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Alan Bomar J
Bass to Baritone voice. James Earl Jones range and quality. Theatrically trained voice with commanding power or romantic edge. Dramatic or comedy.
Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Albert H
Warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door, can also deliver the intelligent industrial corporate voice. Also lots of great character voices.
Aleksander G
I will provide a strong, warm, personable, dynamic voice over for your project needs. I am happy to provide this within a one-day turnaround.
Alicia M
My voice is raspy, persuasive, soothing and very articulate.
Allyson J
My voice is crystal clear and authoritative, with a slightly raspy tone. It is decidedly feminine, yet has the weight of an old-fashioned announcer.
Alyson Leigh R
I'm a youthful, girl-next-door with a funny, quirky twist. I can sound articulate and smooth or effervescent and peppy.
Alyson S
teenager to a woman in her 40's.Warm sexy,smooth,hot,hip,retail, sultry,raspy,professional,fun,girl next door
Ami K
I can be quirky, silly, and animated. I can also do imitations and accents and have tenor singing voice. My natural voice is young 18 - late 20's
Amoretta C
My voice is low in tone and can be either rough and raspy, deep and sensual, or matter-of-fact.
Amr E
Rich, strong, authoritative, confident, assuring, kind
Andrew H
Bright, Real, Relatable, Guy Next Door Dad Type to Rugged, Tough and Ballsy. Commercial, Promo, Affiliate
Andrew W
My voice can range from many characters. This is my animation demo showcasing my talent. I can do more though that is not on my demo.
Anna G
conversational, slightly raspy , quirky, sultry. upbeat, seductive, poetry read, hip, authentic, real, wry, educational, upbeat, trustworthy, natural,
Anne T
Conversational, sultry, texture, wry, edgy, upbeat, warm, perfect for radio, sexy reads, telephone applications
Antonio C
Straightforward,deep,warm and very but very versatile ,can be like educational to sexy and funny per say
Antwone M
My voice spans deep movie trailer voices to cute and cuddly cartoon unicorns. I can narrate informative shows and soft sale with natural trust.
Ashton Z
I am able to perform a variation of different voices, accents, noises/sounds. I have a youthful sounding voice with a gravitas undertone
Aylam O
I have a low, authoritative voice, high-energy and intense, but also warm and comforting. I specialize in various, often over the top, characters!
Ayrian G
My voice is described as warm, friendly compassionate, personal, professional, fun, playful, & sassy. I am the typical girl next door.
Bill C
Smooth, baratone, trusting, conversational, articulate.
Bob J
My voice is a Jeff Bridges meets Tom Hanks.
Bree W
A youthful lower toned feminine voice with a touch of rasp, that can vacillate between intimately soothing and energetically spunky.
Brenton S
I have an approachable, friendly, believable voice, and I have a wide range of fun character voices too. I'm very versatile!
Brian G
A rich baritone, or a raspy old coot. A mid range tenor. Sophisticated or country.
Brian M
A range from 15-35 in age, naturalistic and pressed variations.
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Carl A
I'm the guy with the deep, commanding but calm voice and very articulate. Good narration voice that can also shift to a more whimsical tone.
Carrie K
I am the ultimate girl next door! I have a confident and reliable voice which people can relate to.
Cenophia M
Wide voice range from cool confidence to animated high energy - from very youthful to adult. Slightly raspy or straight. Natural, sassy, or humorous.
Charlie P
"Eco-Friendly Cool for the Modern World". My voice has been described as Friendly, Authentic and Conversational to Straightforward and Smart.
Chas S
I'm a young guy that can sound peppy but also educational. I can also be dramatic and do very well with cartoonish villain voices.
Chris H
The first demo is a demo of a movie monologue i got demos of trailer! and i got a demo of impressions.
Chris R
I am a baritone, with a comedic background, some singing skills, with years of local theater and voice training. Perfect for narration and more.
Christian L
Naturaly a warm confident voice, but i am quite diverse when voicing cartoons and games!
