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I usually get cast as the sarcastic guy, the comic relief, or the cartoon voice. But I do have the ability to be the Announcer as well.
Adam M
I have an easy-going and smooth voice. Cool, hip, relatable and can be playful and good-natured. But also confident and authoritative when needed.
Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Albert H
Warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door, can also deliver the intelligent industrial corporate voice. Also lots of great character voices.
Alison L
Dark/smooth female voice that can easily exude luxury/exclusivity. Higher register lends itself to wry humor and quirkier characters.
Allyson R
I'm the down to earth woman with a deep resonance that conveys authority; the voice of reason. Also sassy, clever, friendly, vulnerable, and real.
Alvina G
I'm the authoritative female voice that can pass off as an announcer. I have a mellow voice sometimes a bit raspy.
Alyson S
teenager to a woman in her 40's.Warm sexy,smooth,hot,hip,retail, sultry,raspy,professional,fun,girl next door
Ana Maria R
Milenial & Gen-X Blend, perfect articulation and neutral spanish. Casual, easy going, smooth and convincing. Deep and solid for formal proyects.
Ann L
sweet southern girl side but my voice over persona is The Rebel Mistress and that's my sexy fun wild child side. Both are a good time!
Anna G
conversational, slightly raspy , quirky, sultry. upbeat, seductive, poetry read, hip, authentic, real, wry, educational, upbeat, trustworthy, natural,
Anna P
Bright, upbeat, clear, energetic and British. Anna's voice is perfect for appealing to the Yummy mummy, and the younger generation
Ashley Y
Sweet sounding voice, quirky and unique for animation, clear sound, and can also sound commercial.
Barron B
Young, hip, great range and "30 for 30" gravitas. The assertive team leader, but a great team player as well! Articulate, but also a real person.
Ben M
Trustworthy guy next door. Reassuring, easy voice type. Can be very articulate if needed.
Brad H
Conversational, Thoughtful, Sincere, Upbeat, Inspiring, Edgy, Narrator, Gen X, Young Adult, Everyday Consumer, Youthful Parent, Middle Aged.
Camille H
I'm the charming, upbeat, personable girl next door with the unique voice. I can perform realistic children voices, teens, and college ads.
Cassandra M
I have a youthful and energetic female voice, that's very clear and vibrant. Can also sound like a spunky young boy.
Cenophia M
Wide voice range from cool confidence to animated high energy - from very youthful to adult. Slightly raspy or straight. Natural, sassy, or humorous.
Chad L
I am the everyday guy with a believable and trustworthy delivery. I range from high energy, to slow and understated.
Charlie P
"Eco-Friendly Cool for the Modern World". My voice has been described as Friendly, Authentic and Conversational to Straightforward and Smart.
Charlotte A
I'm the girl-next-door, with a range from high school kid to young Mom. Great articulation and strong technical knowledge for those training videos.
Chel H
I do well with serious commercials, a sexy/deep female vocal and voices for children's shows and animation.
Chimezie I
Proactive, commanding yet friendly
Chris R
An articulate, neighborly, everyman, Gen X voice. From authoritative and clear to casual and sarcastic.
Christine P
I have a warm, distinctive voice - perfect for strong or sensual roles; intelligent and articulate. Great at boy voices.
Christopher W
Experienced nonfiction in-show narrator. Great comic skills. Great non-announce read: young dad, guy next door. Some texture.
Corina B
Quirky, young, and fun. Can be "charactery" and also sound "normal".
Cris D
Narrator - Story Teller - Comfortable Engaging - Warm - Friendly Trustworthy - Friendly - Advisor Informative - Training - Confident
Cristina D
Upbeat, quirky teenager/twenty something to kind, intelligent mom to nervous, excitable office worker, I'm your choice! Clear, fun promo voice, too.
Crystal L
A cheerful, girl-next-door who makes products fun & easy to use. She is also a warm, caring, & conversational storyteller. Perfect for infographics.
Dalicia L
I'm a smooth and warm, yet versatile millennial voice. Can swing natural/conversational, professional, commercial, or educational, even characters.
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel K
warm, caring, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, high energy, sincere, cool, hip, corporate, sophisticated, knowledgeable
Danny O
Great at enunciating hard words like: Irish Wristwatch (try say it out loud!). Besides that my voice is: boyish, exciting, dextrous and natural.
Darbi W
Darren A
British VO. Current, relatable and versatile. Characters & accents a speciality.
David Andres P
Very fresh and friendly voice for promo ads and educational video, excellent for instructives Very cartoonish when needed
David B
I'm the verbose and witty guy that didn't get cast for The Big Bang Theory. My voice has been described as warm, authentic, articulate and sincere.
