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Aleksander G
I will provide a strong, warm, personable, dynamic voice over for your project needs. I am happy to provide this within a one-day turnaround.
Alexandra T
My voice is friendly, conversational, and quirky.
Allyson R
I'm the down to earth woman with a deep resonance that conveys authority; the voice of reason. Also sassy, clever, friendly, vulnerable, and real.
Alyson Leigh R
I'm a youthful, girl-next-door with a funny, quirky twist. I can sound articulate and smooth or effervescent and peppy.
Amy A
I specialize in youthful voices, from quirky and bubbly to warm and caring. Need a perky kid/teen? College student? Fairy princess? I'm your gal!
Amy F
San Francisco-based, professional female voice actor who brings a modern millennial, yet credible vibe to your commercials and corporate videos.
Amy H
Natural teen voice, children, pre-teens, 20's, seniors. Super sassy to meek and soft.
Andrea M
I have a friendly, conversational, energetic, fun, professional, and honest voice. I can do a small child's voice and I can sound young.
Andrew B
My voice is very "guy next door", but is also quite deep and rich. My voice is the one you hear when you think of a history podcast.
Ann L
sweet southern girl side but my voice over persona is The Rebel Mistress and that's my sexy fun wild child side. Both are a good time!
Ann G
I have a soft, warm, youthful, positive and trustworthy tone of voice. I am versatile and experienced with singing, acting & broadcasting background.
Anna G
conversational, slightly raspy , quirky, sultry. upbeat, seductive, poetry read, hip, authentic, real, wry, educational, upbeat, trustworthy, natural,
Anna P
Bright, upbeat, clear, energetic and British. Anna's voice is perfect for appealing to the Yummy mummy, and the younger generation
Anne-Marie P
Annie D
My voice has been described as warm, friendly, relatable, and enthusiastic as well as intelligent, informative, and professional.
Arnold S
speaking Russian I have no accent or any dialect.
Artra V
Upbeat, energetic, cool, laid back at times. Alto singing voice. Listen to samples of my voice at http://vimeo.com/25889899 www.youtube.com/thetinsta
Artsiom S
Native russian voiceover artist, actor and narrator. Voice is heard in films, TV/radio commercials, documentaries, promos, trailers etc
Austin G
'More Than Just A Movie' hosted by Austin Gates austingatespodcast.libsyn.com
Becky B
Audiobook personalities tend to be quirky. Can also sound professional.
Bethany R
Young female character voice, sweet tone, can also do deeper tones in a younger voice
Brenton S
I have an approachable, friendly, believable voice, and I have a wide range of fun character voices too. I'm very versatile!
Bridget P
Young. Cool. Friendly. Bubbly. I am able to be perky and upbeat but can also be serious and down-to-earth.
Brittany L
I excel in voices for children (boys and girls) as well as high energy characters. Great for e-learning, animation & games.
Brittany P
My voice is very fresh, natural and conversational. Friendly and inviting. Can easily adjust pitch and tone to portray a wide age range.
Brooke T
I have the voice of snarky teenager, but I can also sound intelligent, timid, and uncertain. I can also range from young child to a woman in her 40s.
Cara E
My voice is a bright, friendly and warm neutral British accent. I'm clear, articulate brimming with energy with a natural warmth and engagement.
Cara J
Clear, articulate, intelligent. Appeals highly to Asian audiences. No rasp.
Careena M
Friendly, bubbly, youthful, grounded, relatable, upbeat, warm, direct, playful, professional
Cassandra M
I have a youthful and energetic female voice, that's very clear and vibrant. Can also sound like a spunky young boy.
Catherine W
I am expressive, witty, conversational, clear and articulate. I can also invoke an endearing and magical quality perfect for young listeners.
Cesar T
Smooth, deep, and consistent voice. As I was born in Lima, Peru, my Spanish is very neutral, thus, very appropriate for any Spanish-speaking country.
Cherlyn M
From a compassionate best friend or loving mom to an effective instructor and credible corporate leader. Unique, Warm, Believable, Soft, Urban.
