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I usually get cast as the sarcastic guy, the comic relief, or the cartoon voice. But I do have the ability to be the Announcer as well.
Adam B
I have a smooth, engaging baritone and can play a wide range of voices; deep and powerful, articulate and professorial, or casual and urban.
Adam R
Bass-baritone voice. Extensive opera and musical theater training. I sound like James Earl Jones/Thurl Ravenscroft.
Adam W
The kid from school who was passionate about building robots grew up! I'm a quirky guy next door with a lot of range.
Akil T
Sexy, articulate and smooth , pleasant, commercial, news anchor, presentational, smokey, dramatic, character, expressive with lots of variety.
Alan A
Hip. Relatable. Commanding. And most important- Believable. A conversational, friendly, guy next door quality that's genuine, authoritative and fun.
Alan I. R
Educated; Professorial; Friendly Guy; Character Work
Alessandro L
Alex R
I have a comforting, smooth voice naturally. The kind of voice you want to get to know. Dependable and clean.
Allyson J
My voice is crystal clear and authoritative, with a slightly raspy tone. It is decidedly feminine, yet has the weight of an old-fashioned announcer.
Amr E
Rich, strong, authoritative, confident, assuring, kind
Ana Maria R
Milenial & Gen-X Blend, perfect articulation and neutral spanish. Casual, easy going, smooth and convincing. Deep and solid for formal proyects.
Andrew D
I have a wide range of voices and characters that I could play. My natural voice is kind, nerdy, and a little athletic. I would say guy next door.
Andy F
Perfect voice for eLearning and commercials. I also do character voices - check out my ever-growing list of video games!
Anthony A
I'm the guy with the deep, resonate voice. A gentleman with a sophisticated masculine sound. Can also be the New Yorker with Italian roots.
Artsiom S
Native russian voiceover artist, actor and narrator. Voice is heard in films, TV/radio commercials, documentaries, promos, trailers etc
Athina K
Aylam O
I have a low, authoritative voice, high-energy and intense, but also warm and comforting. I specialize in various, often over the top, characters!
Benjamin P
Benjamin has a young, fresh and versatile voice with a grounded bass and speaks neutral, accent free German.
Benjamin Y
My voice comes off primarily as refreshing and good vibe-y. My voice also has a good sense of humor with strides of friendly energy.
Bernard S
My voice is warm, confident, smooth and rich. I can bring authority to a project.
Bethany R
Young female character voice, sweet tone, can also do deeper tones in a younger voice
Bob B
Warm, deep, authoritative, movie trailer, calming, educational, confident, soothing, wise, sincere, trustworthy, serious, storyteller, Godly, epic
Brad N
Full of snark, direct - but with a wink in his voice. Confident, casual and crisp. He might give you a little grief, but it’s all in good fun.
Brendan N
my natural voice is a deep baritone with powerful presence. however, my inflections can range to a younger sound as well. my voice is highly flexible.
Brian M
A range from 15-35 in age, naturalistic and pressed variations.
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Brian W
I'm the guy next door, friendly when appropriate, but I can sound like pure evil if you cross me. ;)
Bruce K
Deep, warm, mature, intelligent, trusted, distinguished, authoritative, gravitas, musical, ironic, grandfather, folksy
Caitlin O
My voice: cultured, sensual, strong & dynamic, diction is excellent. Also: educated, sassy, friendly,soothing, sexy,ditsy girl next door.
Cam C
Versatile voice! Guy next door to announcer, hip to geeky. Trustworthy, informative and sincere... but also happy, adventurous, and passionate!
Cary C
Very clear, energetic, robust voice. Can get into character quickly and emotionally.
Cathy C
Real French native. Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is naturally expressive, medium tone, very clear and articulated diction, warm, sensual,...
Christian B
I'm the passionate, brash, confident, versatile, young adult that can voice child, teen, and adult.
Christian F
I have a wide range of voices from childish vocal effects to deep and brooding voices.
