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To schedule telephone, webinar, and Skype classes, consultations, and training sessions with ANY instructor, please reach us:

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Did you know that most voice actors work from home studios?

And did you know that their clients often direct them by telephone and Skype?

Just as a radio station these days can avail itself of talent almost anywhere, voice over talent no longer needs to come into a studio to perform. Nowadays most types of voice over work can be submitted electronically from a studio in or near the talent’s home. In fact, in most genres it’s become standard procedure.

So training this way from the outset makes a lot of sense.

You can prepare for real work by training remotely with our large, diverse coaching staff by telephone, webinar, and Skype!

In fact, we’ve seen our students get more work because they’re comfortable working remotely with their clients. Besides, voice over is all about "listening." No one needs to see you to train you.

Remote training with Edge Studio means that you’ll be work with 26 of the industry’s best coaches. They’re located around the country, coming from all parts of the industry, for a range of experience that’s as deep and broad as you can get. To learn more or sign up, call 888-321-EDGE (3343) or email training@edgestudio.com

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