Chris B
Guy Next Door, Appealing, Casual, Convincing, Cool, Encouraging, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Kind, Lively/Energetic, Pleasant, Assuring, Cool, Positive
Chris R
I am a baritone, with a comedic background, some singing skills, with years of local theater and voice training. Perfect for narration and more.
Christina D
Disney, fairytales.
Christina S
Crisp sound, perky, girl next door with a quirky twist. From animated to conversational to educational and everything in between.
Christine L
I have a warm, friendly and trustworthy voice.
Christy L
My voice is Authoritative, Articulate, Smooth, Soothing, Sensual, Easy to Listen To.
Claudine G
Cloe F
My voice has a youthful, crisp and clean sound. I have a good ear for accents and I take instruction very well.
Corina B
Quirky, young, and fun. Can be "charactery" and also sound "normal".
Dan S
Deep Mature, Authoratative, Announcer, can voice Godfather, Tough Guy, or Good ole boy Southern, Serious.
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel C
can morph my voice to sound like anything.
Darby B
I sound like the quirky girl next door. My voice is naturally high pitched, but has a huge range. Can play any character age/type.
David B
I've been described as having a very youthful voice. Teenage sons are my sweet spot, I have a voice that fits a much more lighthearted vibe.
David M
Mid-register tone. Age range -- teens to elderly men. Wide range of quirky characters. Articulate. Good with educational and medical jargon.
Debbie G
Best described as upbeat with a friendly and compassionate quality and is very adept at delivering believable, conversational reads.
Debbie S
I'm the sweet, sexy and sassy girl. I'm also the fun, young mom as well as the more mature parent. Can do quirky and serious with a unique tone.
Debra M
Younger sounder but definitely capable of going mature. Quirky and fun. I can range from goofy to sexy to no-nonsense. Also GREAT at kids' voices.
Deirdre L
My voice natural strong girlish tone. And naive for a child impersonation. For a teenager it's a little bit brighter but has a nonchalant Whisp to it.
Denise B
I am the girl with the natural, articulate, smooth, sultry voice. My range is versatile enough to go from toddler, to mom, to even grandma.
Denise H
Very sweet sounding, can sound like a pleasant young lady or a young child
Dennis B
I have a folksy voice with a southern accent because I’m originally from Louisville, KY; but was told that my voice is youthful sounding.
Dianne D
My voice has a warm, natural tone. I have more than 20 years experience in the NJ/NY region hosting radio and television programs.
Dianne P
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Donna K
My voice is energetic with a slight rasp. I excel at children's books, comedy and give great teen attitude.
Dylan S
Young and energetic girl. Hear the smile in my voice. Very articulate. Can sound educational. Character and quirky -- love animation and anime!
Elizabeth H
I am the confidant, trusted resource, caring yet professional. Medical professional, lawyer, coach, trusted advisor.
Emily P
Approachable, hip, articulate, and soothing.
Eric C
I'm the supportive brother, buddy or guy-next door. I can sound quirky, threatening and intelligent. Great with characters.
Erin D
Ethan G
I have a youthful, friendly, expressive, and upbeat sounding voice. I'm also naturally dynamic so I can add a lot of color and variety to my takes.
Everett H
I'm the calm before the storm, deep and in your face warmth of words and still, can articulate the script the to your liking.
Evie S
Friendly, animated 11 year old with a big vocabulary who sounds young and sweet. Ages 5-12
Fran M
Bright, youthful, energetic, conversational, millennial, and genuine voice. ISDN capability, Source-Connect, and ipDTL.
Genevieve B
My voice: warm, friendly, smooth, and energetic. Youthful and upbeat quality/ with the ability to access my lower age for a more mature/motherly sound
George M
Mid-range voice, warm friendly easy going, but also can present high energy excited voice if needed.
Gina B
I have a young-sounding voice that could be the girl next door or a young child. I also like to explore different voices for characters.
