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May 8, 2013

by edgeadmin

On Thursday, May 16 from 10am-5pm, Edge Studio will exhibit at the Small Business Expo. This event is being held at Pier 92, 711 12th Avenue (at 52nd Street) in New York City. Now, you may be asking yourself, “why would I want to attend the small business expo…?”

Well, the answer is simple. Where else can you be surrounded by hundreds of great exhibitors who may need voice over services? Or network with other small businesses and build connections?

This event brings together thousands of business owners & decision makers seeking new products, services, and innovations to help their businesses grow. Business owners can experience live demonstrations of new products and services on the show floor while networking with like-minded owners & senior level management in an exciting and fun environment that will pay dividends back at the office.

You will also have access to unique speed networking events, workshops, seminars, speakers, and more! We at Edge Studio are exciting to be a part of it and hope you will come visit our booth (#341!)

Click here for more information about our production department: http://www.edgestudio.com/production

RSVP for the largest Business to Business networking event of the year - IT'S FREE!

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March 11, 2013

by edgeadmin

Working in different languages

Working with voice actors in different languages can be incredibly exciting. It is a nice change of pace to hear the cadence of a language other than your own while recording a project. That said, you’ve really got to be on your toes.

Just because you don’t understand the language, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention. In fact, you need to pay twice as much attention to the project if you want to produce an excellent voice over in a foreign language.

When translating the script from one language to another, the speaking time may not have a 1:1 ratio. Here is an example: it takes approximately 25% longer to say the same thing in Spanish as it does in English.

What to do when ratios are not 1:1

So when we translate a 60 second English radio commercial into Spanish, we end up with a 75 second long script, which obviously does not work. It must either be shortened or read significantly faster.

Here is another example: While an American dinosaur may give a three second "Rooooaaarrrr", Korean dinosaurs have to say all of "Uh reuh wrong!" in order to express the exact same sentiments. It takes about five to six seconds to say "Uhhh Reuhhhh Wronnnngg."

This can throw a wrench (or some other prehistoric tool) into a VO session pretty quickly.

An example

We recently worked on a fun Korean language commercial. The voice actor was excellent. The client sent over the English version of the commercial as a reference and it was spunky and clever. We were all excited to record.

The session went smoothly, and the client loved the voice actor’s delivery. He conveyed just the right tone and was such a pleasure to work with. We delivered the audio and closed out the project.

Read the rest of Voice Over Translations -- Do you have a 1:1 Ratio?.. . .

February 8, 2013

by edgeadmin

We see projects of all shapes, sizes, and languages come through Edge Studio. We regularly facilitate translation, adaptation, and dubbing of Foreign Language Voice Over for a variety of clients, for use in everything from video games to internet audio, in just about every language imaginable, from Berber to Beijing Mandarin.


One of our favorites? Travel Zoo! Edge Studio regularly supplies Foreign Language Telephony prompts for Travel Zoo’s International Phone System in Catalan (Spanish,) German, and French. This year, we’ve completed updates to their current system for 2013, and are in the process of recording additional Spanish prompts to round out their current system.


One of the most important aspects of these updates is consistency. Each prompt needs to sound like all of the others, regardless of when it was recorded. We carefully monitor each new recording against the others to ensure this consistency, and the result is a cohesive body of prompts that Travel Zoo’s customers can enjoy listening to when they phone in for customer service.

Does your phone system need updating for 2013? We’re happy to help, whatever the language! Please email production@edgestudio.com to learn more about our Telephony Services.

To hear samples of the Travel Zoo Telephony Prompts, click here and scroll down.


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January 30, 2013

by edgeadmin

The creative director and/or creative team does. This could be the producer, the copywriter, the client…anyone who is in charge of the production.

The creative team maintains a library of voice over demos. When they need to hire a voice over artist, they search their library to find the appropriate voice. It‘s advantageous for them to have a large library, as this allows them to be more specific when choosing a voice over artist.

Often, the creative team will give a third party the responsibility of choosing the voice over artist. The third party could be a casting director, talent agency, recording studio, or anyone else who maintains a voice over library.

In this case, the creative team will furnish the third party a list of required voice characteristics. The third party will then search through their library of demos, find a few voices that closely fit the description, and give those demos to the creative team to make the final choice.

Once a good rapport is established between the creative team and third party, the creative team may allow the third party to choose the final voice.

It is estimated that creative teams will play a voice over artist‘s demo 20 times for each time that it is chosen. The voice over artist is unaware when their demo is being played.

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January 3, 2013

by edgeadmin

Happy New Year, Fabulous Talent!

You’ve worked hard in 2012 to build your voice over brand and secure new clients, and you likely want to take your hard work one step further in 2013. What to do? Where to spend your valuable marketing time? Have no fear! Edge Studio’s Production Department is here! In the first and second quarters of the new year, new budgets are generated, new projects are approved, and client’s will be looking for new voices to brand their 2013 initiatives. This means Casting Directors, Agencies, and Production Houses will be looking for new talent to round out their rosters. Make a good first impression with these valuable folks, and your new year of Voice Over recording will be off to a solid start.

Everyone in the business wants to get their foot in the door with a voice over casting director. You want the people who cast you to know your name and to be familiar with your work. But there is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. Do it the right way, and you can create a great relationship that can generate a lot of work from that Casting Director, and provide recommendations to other networking opportunities as well.

Where to begin? Here are 3 tips for securing positive relationships:

1. Be Current. Be Modern. Be in the Cloud.

It all starts with the voice over demo. We’ve preached to the high heavens about the importance of having a glorious demo, and hopefully you’ve listened. So how do you present that work of audio art that is your demo?

Read the rest of Casting Tips for Talent.. . .

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