Christian T
My vocal wheelhouse is a calm, comforting & strong, perfect for anything hospital, pharma, food, cars, food. I have also perfected the vocal fry read.
Christine H
I have the "girl next door", "wise friend", or "classy and cool" voice. Commercials are my favorite but educational & wacky characters are welcome!
Christine P
I have a warm, distinctive voice - perfect for strong or sensual roles; intelligent and articulate. Great at boy voices.
Christopher Z
I am naturally dynamic adding enthusiasm and a variety of colors to delivery. Other attributes are cool, animated, friendly, generation-x and quirky.
Clay H
Connor Q
Conversational to full blown retro announcer, my wheel house is pretty big. I do character voices very well,
Constantine M
Dynamic Range; Versatile; I can do almost any accent and have a wide array of characters. I can be conversational or wacky.
Curt F
Cyd V
versatile warm deep sensual luxurious smooth articulate trustworthy corporate conversational friendly professional compassionate calm motherly
Sultry,low, or soft. caring with a bit of raspy, conversational. Also can do hard sell and educational, informational.
Dan F
From hip, edgy, youthful and energetic to laid-back, cool and conversational Dan has a sound and style that delivers.
Dan S
Resonant, deep & melifluous, educational, informative, enthusiastic & "salesy", straightforward, honest. Dramatic acting ability (video game).
Dane E
I'm a sincere storyteller with a wide vocal range. I can do young or old. Comedy as well as drama. Audiobooks, games, V/O. I love character voices.
Daniel G
My voice is deep yet smooth and authoritative. I can deliver natural reads, soft sell, and hard sells for any type of project.
Daniel L
My voice range includes quirky, commanding, elderly, evil, eccentric, foreign, casual and more! Age wise, I can perform 15-80!
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Dave T
Deep resonating voice , confident and conversational. Flexible and authentic
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
David L
My base voice is full, and resonant. tBut I can go two octaves and changing ages, species, or just being, a wacky fun character.
David S
Deep, rich instrument, convincing age range of 30 through senior from warm, luxurious, authoritative, even funny. My characters are real.
Dawn S
Girl next door to professional corporate voice over
Dennis C. J
From Sam Elliot to Heimerdinger. A rich baritone narrator. Superior rhythm, tone, range, interpretation. The basso profoundo wrath of a god.
Dmitriy R
Voice Description: Warm and deep, colorful and dynamic, bright and energetic, authoritative and powerful, conversational and tender, sexy smooth.
Donato O
I have a booming voice for video games, sports,narration and action type pieces.
Dude W
I can range from conversational to boomy and scary. But mostly comfortable. And you'll feel comfortable using me for your clients and their projects.
Eduardo M
Elissa K
• Warm, conversational, friendly • Straight talking, genuine, powerful • Cool, sassy, raspy • Wry, sarcastic, humorous • Sexy, smooth, sultry
Elizabeth P
My voice can range from a child to middle-aged mother of 3. I have a versatile voice that can adjust to many different character types.
Elizabeth S
I have a mature, alto range voice. I can sound tough as nails or soft and soothing. I can be a child, the kindly woman next door or the evil queen.
Emily O
Emily has a warm, earnest natural sound. She can move from sweet and bright to sassy and dynamic. Articulate and no problem with difficult copy.
Emma L
I am the fresh and believable voice of the girl next door. I am witty, confident, and rich sounding with a touch of rasp.
Erica S
I have an articulate and very clear, warm, motherly voice that gives comfort and makes people feel safe and loved.
Ethan G
I have a youthful, friendly, expressive, and upbeat sounding voice. I'm also naturally dynamic so I can add a lot of color and variety to my takes.
Frances F
My voice is warm, clear and friendly. I have a natural southern accent but can sound neutral with a professional caring sound with a bit of smoke.
