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Alfred G. called 'Fred' B
Adam T
Adam's vocal style is believable, big, guy next door/dad, charming, clear, deep, dynamic, easygoing yet authoritative, smooth, trustworthy and warm.
Adam B
I have a smooth, engaging baritone and can play a wide range of voices; deep and powerful, articulate and professorial, or casual and urban.
Adam D
Western Canadian, Northern American accent. Friendly, corporate, guy-next-door, articulate, authoritative, warm, convincing, natural, believeable,
Adam S
Commanding and educational, yet warm and playful with a big deep resonance that carries great diction. Oh, and sometimes funny.
Addie H
I'm a millennial girl, with a low, bubbly sounding voice and tends to speak quickly. Can sound younger and older than I am.
Adriana P
I'm the real, honest, caring woman, Very articulate and heart felt voice yet very good with educational, narration and a professional sound.
Akil T
Sexy, articulate and smooth , pleasant, commercial, news anchor, presentational, smokey, dramatic, character, expressive with lots of variety.
Alan A
Hip. Relatable. Commanding. And most important- Believable. A conversational, friendly, guy next door quality that's genuine, authoritative and fun.
Alan F
Resonant baritone, well-modulated voice. Generally comforting tones. Educated/professional to casual/folksy. Father, professional, friend.
Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Albert H
Warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door, can also deliver the intelligent industrial corporate voice. Also lots of great character voices.
Aleksander G
I will provide a strong, warm, personable, dynamic voice over for your project needs. I am happy to provide this within a one-day turnaround.
Alexa B
British RP voiceover with a bright, friendly and professional tone, delivering your scripts with sincerity, empathy, humour and more.
Alexa B
I have a very expressive, youthful voice and am very articulate.
Alexei R
Versatile Bass / Baritone well known for evil villains, soldiers, creatures, and goofy comedic characters.
Alison L
Dark/smooth female voice that can easily exude luxury/exclusivity. Higher register lends itself to wry humor and quirkier characters.
Allyson R
I'm the down to earth woman with a deep resonance that conveys authority; the voice of reason. Also sassy, clever, friendly, vulnerable, and real.
Allyson J
My voice is crystal clear and authoritative, with a slightly raspy tone. It is decidedly feminine, yet has the weight of an old-fashioned announcer.
Altara M
Huge range in terms of sound, characters, emotions, and I have a wide variety of work behind me. I am conversational, articulate,clear + concise.
Alvina G
I'm the authoritative female voice that can pass off as an announcer. I have a mellow voice sometimes a bit raspy.
Amanda H
I have a semidark voice and sing in alto, but I have a wide range and can sound both young and mature. I'm also good at cartoon characters.
Ami K
I can be quirky, silly, and animated. I can also do imitations and accents and have tenor singing voice. My natural voice is young 18 - late 20's
Amr E
Rich, strong, authoritative, confident, assuring, kind
Amy B
Believable, Natural, Engaging, Friendly, Energetic, Conversational, Professional, Upbeat, Sincere, Smiling, Sultry, Serious
Amy D
Trusting, Charismatic, Knowledgeable, Authentic, Refreshing, Quirky, Warm, Inviting, Fun, Professional, Cunning, Innocent, Young, Sweet, Relatable
Amy F
San Francisco-based, professional female voice actor who brings a modern millennial, yet credible vibe to your commercials and corporate videos.
Amy F
A rich and chocolaty voice, extremely expressive and full of energy that can soothe and lull you into a hypnotic state and is extremely compelling.
Amy L
Conversational, relaxed, friendly, trustworthy, honest, warm and knowledgable. Have been narrating for medical animation company in UK.
Amy S
I have a friendly, down-to-earth voice with clear diction and pronunciation. My voice is personable, professional, and clear. Thanks for listening!
Amy W
From the 'mom next door' to the caring teacher, compassionate healthcare professional to the sassy (maybe even a little snarky) BFF
Ana Maria T
Narrations: silky, caring, vigorous Commercials: high energy, trendy, motherly sound, sweet Presentations: smooth, announcer Dialogues: acting
Andrew B
My voice is very "guy next door", but is also quite deep and rich. My voice is the one you hear when you think of a history podcast.
Andrew H
Bright, Real, Relatable, Guy Next Door Dad Type to Rugged, Tough and Ballsy. Commercial, Promo, Affiliate
Andy B
Dad, best friend, just one of the guys, or a serious professional. I've got funny, quirkly sound, but also trustworthy and confident.
Andy F
Perfect voice for eLearning and commercials. I also do character voices - check out my ever-growing list of video games!
Angie M
My voice is friendly, warm, sincere and humorous. Since I have an extensive acting background, I am also able to convey emotion.
Ann R
While I have a softer, feminine voice, I have no trouble voicing males, elderly, and/or nitty-gritty characters. For non-fiction, I'm very capable.
Anna K
My voice sounds clear, warm and friendly, and can deliver a broad spectrum from youthful and fresh to captivating and seductive.
Anna P
Bright, upbeat, clear, energetic and British. Anna's voice is perfect for appealing to the Yummy mummy, and the younger generation
Anne M
Annie D
My voice has been described as warm, friendly, relatable, and enthusiastic as well as intelligent, informative, and professional.
Antonio C
Straightforward,deep,warm and very but very versatile ,can be like educational to sexy and funny per say
Arthur Gregory P
My voice has been described as warm and personable, very smooth and down to earth.
Aurelia M
I am the confident and sassy, yet sophisticated, best friend. Can also sound sultry and down-to-earth.
Austin R
I'm neighborly, best friend, youthful, articulate, full of personality. Adaptable to different roles (educational, animation, sales, storyteller).
Autumn W
A voice that is warm, cheerful, and upbeat with a natural, soothing tone. Also sexy, sultry, sophisticated, or professional.
Aycil Y
Mostly pay attention my animation parts please ... and accent work ....
Aylam O
I have a low, authoritative voice, high-energy and intense, but also warm and comforting. I specialize in various, often over the top, characters!
Ayrian G
My voice is described as warm, friendly compassionate, personal, professional, fun, playful, & sassy. I am the typical girl next door.
Bambi A
I have a comfortable, draw-you-in kind of voice that is warm and engaging, but I can also sound very articulate and knowledgeable.
Barbara Q
I'm the mom-next-door. Educated and articulate, but also a bit sarcastic with a wry sense of humor.
Barron B
Young, hip, great range and "30 for 30" gravitas. The assertive team leader, but a great team player as well! Articulate, but also a real person.