Christopher M. A
Natural, energetic, friendly guy. Range spans from a late teen sound to a professional, corporate image.
Christopher Z
I am naturally dynamic adding enthusiasm and a variety of colors to delivery. Other attributes are cool, animated, friendly, generation-x and quirky.
Claudia R
Warm, natural, believable, meaningful, convincing, narrative, classy, Wild witches, crazy dark queen, hysterical wife or wise elders welcomed.
Claudine G
I'm the girl with a wide vocal range and clarity - the low end is similar to Scarlett Johansson and the high end is like Lisa Simpson.
Corina B
Quirky, young, and fun. Can be "charactery" and also sound "normal".
Crystal L
A cheerful, girl-next-door who makes products fun & easy to use. She is also a warm, caring, & conversational storyteller. Perfect for infographics.
Curtis W
I say with supreme confidence that I have the deepest voice in the entertainment industry but due to improv can due a multitude of characters.
Dan F
From hip, edgy, youthful and energetic to laid-back, cool and conversational Dan has a sound and style that delivers.
Dan H
I don't do everything. But what I do, I do well. Narration-capture and keep your listener. Commercial - edgy or emotional Phone - clear.
Dan K
I have a deep voice but I'm able to bring it high if needed. I see myself as a character actor, able to do comedy, drama, and everything in between.
Dan M
Friendly, approachable, guy next door, authoritative, passionate, energetic, sexy.
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel K
I can sound young (20s-30s) and old (40+); I can be quirky and articulate to smooth and confident. Also, I can execute a variety of character voices.
Daniel L
My voice range includes quirky, commanding, elderly, evil, eccentric, foreign, casual and more! Age wise, I can perform 15-80!
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Darren A
British VO. Current, relatable and versatile. Characters & accents a speciality.
Dave C
Wide range from trailer to luxury car read and everything in between.
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
Dien Anh D
Dima W
This demos i'm attaching has different style.
Don M
From accents to cartoon and whimsical to serious, this is the voice for all your voice over needs.
Donato O
I have a booming voice for video games, sports,narration and action type pieces.
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Dontell M
Eddie L
Upbeat, neighborly, friendly male voice
Elizabeth P
My voice can range from a child to middle-aged mother of 3. I have a versatile voice that can adjust to many different character types.
Elizabeth S
I have a low-register, warm, conversational/natural voice quality. I can also perform elite and uneducated characters alike.
Elizabeth S
I have a mature, alto range voice. I can sound tough as nails or soft and soothing. I can be a child, the kindly woman next door or the evil queen.
Eric S
Erica S
I have an articulate and very clear, warm, motherly voice that gives comfort and makes people feel safe and loved.
Frank G
I'm a fun, edgy, kinda sarcastic regular guy or guy next door, plus I've got the perfect character for your cartoon, anime or video game!
Fulvio D
attitude, authoritative, soothing, classy, foreign, mysterious, italian, mellow, narrative, smooth, sophisticated www.fulviodellavolta.com
Geoffrey K
Speaking voice very warm and deep. Large range: proper, pingy/ nasal, urban, grungy, light, falsetto, "commercial", "character driven voices".
Griffin S
I'm the versatile actor who can sound like a child, old man, monster, robot, psychopath, an old Wizard, a charming yet goofy superhero,
Hailey M
I'm most excited for upbeat, energetic pieces. Also experienced in strong, confident, professional sounding work.
Hayley A
My natural voice is pretty commercial, but it's also quite versatile. I can be the girl-next-door voice, nerdy, quirky, awkward teen-young adult.
Heather G
Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.
Hunter F
I can portray a wide variety of characters from Baby-Elderly Hillbilly-Demon, People from Micky Mouse- ScoobyDoo-Gollum.
Ian D
My normal speaking voice is like a young rpg hero. Upbeat and fun personality. Articulate yet natural.