David T
I've got the "guy next door" voice that's fresh, clean, and cool - Gen X, Conversational, Approachable, Trustworthy, Confident, Non-Announcer
Doug B
Friendly, soothing, happy, guy-next-door, comforting
Eddie E
A friendly Dick Cavett who bodysurfs. Relatable, Guy Next Door, Conversational, Confident, Comedic Timing, Articulate, Likable, Real Person.
Eli G
Elissa K
• Warm, conversational, friendly • Straight talking, genuine, powerful • Cool, sassy, raspy • Wry, sarcastic, humorous • Sexy, smooth, sultry
Fanny V
I have a soft and gentle voice in mid-low range. It's good for educational, but also fiction, poetry or children's books. I've also done infomercials
Felix P
Natural British, conversational tone. Able to do enthusiastic, authoritative, or calm.
Fran M
Bright, youthful, energetic, conversational, millennial, and genuine voice. ISDN capability, Source-Connect, and ipDTL.
Gale V
Warm, friendly, conversational, inviting, smart, with a hint of authority or a sense of fun. Rich & smooth, or real & accessible. VERSATILE!
Jacob K
Natural range to push your project. Big smiles. Aggressive edges.
James B
I have a fairly deep voice with a bit of grit/rasp but can clean it up if need be. range from a surfer dude to a sports commentator
Jason K
I'm a cool, fun, yet approachable young guy who has the lowdown on a good time and the latest technology! Also earnest, sweet, and intelligent.
Jason S
There’s definitely a NYC edge to my voice which an be scaled up or down as needed. Really good at comedic timing and sounding relatable.
Jeanne W
My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words.
Jeffrey H
I've got a natural, cool, unique voice with a slightly deeper tone. I can also do a more authoritative, quintessential, or high energy young sound.
Jen G
Mid-range voice, smooth, warm, friendly, articulate, intelligent, caring, empathetic, can be wry or sarcastic.
Jeroen M
I've a warm, pleasant, enthusiast, confident and friendly voice.
Jerry T
That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.
Jesse E
conversational "guy next door" Professional, non-Announcer,Straight Announcer,Youthful,High Energy,Gen X,Real Person Smooth,Latin
Joan B
Youthful, energetic or conversational. Also alluring and classy. Need a kids book or videogame? Cartoonish, silly or dramatic styles available.
Joana G
My voice is soothing, rich and graceful. I am very articulate with an instructional flair.
Joanna R
My voice has often been described as being versatile, intelligent and sincere.-"Quality , timeliness and good collaboration " is my motto.
John C
I fit many of the specs today's copy calls for: Conversational, regular guy/ everyman, friendly, energetic, trustworthy and knowledgable.
John D
I'm a fantastic mimic and can easily imitate in addition to voicing.
John E
smooth, easy listening, ranging very deep and low to as high a giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Movie trailer guy, run of the mill American male
John F
Deep, smooth sound
John L
I have a cavalcade of eclectic voices, as well as a pretty decent straight-read. Definitely articulate. Can be fun or dour.
Jon S
Juan David M
Young, natural, friendly and conversational. I can also do a energetic announcer role and Educational reads.
Jyl W
The Voice of MANY Voices! Diverse range of ages, accents, and emotions, from warm, confident, and professional to wacky, comedic, sarcastic...
Kate P
My voice best fits the quirky teenager with an attitude or the shy little girl.
Katherine M
Lively and bright, yet cool and soothing. Sultry and mature, yet fresh and current. Great at corporate, travel, fashion, e-learning.
Keith H
authentic, believable, creative, guy next door, high energy, soft sell, hard sell, sincere, humorous, cool, hip, corporate, business like, relatable
Kent K
Smooth. Calming. Lots of range. Deep. Slick. Quirky. I can do cheesy gameshow guy or morning DJ. I can go real high and real low. Like Barry White low
Kimberly W
Bright. Quirky. Sassy. Funny. Broad. Conversational. Girl-Next-Door type... with a twist.
Kristin P
Happy, warm, personable everywoman with enthusiasm and lots of smile: Mom, best friend, encouraging teacher or trustworthy corporate trainer.
Kristina F
I'm the best friend, the fun teenager, or the young mom type. I'm also very kid friendly.
Kyle M
I'm a guy-next-door, techno-geek, with youthful nonchalant enthusiasm. Also a 900 year old sorcerer and a ten year old boy w/ braces. I can do it all!
Lamonte S
You'll find my warm voice articulate, loosely precise and effortless to understand.
Lane A
Versatile range: Females toddler to adult & males toddler to teen. Warm, multi octave, can be soft or w/an edge.
Larry B
I'm the casual everyday guy, or the serious 30 year old voice, or the sexy 30 year old voice.