Gabor B
deep, masculine, high-energy, smooth, friendly, corporate, -best for any project.:)
Garrett L
Deep, gravely, authoritative, smooth, multifaceted. I can perform educational, personal, conversational, deliveries all with ease
Gaynor K
I am that corporate professional who explains things well, with an engaging British accent, but also that warm, calming voice for the hurting.
Genevieve H
Genevieve has been a pro voice actor for 16 years. Her voice is warm, textured, raspy, sincere, trustworthy, fun, wry, comedic, dramatic, hip, sexy.
Geoffrey K
Speaking voice very warm and deep. Large range: proper, pingy/ nasal, urban, grungy, light, falsetto, "commercial", "character driven voices".
Geordie M
Friendly, firm, authoritative and even lighthearted.
Greg T
A deep, warm voice that sounds believable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I naturally convey a feeling of intelligence, wisdom and authority.
Griffin S
I'm the versatile actor who can sound like a child, old man, monster, robot, psychopath, an old Wizard, a charming yet goofy superhero,
Halley D
I've got a cast of thousands in me; little girls, super heroes, young boys, harridans, monsters, you name it. Equally skilled at comedy and drama.
Hayley W
My voice is bubbly, friendly, and perky. Very youthful and engaging towards kids.
Heather G
Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.
Hieu T
I can do voice over for game trailer, movie trailer. audio book.
Ian C
I am extremely versatile and can do the calm, gentle , almost hypnotic to the over-excited hero. My speciality is tone variety and accents,
India E
I am the smooth sultry, articulate, with a bit of southern bell, playful and quirky.
Issa L
Girl Next Door Sound, Smart, Sexy, Warm, No Accent, Slight Accent, Hard Edge, Versatile,Romantic,Soft, Sincere.
Jackie R
I'm the sultry or soothing voice who can also do the authoritative mom!
James B
I have a fairly deep voice with a bit of grit/rasp but can clean it up if need be. range from a surfer dude to a sports commentator
James C
Deep resonant voice which suits strong male characters or villains. Variety of accents and characters.
James M
I am that deep, powerful trailer or TV-Promo voice, gravelly and gritty. Articulate and professional sounding for corporate narration or e-Learning
Jared S
Well-rounded voice. Can have a young, honest voice, or older, more cynical voice; Also soft-spoken, loud/bombastic, preppy/proper, goofy, serious.
Jason P
My natural voice is a lower register yet silky Bari/Bass, but my character work can span nearly any type of voice needed.
Jay G
I have a gritty voice that can also translate into a cute "muppet" sound.
Jean-Marc B
Jeanne I
I am the young raspy character voice with a cool but a quirky edge. Also can sound educational and informative!
Jeanne W
My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words.
Jeff C
From deep and authoritative to calm and soothing. High energy, hard sell.
Jeff D
Friendly smooth baritone that's great for radio, narration, and a few characters with great comedic timing.
Jennifer Y
Jerry P
From the Guy next door, to a blue collar worker to a more sophisticated and intimate sound. From Fun to serious to sarcastic.
Jerry T
That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.
Jesse R
Evil, Demon, Deep, Strange, Creature like, Alien, Animal, Devil, raspy and Sexy.
John C
I fit many of the specs today's copy calls for: Conversational, regular guy/ everyman, friendly, energetic, trustworthy and knowledgable.
John L
I have a cavalcade of eclectic voices, as well as a pretty decent straight-read. Definitely articulate. Can be fun or dour.
John T
John has a rich, warm, commanding, smooth, conversational, distinctive, trustworthy, corporate, authoritative, and believable voice.
Jon S
Jonathan M
Character voices are my primary. Upbeat, positive high-pitched/fairy, deep/demonic, insane/mad scientist. Dramatic or comedic! Gaming/Animation VO's!
Jordan Claire M
Young American voice ranging from bubbly and conversational to direct and corporate. Also character voices with a light touch and a sense of humour.
Julia W
Vibrant, with a bit of rasp, I am most often cast as your hip, in-the-know gal. CDs frequently remark that I sound smart while remaining casual/warm.