Becca B
Bright, clear, and vibrant-- I'm the sweet, intelligent college student by day, but the quirky, snotty party girl at night. Excellent diction.
Ben S
Medium baritone, well modulated, warm. Also high energy, credible, instructive.
Benjamin M
Baritone young voice that is conversational yet has echoes of old radio pitch men.
Benjamin O
I'm the friendly neighbor, the reliable brother, and dependable buddy. I can also provide a more serious tone when necessary.
Benjamin W
I'm the energetic, retail-oriented, and trustworthy voice which will pass through with passion and concern.
Benjamin Y
My voice comes off primarily as refreshing and good vibe-y. My voice also has a good sense of humor with strides of friendly energy.
Bettina L
Warm, credible, light, gal next door, young mom, sexy, High Comedy, Commercial, PSA, Narration, Character, Professional etc.
Bill C
Smooth, baratone, trusting, conversational, articulate.
Bill L
Friendly, authoritative, convincing, or reassuring...sweet spot is the "guy next door." Strong improv skills = rich video game/audiobook characters.
Bill M
I have the everyday voice. Can be fun and friendly, or grizzled, and deep. I like to think I am like a Michael J. Fox character.
Bill P
Authoritative. A natural story teller, narrator and teacher with a warm, friendly, conversational, trustworthy and persuasive delivery.
Bob J
My voice is a Jeff Bridges meets Tom Hanks.
Bob P
My voice is deep,warm,soothing, mature, neighborly, persuasive, authoritative, caring, and some have called it wise. I can punch it up or down.
Brad A
Experienced, warm, welcoming, friendly, sexy, authoritative, up-beat, bright
Brad H
Smooth and connective voice. Can be the guy-next-door, or the ultra-smooth film narrator. Great experience with Explainer videos and corporate work.
Brad H
Conversational, Thoughtful, Sincere, Upbeat, Inspiring, Edgy, Narrator, Gen X, Young Adult, Everyday Consumer, Youthful Parent, Middle Aged.
Bradley T
I can be the average guy, an announcer, or a radio voice.
Brandon A
My tone is somewhat deep, smooth, clear, and has an "everyman" quality. My delivery style is articulate, personable, and believable.
Brenton S
I have an approachable, friendly, believable voice, and I have a wide range of fun character voices too. I'm very versatile!
Brian T
I have a pleasant sounding, conversational and articulate voice. Clients value my positive attitude and professionalism.
Brian B
Authentic, warm, mature, conversational, comforting, convincing, believable
Brian B
Brian Boulden offers you a new voice that is not heard on every market out there. A voice that conveys trust and understanding. Clear deep sound
Brian C
I am the dad, guy-next-door, trusted teacher, articulate, but can be quirky.
Brian F
I'm the Dad next door. The neighborly, every man character. My delivery can be big and dynamic, as well as warm and personable.
Brian G
A rich baritone, or a raspy old coot. A mid range tenor. Sophisticated or country.
Brian H
Genuine and honest, with a voice that rings true. Precise and clean, yet conversational and inviting; shifts from playful, animated to direct, moving.
Brian M
Regular guy, friendly, conversational, sincere, has a sense of humor. Narration style in the vein of a Mike Rowe-type.
Brian M
Smooth, baritone, quiet storm. Barry White, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman voice types.
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Brian T
I have an authentic, enthusiastic, and expressive voice with a wide range. I specialize in animation, product videos, and narration.
Brian Tom O
Warm, intelligent, friendly, calm, soothing, persuasive
Briana N
Brittanie V
I'm a relatable, intelligent sounding female with a full tone and optional sexiness/husk.
Brittany P
My voice is very fresh, natural and conversational. Friendly and inviting. Can easily adjust pitch and tone to portray a wide age range.
Brooke T
I have the voice of snarky teenager, but I can also sound intelligent, timid, and uncertain. I can also range from young child to a woman in her 40s.
Bruce B
Bruce K
Deep, warm, mature, intelligent, trusted, distinguished, authoritative, gravitas, musical, ironic, grandfather, folksy
Bruce L
My voice is described as warm, smooth, friendly, soothing, believable, and natural as well as sophisticated & approachable. And sarcastic.
Buffy O
I'm the girl next door, mom, with a friendly yet sexy tone. I have a wide range of deliveries I can provide. You'll be pleased. :)
Bálint T
Tough,Heavy dj Sound,enthusiastic, but sensible/simply clear, deep if you need. I am a voice actor I could send you anything you need
Caleb C
My voice has the ability to be a cornucopia of voices that can sound from deep and low to high and angelic.
Cam C
Versatile voice! Guy next door to announcer, hip to geeky. Trustworthy, informative and sincere... but also happy, adventurous, and passionate!
Camelia T
My voice has been described as sincere, friendly and humorous.
Camille H
I'm the charming, upbeat, personable girl next door with the unique voice. I can perform realistic children voices, teens, and college ads.
Candace B
My voice has been described as sweet, caring and kind. Closest description would be to Adriana Caselotti.
Cara E
My voice is a bright, friendly and warm neutral British accent. I'm clear, articulate brimming with energy with a natural warmth and engagement.
Cara J
Clear, articulate, intelligent. Appeals highly to Asian audiences. No rasp.
Careena M
Friendly, bubbly, youthful, grounded, relatable, upbeat, warm, direct, playful, professional
Carlin T
The guy next door able to show compassion, humor or be more authoritative. Friendly, Sophisticated or Urgent and educated.
Carlo C
I'm an articulate and dynamic young professional with a believable voice. I can be a charismatic spokesperson, or just a regular honest guy.
Carly R
I am the compassionate, intelligent, sexy, conversational, real, perky, confident, young, fresh, passionate, young mom, best friend, wise, single girl
Carrie K
I am the ultimate girl next door! I have a confident and reliable voice which people can relate to.
Cassandra M
I have a youthful and energetic female voice, that's very clear and vibrant. Can also sound like a spunky young boy.
Catherine L
Youthful, bright, upbeat, energetic, warm, friendly, smooth, relaxed, and natural. I'm the girl next door, the hip student, and professional assistant
Cathy C
Real French native. Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is naturally expressive, medium tone, very clear and articulated diction, warm, sensual,...
Cesar T
Smooth, deep, and consistent voice. As I was born in Lima, Peru, my Spanish is very neutral, thus, very appropriate for any Spanish-speaking country.
Chad L
I am the everyday guy with a believable and trustworthy delivery. I range from high energy, to slow and understated.