Giselle L
Children voice
Gonzalo B
Young adult male voice. Charming, energetic, or whatever is needed. I have experience recording corporatives, commercials, audiobooks, e-learning...
Hayley W
My voice is bubbly, friendly, and perky. Very youthful and engaging towards kids.
Heidi K
Soothing, sexy alluring voice to coroprate read to upbeat, perky, youthful & energetic
Holly F
I can range from the sultry end of the spectrum to girl next door. I'm very emotive and versatile, I can play a wide range of characters with ease.
Ian C
I am extremely versatile and can do the calm, gentle , almost hypnotic to the over-excited hero. My speciality is tone variety and accents,
Ian D
My normal speaking voice is like a young rpg hero. Upbeat and fun personality. Articulate yet natural.
Ingeborg R
Sultry, deep, otherworldly, intriguing, authoritative, soothing, powerful
Isabel C
I flip between the low,sexy vixen, and the excitable and enthusiastic teen/college student or the young mom!
Ivan S
J.E. B
I'm your Youthful, Truthful, Teen, Tween, Textured, Wide Range kid next door.
Jackie F
Bright, bubbly, cheerful, exciteable, sincere voice over! Described as the girl next door for commercial projects.
Jackie M
Styles range from deep, sultry and soothing, to warm, natural, motherly to smart, funny, wry, sophisticated to bubbly and quirky - credible actor
Jacqueline H
I'm the neighborly gal, a bit sparkly sounding and very articulate. Can also sound educational.
Jan Park H
From calm and dreamy to pretty in your face - but never the really shouting loud guy.
Janelle S
I am a perky, upbeat young female and sometimes young male with clear performance delivery. Can also be lower toned female with a calming nature.
Janet D
Native British girl, with a cut glass accent, quite husky, friendly, approachable sounding, can do cockney and variations of English accent too.
Jay D
I have some Impersonation and cartoonish voices.
Jay W
Strong, mature, dynamic, inspirational, leader, character-y, deep, announcer-like, very articulate, can be goofy and quirky, too
Jean-Francois D
Very deep resident voice, urban and ethnic. couple of dialects, with a couple foreign accents. Veriety of Character voices and more to be explored.
Jennifer B
My natural delivery style is cute, neighborly, perky and personable. I sound most like a best friend, mom and sister.
Jennifer C
Fun, friendly, girl-next-door delivery with a dash of humor and sarcasm. Range runs from corporate, professional, broadcaster to half-smile sarcasm.
Jennifer S
I'm a versatile voice with a range of ages and personalities. I am the energetic kid, ditzy teen, relatable adult, and everything in between.
Jill P
Articulate announcer with a soft edge. I educate and make the "tough to hear" palpable. Comforting. Trustworthy. Sultry.
Jilleyn G
I've been described as "funny/sexy/real" and "very 'now'" and "the girl-next-door with information you can use."
Joan B
Youthful, energetic or conversational. Also alluring and classy. Need a kids book or videogame? Cartoonish, silly or dramatic styles available.
John M
Narration: Clear, informative, authoritative, standard British accent. Commercials: Versatile ... from warm, rich, quality to dynamic and hard sell.
John R
I'm the neighborly guy with the ability to speak like a female.
John W
Lots of different read styles, accents and inflections. I currently Voice, write and produce national and local ad campaigns as well for Entercom
Joshua N
I have a neutral American English tone which can express many emotions form dry/sarcastic, to happy, to moody/angry. Articulate & professional sound
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Julie B
I'm your favorite babysitter. I'm bright, perky, and fun (great with kids and e-learning), but can also be comforting, serious, and articulate.
Juliette G
Natural pitch is Alto - warm, sophisticated with a range for commercials, corporate and documentary narration International.
Jyl W
The Voice of MANY Voices! Diverse range of ages, accents, and emotions, from warm, confident, and professional to wacky, comedic, sarcastic...
Kara N
True Brit from London! All London accents but specifically RP, queens english, newsreader - also happy girl, sexy cougar and intelligent narrator
Karie S
I sound young, friendly, and extremely bubbly!