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Julie H
I've got a pretty neutral voice good for YA, though I can toughen up for sci-fi or soften down for romance - including British Regency romance.
Justin A
I'm anywhere from the "guy next door", to the warm & articulate car commercial V/O. My favorite is my deep & raw "Don Lafontaine"-type voice.
Justin A
I like being creative.I can voice normal people if needed, but my voice is best utilized in fantasy/gaming projects.I exemplify this through my demo.
Jym D
I have a deep, resonate voice. When I put my mind to it, I sound like the Worf character from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Keith H
While I can offer many voices, my natural voice is considered kind, friendly, enthusiastic, authoritative without being intimidating.
Keith H
authentic, believable, creative, guy next door, high energy, soft sell, hard sell, sincere, humorous, cool, hip, corporate, business like, relatable
Kely C
I’m the warm, conversational best friend and mom and also corporate eLearning educator.
Kenny W
Deep voice,rugged,blue collar. I can also do a New York accent.
Kevin D
I can produce about any sort of vocal style wanted from quirky to very sophisticated. In current position, I speak as if from Bristol, England.
Kim M
I'm best as young boys/men, somewhere between 12-25, a bit arrogant, super articulate. Can be way over the top to neutral, as well as educational.
Kimberly D
My voice is medium ranged and raspy. Because of this, I normally get asked to play the tomboy.
Kira B
Great at child and teen voices - cute, perky, bubbly - but also able to do mature and sophisticated narration, girl-next-door/conversational, etc.
Kris C
I'm typically the friendly guy-next-door, but also have a range of different character voices. I can also be authoritative or educational.
Kristen M
I have a warm, friendly voice with a faint rasp. I can be convincing, sultry, fun, instructive. Can speak to a wide range of age groups.
Kristi M
Gen-X, Girl Next Door, Sultry to Serious, Gravitos, Friendly, quirky, upbeat and a little bit of rasp!
Kyle C
Natural Warm Friendly Edgy Soulful Urban Deep Bold Authoritative African American
Kyle M
Friendly, raspy, deep, crisp ,voice!
Laci M
I'm the sweet but spunky girl next door, who can morph into a young child, snotty teen, hip friend, warm mom, or articulate professional.
Lance D
Energetic • Educational • Professional • Articulate • Sincere • Authoritative • Friendly • Familiar • Trustworthy • Warm • Informative • Sarcastic
Larry H
Masculine, Middle aged, Resonant, Baritone/Bass, Textured
Lidiya B
I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well.
Lin G
My voice is sultry, confident and warm...dripping with evil or quirky, original and humorous (and it sells things :)
Linda J
My voice has been described as 'smooth, classy and precise'
Lisa C
Background is in story telling for fantasy/horror and kids genres using character voices.
Loren G
I have the girl next door voice as well as be a baby or a young boy. My voice is very animated when needs to be.
Luis Alberto C
I am a graduate in journalism hyper creative and demanding with the quality and originality of my vo jobs, with a very personal style and deep voice
Mallory R
I have a pretty young sounding voice which is relatively low and raspy. It has been described as having somewhat of an angsty teenage tone to it.
Manny E
Range of youthful heroic to alien monster voices.
Marco d
Margarita D
Classical Pianist, Sexy model. Wonder woman of all trades.. My voice is Clear, Sexy, Sensual, Proper, Professional, Soothing Sweet, Kind and Unique.
Marissa L
My voice inhabits a sliding scale between upbeat and relatable quirky millennial to down-to-earth and motherly, depending on pitch. No clear accent.
Mark E
Confident and authoritative, or down to earth with a "blue collar" sound.
Mark G
I can do just about anything as a former Nurse for Med narration to Character voices for Animation. My range can't be explained in 150 characters:)
Mark H
My normal voice is articulate, educational yet fun. I can change it to sound dark and menacing, light and jovial, older or apply an accent as needed.
Mark L
I have a deep, 'bass-y' voice and can sound authoritative and professional yet warm and friendly. I can sound educational and articulate as well.