Chanie B
Im a friendly person who loves children and does educational projects quite well. I can also sound sophisticated, professional, warm and motivating.
Chantal D
sultry, down to earth, educational, upbeat, easy to listen to, great for audiobooks and e-learning.
Charlie P
"Eco-Friendly Cool for the Modern World". My voice has been described as Friendly, Authentic and Conversational to Straightforward and Smart.
Charlie W
Guy next door with a friendly conversational tone. Can be authoritative, fun, witty, sarcastic and/or charming depending on your needs.
Charlotte A
I'm the girl-next-door, with a range from high school kid to young Mom. Great articulation and strong technical knowledge for those training videos.
Charly D
Contemporary, smooth, articulate, professional, corporate, authoritative, intelligent, warm, friendly, calming.
Cheridah B
I can sound smooth, sultry, seductive. Prim and proper. Professional and conservative. Authoritative. Young, enthusiastic and playful.
Cherisse R
I'm your go-to for serious PSA, political ads, emotional product ads.
Cherlyn M
From a compassionate best friend or loving mom to an effective instructor and credible corporate leader. Unique, Warm, Believable, Soft, Urban.
Cheryl C
Cheryl T
I have a smooth, clear, authoritative yet friendly and personable delivery.
Chion W
warm, expressive, friendly, sisterly, witty, outdoorsy, confident, energetic, inquisitive, innocent, sexy, earnest.
Chloe R
I'm the girl next door, with a bright and friendly tone. Can also sound cool and sensual. Ability to do medical/educational.
Chris B
Guy Next Door, Appealing, Casual, Convincing, Cool, Encouraging, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Kind, Lively/Energetic, Pleasant, Assuring, Cool, Positive
Chris J
Voice styles include - friendly millennial, formal educator, lower-register announcer, salesman, historian, wacky comic, trusted parent.
Chris K
My voice has been described as friendly, calm, confident, and positive. I take direction well.
Chris M
I am the guy next door with a friendly and inviting sound to my voice. Can also give a young adult excited or edgy delivery.
Chris N
Versatile, real, natural, emotive, animated, character specialist, smooth, polished, articulate, educated, impersonator, casual, approachable, quirky
Chris S
I'm equally at home as a teenager or a young father. My smile & enthusiasm are genuine, so sounding like a real person is easy and believable.
Chrissy B
Very-versatile: from fun for kids to professional; girl next door, warm, friendly, upbeat, soothing, and believable
Christian T
My vocal wheelhouse is a calm, comforting & strong, perfect for anything hospital, pharma, food, cars, food. I have also perfected the vocal fry read.
Christian T
I'm a 20-something with a clear, articulate voice making me naturally sound friendly and educated. I'm also capable of a variety of character voices.
Christina D
Disney, fairytales.
Christine H
I have the "girl next door", "wise friend", or "classy and cool" voice. Commercials are my favorite but educational & wacky characters are welcome!
Christine C
I'm your friend, cleanly conversational, warm, humorous. Exciting for sales. Soothing and seductive. Intelligent for narration and education.
Christine C
I'm versatile with a clear, smooth tone that's friendly, smart, trusting, compassionate, professional and sultry - very easy to listen to!
Christine L
I have a warm, friendly and trustworthy voice.
Christine P
I have a warm, distinctive voice - perfect for strong or sensual roles; intelligent and articulate. Great at boy voices.
Christine R
Girl next door, cool mom, savvy shopper, news anchor, GPS guide, teacher...and more!
Christopher F
I have a dynamic voice and I take direction well. I can go from "early 30's neighbor" to "CEO of a start-up" to "mad scientist" on a dime.
Christopher M
I have a warm friendly everyman sound that can range from the college professor to the rowdy guy down the bar.
Christopher M
Chrystal V
I can be the silly child, lucky-in-love girlfriend, or the know-it-all wife or Informative and Enthusiastic! Always a warm read to brighten your day!
Cindy P
Professional woman, articulate, bilingual, natural, confident.
Clara F. P
I'm your trusted best friend, rich and warm sounds and a bit cheeky if you need that extra inspiration to eat that last cookie.
Clare C
Fresh, clean, and clear. Youthful but can be warm and professional. I am the college student, young mom, smart teen, or girl next door.
Claudia K
Clear Voice, Confident, Adapts to the Needed! Your Satisfaction is My Main Goal!
Claudia R
Reassuring, impactful, cheerful, young, fresh, authoritative, joyful, smart, trustworthy, believable, catchy, playful, educational, friendly
Cláudia V
My voice can be warm, soft, smooth, deep, soothing, energetic, natural, pleasant, serious, friendly, educational, professional.
Connor L
The innocent guy next door type with a wide range of characters and sounds. Gentle, approachable high energy tenor voice. Can be off-beat and quirky.
Cooper A
I have a friendly voice with rich, deep undertones perfect for commercials or spoken articles. It carries an agreeable sense of authority.
Cortney B
crisp, hip, thin, unique,engaging, sing-like, emphasis & able to project. I speak from my heart. scratchy, fun, mellow, light-lady voice. Educated
Craig H
The boy next door. Casual, Current, Educational, Expressive, Friendly, Neighborly, Personable and Quirky.
Cristina D
Upbeat, quirky teenager/twenty something to kind, intelligent mom to nervous, excitable office worker, I'm your choice! Clear, fun promo voice, too.
Curtis W
I say with supreme confidence that I have the deepest voice in the entertainment industry but due to improv can due a multitude of characters.
Sultry,low, or soft. caring with a bit of raspy, conversational. Also can do hard sell and educational, informational.
Sultry, Warm, Authoritative, Husky, Announcer
Dalicia L
I'm a smooth and warm, yet versatile millennial voice. Can swing natural/conversational, professional, commercial, or educational, even characters.
Dan D
My delivery style is clear, crisp, friendly, intelligent, trustworthy, warm. I naturally sound like a dad, guy next door, or teacher.
Dan K
I have a deep voice but I'm able to bring it high if needed. I see myself as a character actor, able to do comedy, drama, and everything in between.
Dan R
EZ smooth baritone; acting/singing allows me to change volume, tone, accent, etc. As science teacher & coach enables me to present/voice complex ideas
Dani C
I can be quirky and fun as well as knowledgeable and articulate. I can do fun character voices, many accents, and can sound very young.
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel C
Young, expressive, articulate and engaging. Classically trained.