Ingeborg R
Sultry, deep, otherworldly, intriguing, authoritative, soothing, powerful
Ismail A
Can sound comedic with appropriate diction and a unique style. My voice could also be use for genuinely serious narration.
Israel (Izzy) Y
I have been told by many that I sound like a Peter Cullen voice. I can do deep voices to medium to high pitch also.
Jack d
Jack is the laid-back neighbor, the serious elearning voice, the actor bringing characters to life whether in serious or comedic scripts.
James B
Husky, soft-spoken, inviting, mysterious, commanding, and articulate.
James Patrick C
A youthful baritone with range and color. Also particularly strong with educational/self-help/historical works.
Jared S
Well-rounded voice. Can have a young, honest voice, or older, more cynical voice; Also soft-spoken, loud/bombastic, preppy/proper, goofy, serious.
Jason E
my voice is pretty deep with a lot of bass and power. i can get intense if needed but normally my delivery is very calm and chill.
Javier D
I´m the official voice for the Mexican Government, Corporate, Elegant, Casual, Natural, can also sound very Easy going, Old & Wise, and Accent free.
Jeanne W
My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words.
Jeff D
Friendly smooth baritone that's great for radio, narration, and a few characters with great comedic timing.
Jerry T
That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.
Jesse R
Evil, Demon, Deep, Strange, Creature like, Alien, Animal, Devil, raspy and Sexy.
Jim M
I'm the gruff, boozy detective ready to retire, the accent-wielding dad telling children's and YA stories, or the voice of Boeing, selling airliners.
Joel N
I am a very articulate, educational tone voice. Also, I can make characterize any impersonation.
John C
Articulate and engaging with a warm voice while friendly, but can channel the deep baritone with a bit of gravel if necessary
John F
Deep, smooth sound
John H
I come from the same area of London that David Bowie and Michael Caine come from.
Jonathan M
Character voices are my primary. Upbeat, positive high-pitched/fairy, deep/demonic, insane/mad scientist. Dramatic or comedic! Gaming/Animation VO's!
Jordan M
I am many people I can be the cool and snarky bestfriend or I can become the man you don't wanna mess with
Joseph A
Warm, Deep, Authoritative reader. Commanding presence. Very articulate.
Joshua S
I'm vibrant, energetic, and flexible with an articulate voice. I take pride in breathing life into the written word.
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Justin A
I like being creative.I can voice normal people if needed, but my voice is best utilized in fantasy/gaming projects.I exemplify this through my demo.
Kara N
True Brit from London! All London accents but specifically RP, queens english, newsreader - also happy girl, sexy cougar and intelligent narrator
Kayli M
Girl next door, conversational, versatile, friendly, character, quirky
Kaylin C
Warm, nurturing, educational, gravitas, friendly, - I do a lot of animation work, voicing a wide range of ages (kids to elderly).
Keith H
While I can offer many voices, my natural voice is considered kind, friendly, enthusiastic, authoritative without being intimidating.
Kevin G
Smooth, professional, warm, deep, sexy, fun, rapid paced, "NYC Style", Baritone-Bass tone, guy next door to arrogant know it all, announcer/host deli
Kevin K
Widely eclectic, huge range, 'toon to heavy scientific jargon.
Kim M
I'm best as young boys/men, somewhere between 12-25, a bit arrogant, super articulate. Can be way over the top to neutral, as well as educational.
Kim Y
I have a mid level voice, but can do high and quirky and girly. I can sound formal, causal, smart....
Kimberly D
My voice is medium ranged and raspy. Because of this, I normally get asked to play the tomboy.
Kira B
Great at child and teen voices - cute, perky, bubbly - but also able to do mature and sophisticated narration, girl-next-door/conversational, etc.
Kyle M
I'm a guy-next-door, techno-geek, with youthful nonchalant enthusiasm. Also a 900 year old sorcerer and a ten year old boy w/ braces. I can do it all!
Laci M
I'm the sweet but spunky girl next door, who can morph into a young child, snotty teen, hip friend, warm mom, or articulate professional.
