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Alfred G. called 'Fred' B
Adam T
Adam's vocal style is believable, big, guy next door/dad, charming, clear, deep, dynamic, easygoing yet authoritative, smooth, trustworthy and warm.
Adam B
I'm the guy who's perpetually stopped and asked if I'm on the radio? My voice is deep, warm and soothing. It's attention grabbing and trustworthy.
Adam S
Commanding and educational, yet warm and playful with a big deep resonance that carries great diction. Oh, and sometimes funny.
Addie H
I'm a millennial girl, with a happy, bubbly sounding voice and tends to speak quickly. Can sound older than is.
Alan S
Dynamic range - from conversational and compassionate, to cool and wry, to energetic and announcer, to sturdy and authoritative.
Alice L
Smooth, feminine and energetic voice. I usually narrate romantic books. Very good with commercials and with character voices, can do children.
Allen E
Amy F
A rich and chocolaty voice, extremely expressive and full of energy that can soothe and lull you into a hypnotic state and is extremely compelling.
Amy T
Professional, Helpful, Caring, Nurturing, Comforting, Kind, Sophisticated, Friendly, Sultry, Clear, Bilingual, Spanish, Latina, Hispanic.
Ana Maria T
Narrations: silky, caring, vigorous Commercials: high energy, trendy, motherly sound, sweet Presentations: smooth, announcer Dialogues: acting
Andre G
I have an array of voice feels, from kids tv fun and playful, to urban hype and hip hop, but can calm it down with a cooperate feel or romantic smooth
Andrew (Jack) K
My voice is often described as educated, articulate, and authoritative.
Andrew W
My voice can range from many characters. This is my animation demo showcasing my talent. I can do more though that is not on my demo.
Ann L
I have a warm, bubbly, energetic, animated, girl next door voice. My voice is fun and strong. Animation, character and video game voices as well.
Anthony P
My voice can range from the friendly neighborly guy, educational, enthusiastic, know it all New yorker, old school announcer, funny and quirky voice
Anthony A
I'm the guy with the deep, resonate voice. A gentleman with a sophisticated masculine sound. Can also be the New Yorker with Italian roots.
Anthony P
conversational - friendly guy next door- can sound educational
Anthony S
My voice is reassuring and credible. My pronunciation is articulate and relaxed, with the sound of an everyman, a story teller, a news anchor.
April S
My Delivery is strong and to the point. I use voice inflections to attract the ear.
Arjan B
I'm your virtual salesman, anchorman and educator. Upbeat and enthusiast, neutral and wise. You choose, I'll perform!
Arthur Gregory P
My voice has been described as warm and personable, very smooth and down to earth.
Benjamin P
I am either the creepy villain, a hero or the quirky side character. I can be brave, heroic, funny and well educated yet eccentric at times.
Benjamin R
I am the voice of authority, sarcasm, humor, edge and wit. Not because you're paying me to be, but because I am that voice.
Bill L
Friendly, authoritative, convincing, or reassuring...sweet spot is the "guy next door." Strong improv skills = rich video game/audiobook characters.
Billy B
a distinctive voice that hopefully everyone will recognize when they hear it.
Bob M
I offer a convincing, comforting, yet dynamic voice to fit a broad spectrum of scenarios. Mainly, an honest, confidential tone that invites trust.
Bob D
Warm, articulate and friendly.
Bob J
My voice is a Jeff Bridges meets Tom Hanks.
Bob P
My voice is deep,warm,soothing, mature, neighborly, persuasive, authoritative, caring, and some have called it wise. I can punch it up or down.
Brett G
Deep voice, perfect for announcer and promo spots. My style is great for epic commercials and movie trailers as well as engaging narration.
Brian B
I'm a young, high energy everyman type. I can play the straight man or the crazy one.
Brittanie V
I'm a relatable, intelligent sounding female with a full tone and optional sexiness/husk.
Brooks E
Bruce K
Deep, warm, mature, intelligent, trusted, distinguished, authoritative, gravitas, musical, ironic, grandfather, folksy
Caitlin O
My voice: cultured, sensual, strong & dynamic, diction is excellent. Also: educated, sassy, friendly,soothing, sexy,ditsy girl next door.
Carol M
I'm mostly hired for the deep, smooth, warm, and strong copy. I also get hired a lot to do the intelligent, clear, trustworthy reads.
Catherine W
I am expressive, witty, conversational, clear and articulate. I can also invoke an endearing and magical quality perfect for young listeners.
Chion W
warm, expressive, friendly, sisterly, witty, outdoorsy, confident, energetic, inquisitive, innocent, sexy, earnest.
Chris J
Voice styles include - friendly millennial, formal educator, lower-register announcer, salesman, historian, wacky comic, trusted parent.
Chris S
I'm a natural baritone, and can do a range of general voice impersonations. Authoritative, educational, plain speak.
Christopher K
I'm the cool & friendly- yet articulate- guy that lives next door. Can also sound technical, but in a "business casual" sort of way.
Christopher F
I have a dynamic voice and I take direction well. I can go from "early 30's neighbor" to "CEO of a start-up" to "mad scientist" on a dime.
Christopher F
Able to read well and with a strong, booming voice or soft friendly voice. Neighborly and articulate. Warm and friendly.
Christopher W
I'm the announcer guy, with high energy and great articulation. Also educational, and can play characters.
Chuck D
I am most often cast in real, straight forward, 30's to 50's roles...with a wry edge, a wink. Also harder sell reads for automotive and toy spots.
Chuck S
I can sound like a dad type and am very articulate. Can sound educational and informative. Can be quirky and humorous.
Clara d
Im the sweet professional voice. Can also be used for book fvoice overs, advertisements, company recordings and cartoons. Can be sweet, professional,
ahmed o
my sound is rough , I can configure it accroding to project
carmen c
Can sound emotional, educational, neutral , dramatic, enticing