Daniel G
My voice is deep yet smooth and authoritative. I can deliver natural reads, soft sell, and hard sells for any type of project.
Daniel K
warm, caring, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, high energy, sincere, cool, hip, corporate, sophisticated, knowledgeable
Daniel S
Friendly neighbor type, announcer, mostly dry, excitement and energetic.
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Danny O
Warm intelligent sincere wry playful friendly strong forthright upbeat testimonials gravitas
Danny R
I am the American bro-type. I am articulate and enjoy humor. I can sound edgy or wholesome.
Dara R
Great Conversational voice that is clear, articulate, friendly, funny,silly, sarcastic, fresh, hip,comedic, quirky,girl next door, spunky,warm,bright
Darius J
My voice is warm and deep for narration, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations, excellent diction, no defect.
Darrell B
Range: General Market to Urban Description: Warm • Friendly • Trustworthy • Authoritative • Relaxed • Smooth • Guy Next Door • Storyteller
Darren A
British VO. Current, relatable and versatile. Characters & accents a speciality.
Darren K
I'm a 30 year broadcasting professional who trained under EDGE's David Goldberg. Friendly, snarky, credible, believable guy next door.
Darren P
Conversational, Friendly, Real. I have a broad range which goes from youthful to middle aged masculine.
Dave J
Authoritative, friendly, natural baritone.
Dave R
I can be the guy "next door" or give you hard "automotive sell" I like a challenge and usually get it right.
David K
I have an Intelligent bright confident announcer sound, as well as a wide range of character ability.
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
David A
David B
I've been described as having a very youthful voice. Teenage sons are my sweet spot, I have a voice that fits a much more lighthearted vibe.
David B
I'm the verbose and witty guy that didn't get cast for The Big Bang Theory. My voice has been described as warm, authentic, articulate and sincere.
David C
My voice has been described as Trustworthy, Friendly, Personable, Warm, Easy Going; Intelligent, Cultured, Mature; Dynamic, Deep, Resonant, Textured.
David C
I have an energetic in the voice, very versatile when it comes to offering different character types, ranges of emotions and great impersonations.
David C
I have been informed that I am the friendly neighborhood guy across the fence talking to his neighbor.......also policeman , shopkeeper, etc.
David G
I have a smooth, friendly, deep voice,very folksy, can sound quite professorial. Engaging, and personable. Good voice control and modulation.
David G
Hip, Edgy, confident friendly and warm... all at the same time.
David G
Looking for a deeper, resonant voice with a warm, strong, sincere or conversational sound? Or maybe confident, fun, friendly, energetic or natural?
David M
Buoyant. Welcoming. Authentic.
David R
Warm, Friendly, Confident, Relatable and Authoritative.
David T
I've got the "guy next door" voice that's fresh, clean, and cool - Gen X, Conversational, Approachable, Trustworthy, Confident, Non-Announcer
Dean W
Friendly, believable, natural, authoritative, educational, real.
Deb C
I’m the girl next door, sympathetic, warm, natural, smooth, yet authoritative and professional for medical & corporate narration and e-learning
Deb S
My voice has been described as compassionate, articulate, trustworthy and intelligent, with a sprinkle of humor thrown in, when appropriate.
Debbie B
I sound warm, intelligent, conversational, educational, friendly, upbeat and sincere.
Debbie G
Best described as upbeat with a friendly and compassionate quality and is very adept at delivering believable, conversational reads.
Debbie W
I'm the girl next door, young, fresh, conversational, and I can deliver an edgy raspy sound as well.
Debora H
Debra M
Younger sounder but definitely capable of going mature. Quirky and fun. I can range from goofy to sexy to no-nonsense. Also GREAT at kids' voices.
Deirdre L
My voice natural strong girlish tone. And naive for a child impersonation. For a teenager it's a little bit brighter but has a nonchalant Whisp to it.
Deloris R
I have a trained professional very articulate voice.
Demitrus S
Very articulate. I've been told that I have a DJ voice. Also have a educational voice for audio books.
Dennis C. J
From Sam Elliot to Heimerdinger. A rich baritone narrator. Superior rhythm, tone, range, interpretation. The basso profoundo wrath of a god.
Dennis M
I'm articulate, authoritative, I can be over-the-top with enthusiasm, and subdued when necessary.
Denver W
Friendly, intelligent, trustworthy, upbeat and warm...like a dad, guy next door, teacher
Diana B
Diana’s tone is warm, vibrant, sophisticated and natural. Crisp and clean for e-Learning. The 'Mom' voice that works every time.
Diana B
Im the trustworthy friend/ young mom ranging in age from 20's to 30's. Clear and casual, can also be comedic.
Diego O
Warm and believable guy next door or fatherly. Have also done countless hours of PSA, Medical training, technical.
Donald C
Conversational, guy next-door, friendly, articulate, professional and educated. Fast reads to slow and mellow dramatic reads and movie trailers.
Donald E
Soothing, seductive, captivating, and transcendent. My voice is naturally deep and smooth, and I have complete mastery of how to use it effectively.
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Doug E
Specialize in eLearning, medical & technical. Believable. Articulate. Can easily shift from warm & welcoming to bold & business-like.
Dr. James F
Neutral, Warm, Resonant, Trustworthy, Personable, Educated, Mature. Professorial, Knowledgeably Confident
Drew A
My voice has been described as suave and warm with a hint of intelligence and mystery. It's perfect for telling stories or explaining details.
E. Mark G
I am an honest, warm, down to earth, conversational, authoritative guy.
Ed N
Ed Nash is able to connect with a warm, inviting voice that exudes confidence without being overbearing. His voice has the ability to connect.
Ed M
My vocal character and tone is described: Real, Authentic, Dry, Playful, Trustworthy, Father, Warm, Quirky, Guy next door. Flirty, Academic.
Ed W
Edward J
My voice is a great mix & blend of: authority, persuasive, clear, articulate, energetic, deliberate and versatility.
Elijah V
I have a neutral Midwestern voice with a southern twang. I sound a bit nerdy like President Obama, very intellectual.
Elissa K
• Warm, conversational, friendly • Straight talking, genuine, powerful • Cool, sassy, raspy • Wry, sarcastic, humorous • Sexy, smooth, sultry
Elizabeth H
I am the confidant, trusted resource, caring yet professional. Medical professional, lawyer, coach, trusted advisor.
Elizabeth S
I have a mature, alto range voice. I can sound tough as nails or soft and soothing. I can be a child, the kindly woman next door or the evil queen.