Landon M
Warm, intelligent, humorous and heartfelt voice-over for commercials, animation, video games and audiobooks!
Larry H
Masculine, Middle aged, Resonant, Baritone/Bass, Textured
Lin G
My voice is sultry, confident and warm...dripping with evil or quirky, original and humorous (and it sells things :)
Linda J
My voice is conversational and warm, with a neutral British and Mid-atlantic accent.
Loren G
I have the girl next door voice as well as be a baby or a young boy. My voice is very animated when needs to be.
Lucas B
I'm a guy that can do a wide variety of character impersonations. My impressions are instantly recognizable and I can do a wide variety of dialects.
Luis Alberto C
I am a graduate in journalism hyper creative and demanding with the quality and originality of my vo jobs, with a very personal style and deep voice
Manny E
Range of youthful heroic to alien monster voices.
Manuela L
I imitate accents in any language and bring those accents into "cartoon-voice" English, from evil character to little boy or girl to mature lady.
Marcia B
I'm the KID next door with a naturally sounding child's voice that can sound energetic, cheerful, & fun! I can also be the quirky adult character.
Marco d
Margaret L
Voice descriptors for me would be warmth, clarity, maturity and subtlety. Also proficient with accents, dialects, and character voices.
Marie F
I am a warm, deep, sensual, glamorous & mature voice, i play with it to be all kinds of people. 3 octaves range i voice fly from low to high sounds.
Mark H
My normal voice is articulate, educational yet fun. I can change it to sound dark and menacing, light and jovial, older or apply an accent as needed.
Mark L
I have a deep, 'bass-y' voice and can sound authoritative and professional yet warm and friendly. I can sound educational and articulate as well.
Mark O
I have a warm, baritone sound that is friendly, caring, authoritative, confident, articulate and believable. I can also sound wry, silly and scary.
Mark S
Pro actor with warm, deep, intelligent, thrustworty voice with some cool tough guy feeling. Pro voice for trailers too. Versatile character playing..
Martyn L
I have a soft English young adult voice. I can don accents and change my vocals through pitch/tone to perform roles of different age/ethicist
Mary Beth G
I have an appealing, easy to listen to voice that can sound very credible, authoritative, informative, engaging, even sexy.
Massimo M
I can perform in two languages (American English and Italian) at a native level: on-hold, commercials, documentaries, PC games, cartoons, promos.
Matt Z
My voice is warm and gentle, sometimes emotional. Articulate and elegant. For dialogue-based projects, I becomes the character that I'm assigned to.
Matthew L
Deep voice that can be direct or soothing. I'm an announcer that can narrate a documentary and also lull you to sleep.
Mei K
Clear and clean sounding, soothing voice. Great for reading audio books to children, and voicing various young, cute, lively characters.
Merrick G
My voice is a deep baritone natural voice, that is great for narration or general purpose use. However I can also do a impressive high pitch.
Michael B
Michael C
I specialize in celebrity and political impressions and character voices.
Michael D
I'm the warm approachable guy with a crisp articulation that you feel you can trust. Also have numerous zany characters for a fun twist.
Michael F
My range can go from regular guy/conversational, to a wide variety of characters or deep booming announcer types.
Michael P
There aren't really enough adjectives. I guess my regular voice sounds kind of "guy next door" in a way.
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Mike D
My primary articulation is deep and baritone but I can impersonate many different styles, tones and accents.
Mike P
Apart from being a straight announcer and the fun-loving guy next door, I'm chock full of animated characters, from villains to goofs to old folks.
Mo L
Energetic and approachable educational or technical narration. Friendly, youthful, powerful, or irreverent hard sell. Characters and comic instincts.
Mohamed Abdel rahman A
Handsome prince voice, vilan voice, sico voice, old man voice, wise man voice
Nancy L
Versatile voice - warm, sophisticated, articulate,engaging... rich texture. Authoritative, witty and wry. Trustworthy, savvy, authentic. Storyteller
Nate B
I'm very articulate, clear voiced, polite, and theatrical.
