

Class 5 Getting work!

  1. Which singing jobs to accept when you're a voice actor, not a singer.
  2. How to practice on your own.
  3. Singing demos: What are they, and whether or not you need one.
  4. Agents, managers
  5. Promoting this skill via websites, social networking…
  6. Home studio specific needs

Private Training

As we've said, Edge Sings! is not a singing school. If you want a singing coach to help take your singing further, we'll be pleased to refer you to some we are familiar with.

But in some cases, it helps for your singing coach to also know the contemporary voice-over industry, in order to more directly address your voice over performance goals. Edge Sings! coach Carolee Goodgold is available for private coaching of a limited number of students.

To discuss Private Training, call Edge Studio at 888-321-3343 (EDGE) and ask for Edge Sings!

Private Training

Singing Demo or Voice over With Singing Demo

Because Edge Sings! focuses on singing in a voice-over context, it is often appropriate to showcase your singing capabilities within your regular genre demo(s).

Simply adding 1 or 2 new segments into your existing demo greatly enhances your marketability.

For others, a separate singing demo, displaying a range of singing situations, is worth considering.

Regardless, the technical quality of your singing tracks and mix should be as professional as the rest of your demo(s). Edge Studio is up on contemporary demo standards and assures professional production quality. Just as important, we'll help you select and record tracks that demonstrate your true singing capabilities, focusing on your particular strengths.

To discuss Demo Production and various options, call Edge Studio at 888-321-3343 (EDGE) and ask for Edge Sings!

Singing Demo

Your Voice Over Demo is quite possibly the single most useful tool you have in getting your voice heard and allowing potential clients to have a full understanding of what you offer as a unique and professional voice talent. Because of this, it is crucial that your demo be of pristine quality and represent you in the best possible light.

Please call us at 888-321-EDGE (3343) or email training@edgestudio.com to schedule and record your demo!

Carolee Goodgold

VO Coach

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Jingles, Singing

Working Knowledge: Animation, Commercial

To schedule with Carolee call 888-321-3343
or email training@edgestudio.com

Carolee has earned a living singing and speaking for over 30 years! She has been called “the girl Robin Williams” because of her versatility and humor. She has recorded Jingles, Records, Song Parodies, Industrial Shows, Children’s Books, Anime, Audiobooks, Toys, Video Games, Workout Tapes, TV Themes, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Musicals and anything else one can sing or speak on!

Some of her clients include: Cheerios, IBM, Cingular, Dentyne, Verizon, Jello, Downy, American Express, Merill Lynch, Napier and many more.

She has sung with Carly Simon, Larry Gatlin, Rosie O’ Donnell, The Chieftains, Keely Smith and more. She has also written, performed, musically directed, and directed many corporate shows. Her anime credits include: Runner Kuromi, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, and RG Veda.

How to Reach Us

Call us 888-321-3343
Email us training@edgestudio.com

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