Ellen P
I can go from the average mom, a voice of experience, to the avid traveler and adventure seeker.
Ellora S
Light and versatile, Ellora can squish into as many characters, accents, ages, and dynamic ranges as you could want.
Emile L
I've a deeper voice overall. Good neighborly, educational and consultant. Also good at sensational NASCAR type!
Emily J
A versatile, warm, & engaging English RP voice. I bring credibility to corporate reads, playfulness & youth to commercials & bring cartoons to life
Emily M
Natural, conversational girl next door, caring mom or friendly & helpful company representative. Gravitas and depth for authentic, inspiring anthems
Emily P
Approachable, hip, articulate, and soothing.
Emé A
Elegant, engaging, rich, clear, luxurious, international are some of the adjectives which describe my voice.
Eric F
I have many different ways to signify my voice.
Eric G
Articulate and extreme. I love to do weird, wacky stuff as well as serious or action/drama/sports. Wide range of pitch. 3 1/2 octave singing voice
Eric L
Deep, rich and powerful voice
Eric M
I have smiley and clear voice. Guy next door Knowledgeable Articulate Inspiring with a lot of different variation
Eric S
Eric S
Easy going, guy next door, cool, engaging
Erica R
I have a warm, inviting voice with an edge of authority. I'm a contralto to alto range, and am articulate and can tackle tough words.
Erica L
My voice is smooth, relaxing, upbeat, and warm. I can range from comforting to bubbly, sassy to sexy, professional to casual, and young to motherly.
Erica S
I have an articulate and very clear, warm, motherly voice that gives comfort and makes people feel safe and loved.
Erin B
A North American Voice Over Professional specializing in Commercials, Corporate Videos, Explainers, IVR
Eva K
I have a warm, open sound. Someone you want to be friends with. Good articulation without sounding artificial.
Evan D
Deep natural voice, but good at up infections. Very good voice for fun, upbeat ads, can do ads for Kids as well. Can do a nasally and quirky voice.
Fanny V
I have a soft and gentle voice in mid-low range. It's good for educational, but also fiction, poetry or children's books. I've also done infomercials
Fentriss M
Authoritative, Conversational, Friendly, Professional, Sophisticated, if necessary.
Fleshia K
girl next door, quirky, sweet, friendly, mom
Flor B
"I am a cartoon girl. I can do various character voices. Energetic and engaging. Educational, great with children projects. Fun for commercials".
Fran T
I can sound like your wry best friend or your friend's mom. I can be sarcastic but lovable. I can also sound very professional and authoritative.
Frances F
My voice is warm, clear and friendly. I have a natural southern accent but can sound neutral with a professional caring sound with a bit of smoke.
Francesca R
professional, classy female voice indicated for corporate demos, educational, commercial, dubbing of tv shows female characters in their 30-40s.
Frank F
My voice is very sincere and natural and I excel at conversational style. I sound warm, caring, casual, friendly, fun, informative and trustworthy.
Frank H
Low, warm, articulate but relatable, can sound conversational or authoritative as needed.
Gabriella V
A soft, warm, reassuring, or strong and authoritative voice with no accent, and proper intonation.
Gale V
Warm, friendly, conversational, inviting, smart, with a hint of authority or a sense of fun. Rich & smooth, or real & accessible. VERSATILE!
Garrett T
I can do everything from casual, friendly, and conversational to professional, technical, and accessible. The classic "Guy Next Door."
Gary G
Smooth to quirky, deep to light and perky, my wide range works across many categories, from retail to banking, accounting, medical and political.
Gayle J
Boutique voice-easy listening- can sound very professional and educational-articulate- soft sensual-
Gene A
business professional, father, coach, mentor, explainer, friendly, upbeat, corporate, conversational, educational, sales, financial, technical
Gene T
Average guy. Not an announcer type voice. Comedic, Animated, Can also be creepy.
Genevieve B
My voice: warm, friendly, smooth, and energetic. Youthful and upbeat quality/ with the ability to access my lower age for a more mature/motherly sound
Genevieve H
Genevieve has been a pro voice actor for 16 years. Her voice is warm, textured, raspy, sincere, trustworthy, fun, wry, comedic, dramatic, hip, sexy.
Glenn C
Clear, Confident, Personable, and Mature. I have a dynamic range that allows me to express warmth, and intimacy, as well as energetic excitability.
Grace H
Neighborly girl next door with a soothing, calm yet articulate current sound
Graham H
Quintessential friendly, guy next door or fatherly. Range of: Charismatic & sly Mysterious/alluring Calming Down to Earth. Gruff/throaty
Greg W
Versatile voice; guy next door, professional, "Texas", humorous, serious.
Greg W
Wide range, described as trustworthy, intelligent, authoritative, friendly, sometimes gruff, youthful yet experienced, and relatable.
Gregory T
Professional, friendly tone and delivery for instructional or corporate training narration. Can sound like your" good neighbor" or "understanding dad"
Griffin S
I'm the versatile actor who can sound like a child, old man, monster, robot, psychopath, an old Wizard, a charming yet goofy superhero,
Hayley A
My natural voice is pretty commercial, but it's also quite versatile. I can be the girl-next-door voice, nerdy, quirky, awkward teen-young adult.
Hayley W
My voice is bubbly, friendly, and perky. Very youthful and engaging towards kids.
Hazel H
Heather S
I'm the chameleon. Pick an age, accent, or character and I can make it come to life whether it be female, male, or creature of the unknown.
Helen C
Native British RP voice working professionally since 2008. Warm, engaging, upbeat. Also a professional actor.
Helene M
I'm the friendly neighbor, motherly sounding and very articulate. Can sound educational and authoritative as well.
Henry A
Warm, friendly, funny, trustworthy, authoritative, wry, deadpan, comic, mature
Hevin H
Young, Friendly guy next door Conversational, fresh Great character voices
Hilary B
Naturally dynamic, friendly, informed, believable; best friend, mother, counselor; my sound is soft, gentle, sexy, perky, teacher or soft medical.
Hitomi F
I can perform a wide range of voices - from child to adult, anime/video game characters, IVR, audiobooks, English with a Japanese accent and so on.
Holly F
I can range from the sultry end of the spectrum to girl next door. I'm very emotive and versatile, I can play a wide range of characters with ease.
Hope R
I'm the sincere, personable friend or girl next door whose positive and upbeat.