Kasha B
I am the girl next door. There is a very disney-esque, excitedly, melodious flow to the way I speak.
Kate B
I'm your friend in-the-know next door, the smart one that you have fun with. Smooth and authoritative, but also candid and wry. Mid range pitch.
Kate P
My voice best fits the quirky teenager with an attitude or the shy little girl.
Katey P
Sophisiticated, educational, articulate. No nonsense. Can also sound warmly maternal, or 1950's housewife.
Kathy B
My influences and style are like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Natalie Cole.
Katie B
I'm your girl next-door, friendly and energetic, great voice for kids programming and corporate training. Can also sound relaxing and meditational.
Katie L
Youthful, energetic, honest, fun, articulate, I specialize in real-sounding children's voices, but do adults, as well. Versatile character reads.
Kaya S
I can be the girl next door, the stuck-up rich girl, the quirky best friend, the little brother or sister or the creature that hides under the bed.
Kaylin C
Warm, nurturing, educational, gravitas, friendly, - I do a lot of animation work, voicing a wide range of ages (kids to elderly).
Kelley D
I'm the energetic best friend, gal next door, cool mom. But, I can also be the sexy vixen. I am relatable and caring and a little quirky.
Kelli M
I'm a friendly, perky, friend-in-the-know. Quirky, funny, bubbly, and/or sincere, caring and down-to-earth. Clear and unique voice.
Kelly B
Kelly B
My delivery style is cute, educational, expressive, friendly, perky, personable and playful. I naturally sound like a best friend and sister.
Kevin G
I'm quirky and fun, a touch of sarcasm with a smile and a smirk. Can sound educational and articulate, or relaxed and cool.
Kevin G
Smooth, professional, warm, deep, sexy, fun, rapid paced, "NYC Style", Baritone-Bass tone, guy next door to arrogant know it all, announcer/host deli
Kimberly W
Bright. Quirky. Sassy. Funny. Broad. Conversational. Girl-Next-Door type... with a twist.
Kira B
Great at child and teen voices - cute, perky, bubbly - but also able to do mature and sophisticated narration, girl-next-door/conversational, etc.
Kristin F
Best friend with vocal texture, sense of humor and a touch of sex appeal.
Laci M
I'm the sweet but spunky girl next door, who can morph into a young child, snotty teen, hip friend, warm mom, or articulate professional.
Lance D
Energetic • Educational • Professional • Articulate • Sincere • Authoritative • Friendly • Familiar • Trustworthy • Warm • Informative • Sarcastic
Lidiya B
I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well.
Lillie R
Girl next door, best friend, mom, sister and teacher. Bright, educational, expressive, friendly, personable and trustworthy.
Lisa A
At first listen I am smooth, with a smile,bordering on perky. Keep listening-authoritative,warm,and clean.
Liz B
expressive storyteller,Create mood with pace, pause, Intonation. Character Voices in a range of ages and tone. or Informative/educational. Real age 69
Liz O
I'm the friendly upbeat person that has a quirky and youthful voice. I have a clean, crisp and clear articulation.
Liz O
Clean, crisp , clear, straightforward articulation. I have a full range of inflections with a sweet, youthful, energetic , quirky and fun resonance.
Louiza P
I have a wide variety:childrens, animation, sexy, breathy, powerful, business, commercial, Greek and Spanish language or accent, neutral or NY accent
Lynn V
Refreshingly different-Cute & sassy, while authentic and professional. Colorful, sweet, animated, relatable, youthful, spunky, fun, memorable.
Maria D
Versatile warm and comforting suitable for narration and commercials Comical, energetic, dramatic, high pitch and/or nasally, character voices
Martyn L
I have a soft English young adult voice. I can don accents and change my vocals through pitch/tone to perform roles of different age/ethicist
Matt S
I excel at dry, sarcastic and silly reads. I am similar in tome, voice and delivery to actors John Krasinski and Denis Leary.