Laura M
Australian Teenager
Lawrence T. L
Youthful, wry, and modern. With just enough bite.
Lidiya B
I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well.
Lilian W
fun, fresh, authentic, California
Lillie R
Girl next door, best friend, mom, sister and teacher. Bright, educational, expressive, friendly, personable and trustworthy.
Liz F
Millennial, Young 20's-30's and Middle age range. African American, professional, upper class and urban. Sensual, sarcastic, comedic etc
Mallory R
I have a pretty young sounding voice which is relatively low and raspy. It has been described as having somewhat of an angsty teenage tone to it.
Manuela L
I imitate accents in any language and bring those accents into "cartoon-voice" English, from evil character to little boy or girl to mature lady.
Maria P
Warm, relatable, sassy, upbeat, friendly, playful with confidence and a smile. It can be conversational, cool & bubbly as well as smooth & smokey.
Marlynne C
My voice is smooth some what deep.
Matt S
I excel at dry, sarcastic and silly reads. I am similar in tome, voice and delivery to actors John Krasinski and Denis Leary.
Matt W
I'm the "real" and genuine voice of the guy next door. Friendly, trustworthy, and dependable. But I can also be hip and cool.
Mia B
The voice of mother earth - warm, vibrant & comforting. Also can sound smooth, mellow & sexy or change it up to perky & sweet. Educational tone too.
Michael R
I'm very energetic, upbeat, conversational and a solid actor.
Michael N
Conversational guy next door. Trustworthy, pleasant, quirky but articulate. The kind of guy you trust.
Michelle J
I'm actress Michelle Johnson (Blame It On Rio) My voice can be as bubbly as champagne or smooth as silk. Excellent, clean delivery for any ad.
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Patty M
My voice has been described as sexy, angelic, sweet, innocent, young, soothing, relaxing, mesmerizing, energetic, upbeat, nice to listen to, etc.
Paul M
I am the guy next door, down to earth and friendly. Can sound strong and professional for corporate.
Paula J
caring, considerate voice, middle aged woman, corporate, business like
Petra V
Warm, soothing, engaging, intelligent, international voice for a global, corporate reach, or for e-learning. Clear sound for relatable advertising.
Pyeng T
I'm the super inviting, approachable and warm person you meet at a party, office, restaurant, or a mom at the grocery store. Great for explainer video
Rachel L
From upbeat and fun to smooth and professional to sexy...
Raja R
Perfect modulation, exact pronunciation, clear stress and pause are my USP.
Rebecca C
Naturally a quirky, hipster, girl next door with naturally a non-regional dialect.
Rhiannon S
Quirky and feisty British actress, clear voice and able to do comedy. Often cast as strong edgy types.
Romy N
Personable, authoritative, enthusiastic, smooth, expressive and acerbic with a strong command of language and verbiage.
Ryan R
Upbeat, Cool, Fun, Youthful, Natural, Professional, Convincing, Truthful, Conversational, Story teller, Powerful, Attention Grabbing, Lighthearted.
Samantha W
I am the girl next door who has a quirky sound and conversational quality. My voice is warm, attractive, and caring.
Sara J
"Unique, cool, intelligent, sincere, and immediately trustworthy." I am approachable with a disarming authority. The knowledgable everywoman. REAL
Sarah V
Female voice talent with broad range of character voices. Popular for Phone IVR and Corporate Videos and children's character voices and singing
Scott S
Some adjectives to describe Scott's voice are: warm, fun, friendly, unique, energetic, conversational and trustworthy!
Sheridan G
Gen X, laid back and intelligent. Confident and warm. Very articulate.
Shirley D
Friendly, real, conversational for commercials. Believable, warm, confident for business, medical, educational videos. Quirky & fun for animation!
Solomon A
My mentor voice actors are Peter Cullin, Leonard Nimoy, Anthony Hopkins and Patrick Stewart. I can be the evil villain or the masked hero.
Sonny J
My voice and delivery style is described as cool, friendly, credible, smooth, textured, authoritative & believable
Susan E
Sophisticated, smooth, & very articulate and cultured. Many genres of fiction: historical fiction, romance, contemporary fiction & erotica.
Sylvie G
A French voice with a deep, rich and warm tone. Very versatile. Real, sincere, friendly, articulate voice to smooth/sexy/seductive appeal.
Tim D
My voice is deep and engaging, calming and believable. Authoritative, articulate, but with a fun, laid back side, and a hilarious dead pan.
Valerie A
The believable girl-next-door with a voice that skews younger than older. Also great with educational/instructional or scientific text.
William T
My voice can convey trust, confidence and enthusiasm. I have recorded over 150 hours of corporate training materials with excellent feedback!