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...Thanks Linda, you are AMAZING!

Bob Adams

Hi David, Just a note to report positively on the accent acquisition workshop with Sam Chwat. I was in the early session and our last class was on May 18. If you've ever been to his office, you've noticed that he has more than his share of celebrity appreciations, which are apparently well deserved. With his coaching I am now able to voice the accents that we practiced, which was a skill worth learning in its own right, not to mention the value of adding it as a skill to my personal talents in v/o work. It was a pleasure to work with Sam and the other 5 members of the class. We actually developed some camaraderie as a group and I think everyone attending had the aptitude for that type of work. Collectively there was a sense that you might consider a follow up class of either more accents or specific accents studied for more than one week. I'd be interested if there is a proposal for such a class, although a convenient time for everyone involved would have to be worked out.
Anyway, best regards, and if you have some narrations with long, difficult words, think of me,


Linda was great and provided me with invaluable feedback that will help me not only with doing voice overs but also in my daily communication. I'll be taking another class with her soon.

Thanks and Regards,


Linda, I want to thank you again for your session with me a few weeks ago. Sweeney Todd was very well received by our audiences. My voice seemed to survive. It felt a little tired to me but I was told I sounded great. I followed your advice about resting and hydration. It was difficult to actively think about the things we talked about as far as opening up my shoulder girdle and throat, and breath support, but I must have had it in the back of my head, because even though my voice was tired after the show, I had no pain the next day. Only once did I forget, I think, when I tried dropping my register a bit and making a more gutteral sound, but I felt it after, and did not repeat it.
Thanks again for your valuable help.

Deborah D.

Dear Linda,

It was a great pleasure to meet you and work with you last night. I found the session absolutely amazing and challenging. I have always been very conscious of my speech, wanting it to be the best possible and in one session you have opened an awareness of the variants that do not distort but add color and texture.

I look forward to the next class, which I will schedule in a few weeks, wanting to give myself ample time to work on the suggestions and corrections you made and to diligently practice the available scripts online.

Marguerite Zappa

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