Matthew P
Three octives Variety of Volumes Salesman qualities Honest and charming Character Voices Fun and cartoonish Narrative Vocal Mimic
Matthew W
Character -- smooth, raspy, wacky, southern, fun, kooky Narration/Commercial -- friendly, conversational, guy next door
Maura F
I have a kind, warm voice. Raspy and unique. Kids love my voice.
Melissa H
Michael C
I specialize in celebrity and political impressions and character voices.
Michael P
There aren't really enough adjectives. I guess my regular voice sounds kind of "guy next door" in a way.
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Mike C
Paternal, bass sonority. Articulate, educational, excellent with documentary narration style and audiobooks.
Mike D
My primary articulation is deep and baritone but I can impersonate many different styles, tones and accents.
Mike F
site: http://foxfamily232.wix.com/mikefox YouTube: (Yoda, Joker / Batman, Optimus Prime, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Rod Serling) http://youtu.be/-UVl1jf6fv
Mike W
I have a Buddy, Dad, or Everyman sound with a delivery style that is believable, easygoing, and a bit raspy. I am well versed with technical terms.
Moe R
Rockin' edgy voice that can be velvety smooth, or upbeat and fun.
Monica O
My voice is casual, conversational and friendly. A raspy quality that can sound older or younger.
Monica A
I have a lot of range in my voice. I can sound like a comforting friend, or a funny cartoon character, or an enthusiastic commentator.
From girl next door or soccer mom to smooth & easy going, I can be sweet & sultry, informative & friendly, warm & compassionate, or fresh & bright.
Nancy L
Versatile voice - warm, sophisticated, articulate,engaging... rich texture. Authoritative, witty and wry. Trustworthy, savvy, authentic. Storyteller
Nic C
I am an articulate midwestern performer with a medium to low vocal delivery range: Confident, friendly, sincerely, casual, authoritative, trailer.
Nicholas (Nick) V
I have the "boy next door" kind of voice.
Nicolai G
My voice is fairly low for an 20 year old, but I can be flexible. I can sound both young and old. I do well using friendly and announcer type voices.
Nicole Q
warm, quirky, straightforward. I have thousands of characters inside me waiting for a chance to be heard.
Nils N
I'm the experienced uncle, clear and precise in what i say, but still fun to sit around and listen to speak.
Noni L
Noni's voice offers warmth and a mellifluous Celtic lilt. Playful character reads, engaging and informative corp/com reads. Fluent Welsh Speaker.
Ovais M
Authentic, powerful voice that's extremely versatile and has excellent range. Movie trailer style or guy next door, I can do both in English/Hindi!!
Paul I
I can do a wide variety of voices, from low and bellowing to high and squeaking. Anything that involves screaming, I'm especially comfortable with.
Pete S
I have a rich voice that can be adapted to either the friendly neighbor, the helpful teacher, the strict drill sergeant and everything in between.
Peter H
My voice is calming, corporate, expressive, neighborly, trustworthy and warm. My delivery style is that of an everyman, grandpa and story teller.
Phil W
Authoritative, yet warm, textured voice, ranging from whisper soft to stadium p.a. strong...smooth, friendly, comforting tone and delivery
Posy B
My voice is current, young, warm, natural, upbeat, fresh, sassy and commercial. From kids to husky female adult. A true Voice Actor
Intelligent & strong sounding English accent with a hint of Yorkshire that can be commanding, sinister or sophisticated. Insanity & aliens a specialty
Rafael J
I'm very good at doing deep, gravely voices. Very suited for jobs requiring authoritative "trailer voice" types.
Randy L
I have a smooth baritone and a natural acting ability that gives me a range of voice tones from warm and friendly to uninhibited and resonant.
Ray O
I can have a deep, gruff voice, evil (Great evil laugh lol), mostly older/deep voiced males.
