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Thanks David, I found this workshop to be "inspiring and insightful." As an instructor he gives his best to be attentive to the individual needs of each person in the workshop. Not everyone takes the time to be so considerate -- due to lack of time, etc. He gives his all.
All the best,


Hi David, That audio book narration is so vastly different from traditional voiceover work was just one of the important revelations from Grover Gardner's incredibly helpful Edge Studio program on audio books. His candor, warmth, industry experience and willingness to share what he's learned in more than 25 years in the business was worth every penny -- and more.

Anne Gallagher Chicago

I was lucky enough to participate in Grover's audio book workshops. His knowledge gave me information and insight info the world of working in audio book. His personal feedback of my work was greatly appreciated and applied. I would recommend anyone considering a career in audio book to take Grover's class; he knows his craft. I would love to work with him more in the future!

Fran DeCesare

Dear Grover: Thank you for generously sharing your enthusiasm and expertise. It was years worth of wisdom in 60 minutes.

David, once again you've outdone yourself by assembling such a great session. Please convince Grover to return to Edge Studio for an audiobook workshop. Or even to host one in his Ashland studios. I know at least 30 paying customers who would gladly attend.

Thanks again to you both.

-Joe Caron

Dear David, Thank-you for the opportunity to express my opinions and preferences on this-- I'm completely satisfied with the experience I had Monday evening and would not have wanted to miss any of it, including the opportunity to work with every one of the participants in attendance that evening. It was very rewarding and an excellent value. Grover is a pleasure to work with. He certainly put me at ease right away and although I tend to be nervous in such settings I didn't experience even one butterfly. He was generous with praise and honest in his criticisms, and I think he helped every one of us. The workshop was enormously instructive both because of Grover's professionalism and talent, and because of the combined vocal talents of all the participants. Not only that, it was LOADS of fun.
Best wishes,

Mary McKitrick

Hi David,
Just wanted to thank you for all your great help today. I really appreciate that you took the time out to coach me through this. I also wanted to forward you the final result as I think it turned out really well, I'm very happy with it. Also, Sara was an absolute dream to work with, she's got a phenomenal ear and is super-meticulous, which resulted in something that I think has a really good shot at getting me the job. I'm very grateful to both of you.


Grover is a terrific teacher, able to give each student the next step, and provide constructive criticism gently and sincerely. There is no ego here, only someone passionate about the industry, and with a rare ability to share his passion

Amie Glasgow

Jean, What an exhilarating, fabulous seminar! Once again Grover was terrific, and once again I have to thank Edge for putting these on!
Again, thanks for a terrific opportunity, and excellent customer service each time I've had need of it.

Amie Gavin Glasgow

(Kristin) did an amazing job on Sat with so many people who showed up for the audiobooks class, patiently made sure that everyone got a chance in the booth.

Hey David, Hope you had a nice weekend. And hi to you too, Jean. Hope you also had a good one. I just wanted to pass along a comment, and to let you and everyone else there know, Grover Gardner is just a wonderfully generous and thoughtful teacher, and the audio book seminar is great. There was a real range of experience and talent in the group who attended, and Grover worked with each of us according to our needs, handled all the voices (and egos) with kindness and care, and I think I can safely say that every single person left not only well-armed but happy. Well worth the time and money.
And thanks for being there and running such a good show. I realized while I was at the morning seminar yesterday that I made my first visit to Edge Studio about nine months ago, and I've had just a great experience so far. I've recommended your coaching and recording to friends (as you know) and will continue to do so, because all of you are so really great at what you do.
Talk to you soon,

Joan Barere

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