Ian C
I am extremely versatile and can do the calm, gentle , almost hypnotic to the over-excited hero. My speciality is tone variety and accents,
Ian F
Warm, friendly, & conversational commercials. Intelligent, welcoming, & trustworthy narration. Silly, off-beat & well-meaning characters. Ages 22-40.
Ian M
My voice belongs to the friendly college guy next door who could sell you anything you're interested in.
Iliana B
Energetic, professional, articulate, warm, sophisticated, friendly, understanding, Fun, exciting, hard sell, conversational, mom next door.
Isabella A
Articulate, flawless pronunciation, versatile, warm, friendly, corporate, educational, conversational, instructional, telephonic, guiding, you name it
Issa L
Girl Next Door Sound, Smart, Sexy, Warm, No Accent, Slight Accent, Hard Edge, Versatile,Romantic,Soft, Sincere.
Ivan S
Jack E
I have a robust, yet approachable north american voice that fits a variety of styles from the next door neighbor to teacher to corporate narration.
Jack G
Trusting American voice. I can bring a casual young tone to luxury. Relatable.
Jack R S
I have the voice next door, a deep voice, a high voice, grandfatherly, professional, conversational, storytelling, a trusting voice & a sinister one.
Jack S
My range is from Sam Elliott-style everyman, to professorial, articulate and technical.
Jack d
Jack is the laid-back neighbor, the serious elearning voice, the actor bringing characters to life whether in serious or comedic scripts.
Jackie W
My voice ranges from kid friendly to sexy and sultry, smooth, warm, professional, educational, girl next door, mom, energetic, quirky, characters.
Jacob G
I have a deep, trustworthy voice, the kind you'd expect from a helpful neighbor or an every-day guy.
Jacqui A
Warm, Friendly, Conversational
Jade Z
Bright and energetic, Jade makes a spot feel fresh and fun without feeling too pushy.
Jake M
I'm the voice of your midwest neighbor who you suspect might be an international spy.
Jake W
I'm the regular guy/guy-next-door type. My baritone, confident voice is a great fit for announcements, educational and even somber-sounding scripts.
James C
Deep resonant voice which suits strong male characters or villains. Variety of accents and characters.
James Edwin J
Friendly guy, calm, trustworthy, believable, southern U.S. accents
James F
I'm the optimistic college grad, warm and sincere. I can also have an edgier tone for action scenes, and for graphic sex and violence.
James K
I have a distinctive masculine sound that can be honest, endearing, and intimate as well as threatening, dangerous, and ironic.
James L
Deep, authoritative storyteller. Engaging. Fiction as well as history.
James Patrick C
A youthful baritone with range and color. Also particularly strong with educational/self-help/historical works.
James W
Friendly, calm and persuasive. My range is diverse, from soothing and understanding to dynamic and upbeat. My natural voice is British English RP.
Jamie S
I have an rich, alto feminine voice. Previous experience includes environmental educational content and somewhat cheeky public service announcements.
Jamie W
My style is believable, friendly, informative, optimistic, big, intelligent, dignified, and trustworthy.
Jane I
Direct-able, detailed, dependable. Vocal color: Warm, compassionate, professional, instructional, friendly and articulate and sincere.
Janet D
Native British girl, with a cut glass accent, quite husky, friendly, approachable sounding, can do cockney and variations of English accent too.
Janet M
I have a soothing, calm, sexy voice. The honest voice of your friend, confidant. Great with children's stories. Passionate and real.
Janna Renée K
From a quirky neighbor to a loving mother to a sophisticated educator, my clear and warm voice brings personality and charm to various VO projects.
Januel N
I am the warm, collegial friend who can speak honestly to you in a relaxed, soothing manner. "Takes direction well" is my middle name.
Jason A
Wide range from easy-going to authoritative without sounding overbearing. I can provide voices for commercial, narration, e-learning, corporate, etc.
Jason H
My voice is young, cool, and conversational, but can be edgy, sarcastic and raw. I can be guy-next-door, John Krasinski style or in-your-face cocky.
Jason K
I'm a cool, fun, yet approachable young guy who has the lowdown on a good time and the latest technology! Also earnest, sweet, and intelligent.
Jason S
There’s definitely a NYC edge to my voice which an be scaled up or down as needed. Really good at comedic timing and sounding relatable.
Jason Y
Jason can be high energy, laid back, wry & dry, warm & friendly, offbeat-cool, edgy/sarcastic, conversational, clear & authoritative, folksy
Jay N
I'm an everyday, normal guy with a bit of polish. My tenor/bass voice can move very easily from conversational to articulate documentarian.
Jean Ann D
My voice is luxurious, intelligent, and sophisticated. I can also sound professorial.
Jean B
The perfect voice for e-learning, product presentation and phone messaging. Knowledgable, warm authentic
Jean-Francois D
Very deep resident voice, urban and ethnic. couple of dialects, with a couple foreign accents. Veriety of Character voices and more to be explored.
Jeanne W
My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words.
Jed W
quirky, high sounding, perfect for cartoon / anime voices -little kid voices -young male voices -female voice
Jeff D
My voice can be described as friendly, intelligent, regular guy, trustworthy, smooth, calming. I can do the powerful truck commercial read and comedy
Jeff J
Friendly & Conversational • Real & Compassionate • Lively & Fun • Smooth & Professional
Jeffrey F
"An actor whose voice can run the gamut from a refined British narrator to a gritty storyteller, a neighborhood grocer, and everything in between."
Jeffrey W
I am an articulate, youthful-sounding explainer. Think of spots that need a friendly, easy-going vibe with a hint of passionate expertise.
Jen G
Mid-range voice, smooth, warm, friendly, articulate, intelligent, caring, empathetic, can be wry or sarcastic.
Jenia S
Upbeat, bubbly, joyful, energetic, dynamic, business-like, clear and serious. Relaxed, sexy.
Jennifer Y
Jennifer B
My natural delivery style is cute, neighborly, perky and personable. I sound most like a best friend, mom and sister.
Jenny K
Warm, friendly & smart. Good at conversational/intimate as well as authoritarian/professional. Great with technical jargon, can be very sexy.
Jeremy N
Natural, intellectual, incredibly dumb, soothing, inspiring, engaging, depending on what is needed.
Jerome R
I have what is known in the industry as God's voice. I am very versatile in the use of my voice to be able to cater to exactly what a script needs.
Jerry R
Known by brand and trademark: Warm Tone, Natural Finish
Jessica H
I have a neutral Australian accent (after spending years in the UK) - it's confident, assured and very articulate. I sound like I know stuff!
