Celebrate Summer at Edge Studio with 10 BRAND NEW live webinars!

Every Wednesday at 8:30 PM ET, the Edge Studio Summer Webinar Series brings you an exciting new way to step up your voiceover game!

During this webinar series you will discover how to find representation that suits your career goals, how to bring stories to life through script analysis, learn new ways to improve your home studio, and so much more!

The Summer Webinar Series kicks off Wednesday June 12 at 8:30 PM ET with Tom Dheere’s in-depth exploration of Online Casting Sites.

June 12Online Casting Sites with Tom Dheere
June 19Script Throughlines with Jennifer Sims
June 26Mics and Interfaces with Art Bruder
July 10Engineering Literacy with Amanda Rose Smith
July 17Agents, Managers and Unions with Tom Dheere
July 24Self Direction and Cold Reads with Haneen Arafat Murphy
July 31Script Interpretation with Nicole Britton
August 7Home Studio Acoustics with Art Bruder
August 14Diction, Clarity and Pacing with Pen-Pen Chen
August 21Reading Naturally with David Goldberg*

*Only available with the purchase of Complete Summer Webinar Series Package

Can’t make a live class session? No worries! After the class, a recording of your webinar will be available for on-demand viewing. A link to access it will be sent to all participants the following day.

If you purchase the complete Summer Webinar Series, you will receive all 9 webinars, the on-demand recordings for every class, and an exclusive new webinar from Edge Studio CEO, David Goldberg.

Webinars are also available for individual purchase for only $60.


Online Casting Sites with Tom Dheere

Online casting sites are an ever-growing part of the voiceover industry. It’s the entry point for many aspiring voice talents and can complement your voiceover business. But what exactly are they? Which ones are legitimate? How much work can you get from them? In this special class, Tom Dheere will explore the structure, effectiveness, and ethics of Pay-to-Play sites.

June 19

Script Throughlines with Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Sims will show you how to break down scripts beat-by-beat. We will explore techniques that help actors uncover the deeper story. We will uncover ways to find details and nuances in the script that bring the story to life. Jennifer will give you the tools to find the message of the script even when it seems elusive or confusing.

June 26

Mics and Interfaces with Art Bruder

Art Bruder will help you achieve professional quality home studio and lower the cost to build it out. Art will cover all aspects of home studio optimization including computers, electronics, as well as recording and microphone techniques.

July 10

Engineering Literacy with Amanda Rose Smith

This class will give you the knowledge you need to consistently output high quality audio for auditions and work recorded in your home studio. Amanda Rose Smith will lead you through an examination of the behavior of wavelengths and frequencies, what goes into establishing proper signal flow, as well as advanced techniques for editing and post-production processing.

July 17

Agents, Managers, and Unions with Tom Dheere

When entering the voiceover industry, most aspirants have the same questions: How do I get an agent? What’s the difference between an agent and a manager? Should I join the union? Tom Dheere will answer these questions and many more in Agents, Managers, and the Unions.

July 24

Self Direction and Cold Reads with Haneen Arafat Murphy

As a voice actor, most of the time we’re not actually recording sessions—we’re recording auditions! Haneen Arafat Murphy will teach you useful performance techniques through a breakdown of acting for directed and self-directed reads. This class is designed to help you increase both your booking ratio and your confidence!

July 31

Script Interpretation with Nicole Britton

Nicole Britton examines the crucial elements for analyzing voiceover scripts across various genres and styles. You will gain an understanding of the importance of background, plot, structure, character, dialogue, and all the elements that collectively determine the copy’s meaning. You will learn how to analyze copy by keeping both creative expression and the goals of the production in mind. Then learn how to apply that analysis to produce richer performances that win auditions and keeps clients coming back for more.

August 7

Home Studio Acoustics with Art Bruder

Art Bruder will teach all you need to know about sound-proofing and acoustic treatments for your home studio. You will learn about the best sound absorption products and soundproofing methods to achieve high-quality recordings. The best part, Art will show you how to do all of this without breaking the bank.

August 14

Diction, Clarity and Pacing with Pen-Pen Chen

Effective communication is key to a voice actor’s success and it’s rooted in the A, B, Cs: Articulation, Breathing, Clarity, and Connection. In this class, Pen-Pen Chen explores the question: What if we could make our verbal delivery flow easily through us, speak with poise and confidence while having fun?

August 21

Reading Naturally with David Goldberg*

Voice actors are frequently asked to do the near-impossible: Produce natural sounding performances while accurately interpreting the copywriter’s script, to an unseen audience, following the direction of a client they've never met.

This leads to the voice actors’ daily conundrum - play it safe and use their natural voice, yet potentially miss the mark? Or focus on perfectly capturing every direction, yet potentially no longer sounding natural?

In this class, renowned coach and casting director David Goldberg will teach you essential techniques to ensure your performance sounds effortless and natural – while incorporating the direction and infusing your personal style!

*Only available with the purchase of Complete Webinar Package


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