Nate B
Warm, conversational, friendly, authentic, articulate. Humorous with plethora of characters, but also authoritative and educational.
Nate H
I have a calm reassuring voice that is versatile for most commercial castings
Nathaniel K
My voice is young and bright, but able to achieve deeper and more serious tones as well as gruff voices.
Neil H
My baseline's an articulate, scholarly type. Can also be the friendly, warm guy next door, or his eccentric, shifty brother.
Nick P
Friendly, warm, guy next door, trusting, brotherly, 20-30 best vocal range
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Olivia B
I'm an energetic and quirky "playful kid" type actress with a very dynamic range both vocally and theatrically.
Olutayo D
Sky is the limit on this one and I love more of the "evil genius" impersonation
Ovais M
Authentic, powerful voice that's extremely versatile and has excellent range. Movie trailer style or guy next door, I can do both in English/Hindi!!
I'm a deep Bass / Baritone can be warm, friendly or downright evil. My normal baritone can be gravelly in American, native British -Professor, teacher
Pablo P
Pablo Plumey has a warm and deep native Spanish voice ideal for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations.
Patricia F
Hi i have a young voice and they match perfect for children or teenager
Patty M
My voice has been described as sexy, angelic, sweet, innocent, young, soothing, relaxing, mesmerizing, energetic, upbeat, nice to listen to, etc.
Paul H
Paul G
I have a younger sounding voice. I can also sound high pitched.
Paul S
Dark, deep, commanding. My voice is a low baritone, but can range to a mid alto. I specialize in the authoritative, or announcer style.
Peter G
I'm a deep, warm, upbeat, friendly voice, am an actor, I can make anything you need:)
Peter S
Confident and assured delivery, ideally suited to corporate and technical narration and commercials/documentaries. Good diction.
Intelligent & strong sounding English accent with a hint of Yorkshire that can be commanding, sinister or sophisticated. Insanity & aliens a specialty
Ralph B
It's a unique voice. Friends tell me it would be perfect for cartoons. Not sure
Reid S
Smooth, conversational, medium to low tone (I can slide). Capable of dry delivery (example: Burger King) to up tempo and young.
Rhomeyn J
I have a very versatile voice. I can speak urban as well as speak with a educational sound. I am a animation voice actor and a promo voice.
Richard W
I have a range of voices, including superheroes, goblins, orcs, villains and more...bold, quiet, intense, subdued, arrogant and whatever else
Rita C
Evocative voice for emotional video; warm, sensual, positive. Perfect for corporate and adv, deep with neutral accent. Professional VO, jazz singer.
Robert R
Warm, intelligent and articulate, with expertise in authentic accents, medical narration, and character voices (see “The Stinky Cheese Man”).
Romy N
Personable, authoritative, enthusiastic, smooth, expressive and acerbic with a strong command of language and verbiage.
Ronaldo S
I'm a true baritone. I play the Hero, the Newsman, God. I'm also very comfortable with pitch changes to create characters of various ages.
Ryan H
The Articulate 20 something! Capable of a smooth dark tone or upper register. Cartoon-y OR serious, your choice!
Ryan J
Resonant, honest, & friendly. I can do natural reads, hard sell, and a vast amount of character voices.
Voice Over: Clear. Audible. Professional. Compelling. Midwestern. Voice Actor / Talent: Wide Range. Original characters. Impersonations. Animation.
Samuel F
Conversational is Samuel's signature sound. With a tenor sound Samuel's voice is smart, hip, attractive, amusing, believable, and natural
Samuel K
My voice is comfortable, friendly, conversational, and intelligent; like an approachable teacher.
Samuel K
For commercial, narration, etc. my voice is trustworthy, intelligent, and friendly. Simply, I sound like I know what I'm talking about.
Sarah H
I'm a fun, energetic girl who specializes in eccentric and quirky character voices for animation. Child and teen voices are my forte.