Matthew P
Three octives Variety of Volumes Salesman qualities Honest and charming Character Voices Fun and cartoonish Narrative Vocal Mimic
Maureen E
I naturally have a young, very ernest sounding voice so child-like characters are extremely fun for me to do! However, I CAN sound quite sexy! LOL
Megan L
Sweet, happy sound. Young and somewhat quirky. That warm best friend you trust who can make you feel better. Can sound sophisticated, articulate.
Meghan R
I have a general market sound, from young and fun, to warm and motherly. I sound conversational, also very articulate.
Melanie H
Her voice is rich, warm, & smooth, bright & energetic, real & direct, character voices and dialects. BBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, USA, History, Disney, & Fox
Melissa R
Playful, mom, girl next door, bubbly, conversational
Monica S
From a warm and believable mom, sister or best friend, to a smooth and sophisticated delivery style. Characters are a specialty!
Monique B
clear, warm, good with medical, bubbly, bright
Nancy G
Articulate, professional, engaging, upbeat, playful, inspiring and sultry
Natalie A
(Quirky) Gal Next Door for Narration; Youthful & Energetic for Kids e-Learning Quirky Youthful Natural Sincere Real
Nicole F
sarcastic teenager, casual girl, excited girl, happy baby / child, conversational college friend, cute, sweet, millennial, fun, friendly, mean
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Noni L
Noni's voice offers warmth and a mellifluous Celtic lilt. Playful character reads, engaging and informative corp/com reads. Fluent Welsh Speaker.
Pam T
The friendly, real, confident, in-the-know voice that's sparkly, intelligent and wry with a forthright delivery that can handle complex language.
Patty M
My voice has been described as sexy, angelic, sweet, innocent, young, soothing, relaxing, mesmerizing, energetic, upbeat, nice to listen to, etc.
Paul R
I'm the friendly colleague at work, warm and articulate yet wild and quick witted. I can educate, empathise and emote.
Paula J
caring, considerate voice, middle aged woman, corporate, business like
Perry Anne N
Warm, reassuring, informative, conversational, friendly, snarky, sarcastic, wry
Posy B
My voice is current, young, warm, natural, upbeat, fresh, sassy and commercial. From kids to husky female adult. A true Voice Actor
Rachel F. H
I have a youthful sound that's fun, energetic, and flexible. My voice lends itself well to teens, children,and young adults.
Rachel L
Sweet, playful, sassy and fresh.
Ralph L
Smooth, engaging, characterful, well-educated, accessible.
Rebecca A
Perky, sweet, girl next door, and youthful. Can also be clear and informative.
Rebecca C
Naturally a quirky, hipster, girl next door with naturally a non-regional dialect.
Rhiannon S
Quirky and feisty British actress, clear voice and able to do comedy. Often cast as strong edgy types.
Rita C
Evocative voice for emotional video; warm, sensual, positive. Perfect for corporate and adv, deep with neutral accent. Professional VO, jazz singer.
Rita P
Friendly, warm, great connectivity, authoritative, informational.
Robert R
Warm, intelligent and articulate, with expertise in authentic accents, medical narration, and character voices (see “The Stinky Cheese Man”).
Rosemary W
Warm, American mom. Strong, articulate, clear, & even for narr. My well-honed comedic acting chops and musical training allow for lots of variety.
Rosi A
Described as friendly, sparkling, expressive, pleasing, warm and enthusiastic. It can be childlike, fun, professional, serious and formal, as needed.
Ryan J
Resonant, honest, & friendly. I can do natural reads, hard sell, and a vast amount of character voices.
Sachiko T
Warm, deep, smooth voice. I can be also perky and energetic. I'm a native Japanese but speak English too.
Samantha C
I'm a girl-next-door and that new young mom; I'm fresh, bubbly, and articulate with a conversational, easy-breezy tone.
Sandra P
I am slightly Southern and am comforting and believable. I can speak with authority and give information.
Sandy R
I have a warm, easy-going voice, with the ability to infuse humor and quirkiness. I have a comfortable sound, and work well in fiction and non-fiction
Sarah B
My voice is bubbly and energetic! My voice is child-like. Russian, Scottish, and Minnesotan accents are easy for me to do.
