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James Romick

James Romick

James has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and is a classically trained singer. He also studied audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City. And he has been a working Union Actor (AEA, SAG-AFTRA) for most of his adult life.

But he says he knew little to nothing about the world of voice-over until taking Edge Studio's Investigate Voice Over course. Edge Studio produced his Commercials voice-over demo in our NYC facility. He had set a training goal of six months. But he already had on-camera commercial representation, and after only three months of VO training, without the demo, his agent connected him with the agency’s voice-over department. After reading some copy in their in-house booth, they signed him. That’s unusual, but it goes to show how important it is in our business to have your oars in the water!

Since then, he has remained involved with Edge Studio, contributing to the Feedback Forum, and is one of the three Top Contributors in both Recordings and Comments. He also has participated in nearly all of the TalkTime! webinar sessions, before becoming co-moderator. He has won first, second and third place in the Audition Contest multiple times. (However, as a TalkTime! moderator, he is no longer eligible.)

James says, “I think that it’s important to gain experience from a well-rounded selection of mentors and coaches. I have worked with a number of Edge Studio coaches, as well as many others.” He says he always tries to seek out the best in the business from which to learn.

In addition to work in commercials, narration and other genres, James records and produces audiobooks from the tiny, but serviceable vocal booth/home studio that he designed and built himself.

Tom Hand

Tom Hand

Explaining that he has always been quick to grasp the technical side of things, Tom reports that he worked in television production and newspaper for 15 years before moving into the IT field for another 20. In Electronic News Gathering at two TV stations, he shot and edited news spots, and he was cameraman, engineer and voice for local commercials. In the newspaper field, Tom was a staff photographer for 9 years. He says it was an exciting time, being entrusted with embracing new digital technology and training other staff.

Now producing audiobooks and foreign-language tracks, Tom continues to embrace whatever new technology makes the lives of VO artists easier. While still focused on the technical side of the business, he has studied with Edge Studio performance coaches and is a long time user and contributor to the Edge Studio Feedback Forum.

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