Sarah P
The Non Announcery Announcer! Conversational, genuine reads that can be wry, comedic, or authoritative but overall, a very natural, warm sound
Sarah S
My voice is textured and soothing, allowing me to have a nice range from young and energetic to mature and sexy. I can easily do the "girl next door."
Saurin G
I have a middle age voice for banks or serious companies but i can do a much more fresh and enthusiastic voice for companies like Doritos or papajohns
Scott R
I'm the friendly neighbor with a nerdy, clear, and distinct voice as ever changing as the Oklahoma weather. Very professional, educational, & comical
Sean L
Rich Dynamic Baritone, Soothing Honest Subtlety, Energetic, Fun Characters ranging from the girl next door to the monster under the bed
Simon B
Simon is real, engaging and trustworthy. Quirky or straight reads with a huge range of styles, characters and accents.
Skyler Y
I can certainly do the business presentation voice for a sales letter, but I know I really excel at in-depth, colorful, even outlandish characters.
Stefan Ashton F
I am hard sell, soft sell, no sell, friendly, scary,carbon-neutral-ish, comedic, friendly, natural, wry, dry, believable,deep,versatile, re-useable
Steve V
I'm the go-to guy when the need for an accurate celebrity sound-alike is needed, or when an original character voice is called for.
Terrell S
I'm the best friend, the big brother and the boyfriend rolled into one. Ranging from jovial excitement to deep, gravitous Morgan Freeman-esque tones.
Terrence E
Solid, warm, relaxed, honest, fun, confident and commanding. A rich, nuanced, clear sound that inspires, comforts, motivates and engages.
Tish E
Big with pride and an attitude, serious, reproving, motherly with smile in voice, matter of fact, confident, a bit dry, self indulgent, perky, upbeat
Tk G
Naturally deep, and warm friendly guy. Vocal arsenal contains heroes, villains, elderly men, and a few creatures, abominations, and dialects.
Tony E
I have a sober young voice with much credibility.Despite being hispanic native with neutral accent I can recording in english.
Tony W
Need James Earl Jones's voice and don't have the money? I may be able to help! Can sound maniacal or studious, be wolverine or an innocent teen.
Tyler C
Articulate, pacific northwest english. Baritone voice. Alaskan bred, Canadian/Upper accents come easily.
Tyler P
Deep average male voice, can be sinister at times and can be playful at another.
Vincent P
I have a deep commanding, yet smooth voice. I'm very articulate. I really enjoy doing the voices of villains, but certainly not limited to that style
Vladimir L
I have a bit of a natural gravely-ness that I can turn off or amplify. I can also sound quite articulate, urban, or just plain quirky sounding.
William S
baritone, warm, friendly, inviting, can be hip and cool
Wolfe S
Stage Actor with skill in Dialects. Millennial Sound, Neutral Tone, Articulate. Wide range and variety of Character Voices.
Yasser S
I can do many accents of people of different ethnicity. I was exposed to many different people in my life and respect all of them they accept me too.
Yuyu H
can either be mature,calm, sexy, or young,energetic
Zachary S
A very ordinary guy, kind of a nerdy and deep voice. Can also be a very serious guy when needed.
benjamin g
A warming deep voice that comforts you on a nights evening, intriguing you with its educational sound, but giving you butterfly's from the delivery.
cary g
I can be the rough & tumble guy or the innocent teenager. My diction is excellent and I articulate above average. I can also speak in gibberish.
chris g
im quirky happy sounding,not to young and not to old,very cheerful sounding,exciting,more high pitched but can also do normal.
hussein i
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wP3zNJ4U9s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl_AKH9ZPgM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=296tWpcy1rc
joel V
Well articulate voice, optimal for corporative and educational jobs
russell c
baritone- not to high pitched and not to monotone. Voice has a singing quality to it because of back ground in singing.
savary g
My voice is medium and clear, with a distinctive grain that is both elegant and warm.