Sarah G
Sarah M
My voice is youthful, personable and believable. I have a friendly girl-next door and quirky best friend sound. My vocal age is 17-24 years old.
Sarah P
The Non Announcery Announcer! Conversational, genuine reads that can be wry, comedic, or authoritative but overall, a very natural, warm sound
Sarah S
My voice is textured and soothing, allowing me to have a nice range from young and energetic to mature and sexy. I can easily do the "girl next door."
Sarah W
Sarah White P
My vocal training has given me a clear tone with great articulation. I have a wide range of cheerleader-esque energy all the way to a relaxed feel.
Serra H
Shav F
Fun, Fresh, Free
Shelley B
Conversational, clear, bright, approachable, friendly and warm, with a "real-person" delivery. A true pro at the testimonial and natural read.
Shelley N
I'm the "girl next door" with an upbeat voice. As a Mom, I read to my child in a variety of dialects and can give each character its own identity.
Sheryl F
I'm the young perky Mom or the soft or hopeful Mom. I'm the quirky neighbor,but sweet!
Shira A
Hi, I'm Shira, the girl next door all grown up - someone you know, someone you trust, because I'm just like you. Sexy, sweet, real, articulate, funny!
Silvana C
My natural voice is relaxed and charmingly sarcastic. I can also sound flirty and sweet girl-next-door.
Siobhan O
Real & conversational; like your best girlfriend, down-to-earth mom, wife, business or military leader, w/a funny, eclectic tone, warm & quirky.
Sophie A
Vocally flexible to move from one accent/gender/tone/age to another. Youthful and grounded at the same time.
Stephanie Pam R
Can be a conversational young mom, a hip teenager, or a professional and confident narrator. Friendly, upbeat, energetic, strong character voices.
Stephanie S
Friendly, neighborly and articulate. Can be informative and educational. I can sound like a best friend, mom, sister.
Stephen B
I'm the smart quirky guy with a warm sound but very articulate. Trained at Juilliard as an actor and work in all genres as well.
Stephie T
I'm the energetic OCD kid! High Pitched, Animated, Young, and hyper!
Suzana H
I'm the sound of the young woman with a warm heart who knows too much. I can be quirky, sophisticated, caring or funny...
Suzanne O
I am very articulate with a singularly clear, smooth delivery. My voice sounds professional, educational, engaging, sincere, warm and fun.
Tashami T
The voice that conveys confidence, trust, comfort, experience. Soothing and easy to listen to, reassuring and professional.
Terrell S
I'm the best friend, the big brother and the boyfriend rolled into one. Ranging from jovial excitement to deep, gravitous Morgan Freeman-esque tones.
Tiffany C
She has a full, rich, caring, smooth, authentic, warm and attractive vocal quality that is paired with a delivery that is professional, authoritative,
Tim B
With a distinctive, cultured and compelling voice, I deliver depth and gravitas through my reassuring, authoritative and trustworthy voiceover reads.
Tony W
Need James Earl Jones's voice and don't have the money? I may be able to help! Can sound maniacal or studious, be wolverine or an innocent teen.
Tristan W
Hip cool fun young adult. Conversational. Articulate and easy to listen to. NOT announcer or sales type. Mid to high range.
Tyler C
Youthful nasally voice that is perfect for your everyday teenager or big characters like the nerdy scientist or the over the top children's show host.
Vanessa P
Sophisticated, articulate, engaging and mature. Perfect for luxury brands or relaxing, meditative scenarios, documentaries, educational projects
Wanda P
Smart yet sweet, youthful yet trustworthy, friendly, compassionate & warm. Ranging from playful & enthusiastic to straightforward & unpretentious.
abdul w
velvet 2nd tenor to baratone, velvet smooth-mid atlantic accent
benjamin g
A warming deep voice that comforts you on a nights evening, intriguing you with its educational sound, but giving you butterfly's from the delivery.