Jessica M
I can be the girl next door. I can sound educational. I've played many strong, stubborn characters and some seductive ones as well. I'm a chameleon!
Jill P
Articulate announcer with a soft edge. I educate and make the "tough to hear" palpable. Comforting. Trustworthy. Sultry.
Jim H
Jim S
Voice of calm assurance. Can accommodate from low and smooth to the guy next door. From promo to longer narrative, from sales pitch to educational.
Joan B
Youthful, energetic or conversational. Also alluring and classy. Need a kids book or videogame? Cartoonish, silly or dramatic styles available.
Joann D
Even though I am 45, my voice I believe at times can sound extremely young, even teenage range. I have been told I sound very feminine, calm, sweet
Jody O
Every man next door, Young to old with several regional dialogs with a mid-America base.
Joe C
30-plus year voice over Emmy Award winning veteran...smooth, authoritative, believable, trustworthy, powerful...a voice your audience can relate to.
Joe L
Warm, clear, articulate, confident and youthful but weathered sounding, so with a little texture and grit.
Joe M
I'm a clever professor, young, old good, evil, I'm the boss from HELL, I'm an evil villian with an evil laugh, and a TV Pastor like Joel Osteen.
Joe W
He's relaxed, warm, informative, authoritative, creative and hard sell if needed.
Joe W
I sound like I know what I'm talking about. Conversational or authoritarian style. Father. Friend. Manager/Leader. Trustworthy and confident.
Joel N
I have a young male, professional and friendly voice. Great for explainer videos and "nice guy" radio reads!
Joel W
Guy next door, friendly and warm. Can also be professional and informative. Can also sound younger and quirky.
Joell Ann J
I'm the girl next door, friendly and youthful, but wise and trustworthy. I'm easily wry, but professional and straightforward when needed.
Joey S
My voice has been described as relatable, warm, caring, professional, knowledgeable, witty, authoritative, and friendly.
John A
A regular guy; rich resonance. Professional, articulate, well traveled. Comfortable in many genres, from the boardroom to the local neighborhood.
John B
Natural character, quirky, your favorite wingman, the put upon dad, Mr Know It All, sometimes dry, think a young Harold Ramis, Ray Romano.
John C
Articulate and engaging with a warm voice while friendly, but can channel the deep baritone with a bit of gravel if necessary
John C
I'm the guy next door, relatable, believeable expert. Intelligent sounding.
John D
Trustworthy,believable, knowledgeable, interesting, authoritative, educated, mature, friendly, amusing
John D
I'm a fantastic mimic and can easily imitate in addition to voicing.
John E
smooth, easy listening, ranging very deep and low to as high a giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Movie trailer guy, run of the mill American male
John F
I am the friendly, approachable friend/co-worker/dad/neighbor. I've been told that I'm a bit quirky sounding. Also educational & character voices.
John H
I have a deep, resonate, folksy voice type; the trustworthy "guy next door". I can also narrate in the documentary or industrial style.
John L
My naturally clear speaking style is well suited for projects where sincerity, gravity, levity, or straightforwardness is required.
John P
I'm the trust worthy guy with a soothing voice. People relate to my caring attitude. Come across as your best buddy or pal.
Jon W
My voice is deep and inviting with a unique sound; this is what I am told y others. My voice is engaging, authoritative, and good for narration.
Jon O
I speak just a bit more formally and articulate than most, but can still provide an everyday conversation voice that's casual & relaxed.
Jonathan A
I am very upbeat and quirky, but I do have the ability to be caring and neighborly as well. Very articulate as well as funny.
Jonathan F
style is cool, current, friendly, real person sounding, trustworthy. Sound like a best friend.
Jonathan R
I offer an approachable, engaging, and informative sound. You might hear me in an e-learning production, podcast, or a corporate video.
Jonathan S
I'm the energetic, young, fun guy who will bring energy to your work! Very articulate and full of characters.
Jordan S
My voice is warm, dynamic, and conversational. Clients tell me that I sound trustworthy and friendly
Jordyn A
Cool Hip Girl, Warm, Edgy, Wry, Conversational, Professional, The Millenial Know It All, The Super Sarcastic One, The Corporate Boss, Reliable Friend
Jose G
I have a high degree of control over my voice when doing things that involve getting it to sound just right, within my range I can do a lot
Joseph A
Warm, Deep, Authoritative reader. Commanding presence. Very articulate.
Joseph M
My delivery style is believable, deep, easygoing, friendly, knowledgeable, informative, personable, and warm.
Joshua N
I have a neutral American English tone which can express many emotions form dry/sarcastic, to happy, to moody/angry. Articulate & professional sound
Joy P
I'm the teacher, neighbor, mom, who is articulate, fun, versatile and articulate. Educated but comforting to listen to.
João F
Deep voice work for e-learning, corporate films, audio-guides
Juan Carlos H
Spanish voice talent that has a warm, elegant, deep, sexy, fun, smooth,sweet,warm,confident,comical,guy next door voices, with a neutral accent.
Juan David M
Young, natural, friendly and conversational. I can also do a energetic announcer role and Educational reads.
Julia E
warm, friendly and natural
Julie W
Julie's voice is rich and lively, and she can speak with welcoming casualness or strike the perfect balance of precision without sounding stuffy.
Julie W
That typical "mom-next-door" kinda gal. Compassionate with a bit of sass and sarcasm. Young female, wife, mom.
Juliette G
Natural pitch is Alto - warm, sophisticated with a range for commercials, corporate and documentary narration International.
Julio R
Natural, Guy Next Door, Real Person, Youthful, Energetic, Passionate, Clear, Warm, Caring, Engaging, Friendly.
Justin M
I’m your neighbor who’s all business and smiles at work and also your really good friend who’s all about beer, board games and movies after work.
Kabir S
Young, Urban, College Sound, Conversational, Hip, Smart all with smile :)
Kamran K
"The Conversational Smart Guy Next Door" or "The Indian Announcer".
Kara N
True Brit from London! All London accents but specifically RP, queens english, newsreader - also happy girl, sexy cougar and intelligent narrator
Karen M
I'm quirky but can be sophisticated. I sound like a child, pre-teen, teen or girl next door, Jewish mother, country or like I'm underwater.
Karen A
Karen L
Real, dry, smart and funny for commercials; clear, clean and knowledgeable for narrations and educational/medical/corporate/tech.
Karen P
Smooth, sweet, engaging, warm, comforting, best friend, sassy, bright, instructional
Karie S
I sound young, friendly, and extremely bubbly!