Rick L
Americana... rich, deep, warm, earthy, raspy or smooth, rural, story-telling, natural, real, conversational, manly, rugged
Rider V
The "tough guy with a heart." My voice range is low to medium, masculine, commanding & edgy, bold yet not too in your face and raspy if necessary.
Robin R
My natural voice is smoky and sultry with a wry tone, though I'm often cast for my warmth. Add impeccable comic timing, and that's Very Robin Reed.
Ronald D
My voice is seasoned with a smooth touch. It is very masculine and hypnotic. I do not sound pretentious or over stated.
Ronaldo S
I'm a true baritone. I play the Hero, the Newsman, God. I'm also very comfortable with pitch changes to create characters of various ages.
Roshmin M
I have a deep baritone with gravitas for commercials, trailers and narration - can easily adapt to e learning and corporate straight tone too.
Ryan H
The Articulate 20 something! Capable of a smooth dark tone or upper register. Cartoon-y OR serious, your choice!
Voice Over: Clear. Audible. Professional. Compelling. Midwestern. Voice Actor / Talent: Wide Range. Original characters. Impersonations. Animation.
Sarah V
Female voice talent with broad range of character voices. Popular for Phone IVR and Corporate Videos and children's character voices and singing
Silvana C
My natural voice is relaxed and charmingly sarcastic. I can also sound flirty and sweet girl-next-door.
Starr C
My voice is a strong Rock Singer's, with smoky, sexy-low, light-growl. Also strong, leader-command.
Stefan Ashton F
I am hard sell, soft sell, no sell, friendly, scary,carbon-neutral-ish, comedic, friendly, natural, wry, dry, believable,deep,versatile, re-useable
Stephen M
Great voice! Gives tons of energy and thought into the character he is playing. He is also easy to work with.
Steve F
Deep, narrator-type voice, but use inflection as needed/directed to increase my range.
Steve S
My vocal range would be 35 to 45 with an expressive, friendly, soothing delivery style
Susie V
Husky, characterful and melodious with a soft exotic flavour. Native neutral Brazilian, perfect international Neutral English & flawless sight-reading
Taher C
Anti-Hero / Antagonistic / Street / Sketchy / Raspy / Urban; Many world accents / studied professionally.
Tara V
Singnature sound is sexy/sultry. But I love doing characters! Also enjoy projects that allow my goofy-cool chick personality to shine.
Tara W
I have a warm and rich voice that sounds thoughtful, caring, honest and informative. Can also sound sexy/sultry, edgy/sassy or professional.
Teresa L
I'm the warm, friendly, quirky mom voice. I'm the old school Jersey girl. I'm the retired Boca Raton senior citizen. I'm the Brazilian yoga instructor
Thomas B
Thomas R
My voice swaps from very smooth, warm and friendly, to gravelly or authoritative when necessary. Whatever the project calls for, it's always ready.
Thomas T
My natural voice is very intelligent, but inviting. I am also great at wacky, boysterous characters as well.
Tom D
Preferred Communicator - Subtle Nuance,Intense Delivery, Expressive Narration, Convincing Spots, Powerful Imaging, R/TV Promos, Comedic Characters.
Tony W
Wide and distinctive vocal range that stands out in a crowd, deep and dark for trailers or uptempo and lively, fun sounding.
Van P
Engaging, Deep, Authoritative, Confident, DI style, Believable, Inviting,Warm, Friendly I am very friendly conversational guy who articulates well.
Victoria M
I am extremely articulate and natural sounding with no regional accent. Friendly, real, sassy, husky, raspy, luxurious, sexy, creepy.
Wayne S
NIce friendly tone.....all the way to edgy millennial...hipster.....conservative.....authoritative. I can do it all!
Yasser S
I can do many accents of people of different ethnicity. I was exposed to many different people in my life and respect all of them they accept me too.
benjamin g
A warming deep voice that comforts you on a nights evening, intriguing you with its educational sound, but giving you butterfly's from the delivery.
rory l
versitile in range from 7-22 exceptional at character work and exciting