Karyn O
I'm a bright cheery mom type, and can sound authoritative and knowledgeable, as well as snarky and sarcastic. I can have a sultry sound too.
Kasper K
Informative, compelling, commercial and never boring
Kate B
I'm your friend in-the-know next door, the smart one that you have fun with. Smooth and authoritative, but also candid and wry. Mid range pitch.
Kate F
highly distinctive voice with deep, warm, rich, elegant tone, intelligent, urbane, well-traveled, strong; wry sense of humor. Evokes Lauren Bacall.
Katie B
I'm your girl next-door, friendly and energetic, great voice for kids programming and corporate training. Can also sound relaxing and meditational.
Katie D
Instantly relatable, optimistic, and approachable. Very girl-next-door. Good actor and comedic timing. Has the millennial sound. Can hard-sell.
Katie K
Neutral accent, slight hint of sarcasm, medium voice inflection.
Katie M
Kay D
I have a genuine, friendly, warm, yet a bit husky female voice with a neutral or generic Midwestern accent. Middle-aged or senior voice.
Kaylin C
Warm, nurturing, educational, gravitas, friendly, - I do a lot of animation work, voicing a wide range of ages (kids to elderly).
Keisha M
When I speak people listen. I articulate my thoughts, and surprise listeners with my warmth and captivating tone and presence.
Keith A
Announcer, mature, low tone, conversational, mature, educational, compelling, powerful, friendly, upbeat, warm, medium tone, authoritative.
Keith H
authentic, believable, creative, guy next door, high energy, soft sell, hard sell, sincere, humorous, cool, hip, corporate, business like, relatable
Keith N
A dynamic range from compassionate to booming. Ultimately I'm an everyday guy, sincere and knowledgeable but can be authoritative but friendly.
Kellie R
Kellie Rizo is a voice talent that can range from cartoonish, sweet, girl-next-door, and fun; to serious, analytical, and professional.
Kelsey Lynn S
I'm the girl next door, with a slightly more mature, lower/husky voice. Think Jennifer Lawrence.
Kelsey W
Oily and orotund, professional and relatable. The unique female voice is perfect for television promotions, telephone applications, and narrating docs
Ken F
Medium Energy Voiceover: Confident - Conversational - Comforting Relax, I'm a professional: I work hard at being casual.
Kerry C
A young, fresh voice with a compelling and upbeat sound. The voice of education.
Keturah H
Warm, smooth, soothing, zen, articulate, storyteller, professional, fun, girl next door, commercial, documentary, dramatic, character, expressive
Kevin K
Khetia W
I'm motherly and nurturing, but can be authoritative.
Kieran P
guy next door, relable yet conversational delivery. I perform natural high energy and enthusiastic reads with smile to catch the listeners attention
Kimberly W
Bright. Quirky. Sassy. Funny. Broad. Conversational. Girl-Next-Door type... with a twist.
Kristen L
I'm the excitable young woman, but who can also be dry and sarcastic, seething even which leads to troubled young woman. Educational/professional also
Kristi B
Warm, conversational and confident are in my "wheelhouse." Easy to understand, intelligent and can switch on the sassy button with ease!
Kristin P
Happy, warm, personable everywoman with enthusiasm and lots of smile: Mom, best friend, encouraging teacher or trustworthy corporate trainer.
Kristina F
I'm the best friend, the fun teenager, or the young mom type. I'm also very kid friendly.
Krisztina K
I'm the easy-going yet honest best friend, who can seem wry and witty, but also sunny and supportive. I can also be quite sexy and sultry. Mmmm.
Kyle C
Natural Warm Friendly Edgy Soulful Urban Deep Bold Authoritative African American
Kyle S
New York area talent with the everyman voice. "The Guy Next Door." Conversational, trustworthy, soothing, friendly, authentic, playful or sarcastic.
Laila B
I'm the cool, funny girl next door, known for educational corporate spots, resonant and warm e-learning projects, and strong animated characters.
Lamarr G
"That Dude"! "The guy down the street". Your "COOL, funny neighbor". A good, caring friend, who likes sharing good advice.
Lamonte S
You'll find my warm voice articulate, loosely precise and effortless to understand.
Lampros L
I am a bit of a scholar, and can sound like one quite readily. I also have a decent announcer voice, as well as a more conversational voice.
Lance D
Energetic • Educational • Professional • Articulate • Sincere • Authoritative • Friendly • Familiar • Trustworthy • Warm • Informative • Sarcastic
Landon M
Warm, intelligent, humorous and heartfelt voice-over for commercials, animation, video games and audiobooks!
Larry P
Friendly and welcoming,strong in narration,straightforward and educational. I have a very good Joker impersonation from The Dark Knight.
Laura A
I have a friendly, articulate delivery and specialize in e-learning and narration.
Laura A
Warm, personable, unaffected tone. Can go from serious to playful.
Laura B
My voice is young, close and sweet, I can be sexy. I can do voices of children of different ages and cartoons. Also, I cand do news tone.
Laura J
Great comedic timing and very expressive but also a no nonsense side. Romance, thriller, YA and literary fiction are my specialties.
Laura M
Warm and reassuring, friendly and confident describe my voice. I am articulate and educated, authoritative and trustworthy.
Laure Z
I can go from the affirmed woman, with a bit of sexyness, to a more quirky sounding, funny and outgoing, or to a kid, or cartoon voice a la stitch
Lauren C
I have a friendly, child-like voice that is very sweet and inviting and am very articulate. My voice ranges from a child, to preteen and adult voices.
Leah W
Friendly, energetic, smooth, full of warmth and charm! The voice of your best friend, sister, or favorite teacher!
Lenny D
Warm, affectionate, smooth, friendly and loving.
Leo L
My voice is often described as authoritative, warm, and clear, Perfect for commercials, eLearning, IVR, narration, security announcements and so on.
Lesley R
natural, warm and friendly neighbor with techno smarts
Lidia P
I am a nurturing voice, educational, confident; a character actor, funny and smart. I can handle technical and medical language well.
Lidiya B
I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well.
Lillie R
Girl next door, best friend, mom, sister and teacher. Bright, educational, expressive, friendly, personable and trustworthy.
Linda J
My voice has been described as 'smooth, classy and precise'
Lisa A
At first listen I am smooth, with a smile,bordering on perky. Keep listening-authoritative,warm,and clean.
Lisa F
I'm the cheerful mom, supportive best friend, expressive and informative teacher, and the friendly neighbor. Articulate too!