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Thank you Karen. Danielle's class was fun. She is such a great teacher. Enjoy your day.



I just wanted to say that I have found Marjorie's webinars very educational. She has great pointers for us and always gives me something specific to improve upon. Thanks, Marjorie!

Looking forward to more,


Hi Karen,

Wow, what a great resource1 Danielle was great. Wow, she had a huge group and still managed at giving so many time and attention. Even stayed on beyond her time to finish answering questions. She has a great balance of knowledge with warmth and shows her dedication by the prompt material.


I would just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed several spotlight and audition ringer classes with Marjorie Kouns. I have attended them through listening to class recording later, though, given my crazy schedule.
This woman is a genius!!!!
I have learned so much from her and really enjoy her style.
Thank you.


Thank you so much Karen! Danielle's class last night was a blast and I am very grateful to have the notes!


Also can since I do not have an email for Marjorie Kouns and I just wanted to send her a note and thank her for all her help. I have been on the Audition Ringer class with her for the past few weeks and she has been so helpful and works so very hard at making the class informative and entertaining. Please let her know she is helping me so much to be more conversational and break old radio announcer reads. She is moving me from voice announcer to voice actor and I cannot thank her enough. Please let her know how much she is appreciated!


The time spent w/ Danielle was wonderful! She is extremely helpful & supplied many useful ideas which I can incorporate into my work. My thanks again to her & yourself for forwarding the super notes, exercises & recommended reading. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's entertaining & informative webinar.


I attended the technique spotlight/audition ringer last night that Marjorie Kouns taught, and I was very happy with all of the directions and advice that she gave out. She certainly gave me a lot to work on, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to better understand how to analyze copy.

Kurt B

Hi Edge,
Just dropping a line to give some big kudos to Nazia for a great webinar last week. I thought her teaching style was very effective, her enthusiasm was contagious, and she clearly knew her subject well. One specific thing that I liked (though, far from the only thing) was how she didn't hesitate to give her own (brief) performances in order for us to hear/compare subtle elements that may not have been apparent to us in our own performances and those of our peers.

(Side note: I've always thought it would be pretty cool if the TS/AR instructors would do the audition read themselves, after everybody else has gone, so that those on the call can get a sense of what a pro interpretation would sound like, i.e. not just with verbal descriptions... but I don't dare to be the one to suggest it during the class!)

Anyway, good info, good feedback, good energy, hope to hear Nazia back on the TS/ARs sometime!


Great class great energy awesome feedback! I know the two coaches I want for my individual training. Really enjoyed it.


Just a quick email to say I enjoyed this webinar and the feedback because variety is something I really need to work on. I'm going to do my best to put what you recommended into my practice, Noelle. Thanks so much!


I just finished Naomi's class today (Saturday, July 27, 2013) and would like to share how much I enjoyed and appreciate her approach to coaching and her formula for benefiting the audience. I've been on MANY excellent Saturday Spotlight and Audition Ringer classes and each coach offers such valuable and helpful information. Naomi's class today was no exception. She focused on looking at the copy by evaluating it through the lens of Know, Do, Feel. This really helped me stay in the moment while reading the copy and connecting with my message. I frequently receive feedback that my reads tend to be choppy and I sound like I'm reading. Using Naomi's technique, I didn't over-think it, had more fun with the read and felt like I was talking to one person. As a result, Naomi gave me an enthusiastic evaluation. While that feedback felt wonderful, it was so great to feel like I was really "getting it," and not just having good luck with my read.

In addition, I'd also like to share how much I appreciated how she dealt with some other students in the class who, to my surprise, got very defensive with the feedback she gave them. A particular student was having a "sensitive" day and took Naomi's very positive and constructive criticism very unprofessionally and poorly. Without coddling the student, Naomi stuck to her guns about her assessment and refocused the feedback on helping her improve and grow. There was nothing negative or inappropriate in any of Naomi's comments - they were all encouraging, positive and constructive. But this situation, and how Naomi handled it, was a good reminder that voice over is about acting and with acting, there's rejection. These classes are about helping us strengthen our skills and resolve so that when we're in the "real world," we'll be prepared. Because, when working a real job, the feedback given to us might not always be so gentle and kind. It was unfortunate that the student didn't get the feedback that she wanted and that she allowed her frustration to dominate a chunk of the call, but I truly admired how Naomi handled the situation.

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for facilitating the webinar tonight-your feedback for each person's read was very insightful and helpful as well you kept the webinar engaging.


Hi Randye,

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful webinar this past Wednesday!

Deciphering and marking copy have been two of my biggest concerns, and your explanations and examples were incredibly helpful. I will be borrowing from your system of marking copy, if you don't mind terribly!

The audition ringer was also a lot of fun, and it was helpful to hear how different each copy can be read and interpreted ~ even by the same person.

So, thank you again! I love your brilliant, helpful and encouraging coaching style!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kristin Thorne, is always prepared for her Technique Spotlight webinar's with informative topics and fun and interesting exercises for the group to participate in.
I very much enjoy her classes!


Thanks to Danielle for a terrifically helpful class!
These notes are a wonderful bonus.


Hi Team,

Just want to let you know. That this course was excellent. Kristen gave a lot of tips that helped us to deliver better reads. She was so patient with all of us and great disposition. She rocks!


Thanks Karen...I usually get a lot from Danielle from her classes, but last night she imparted so much valuable wisdom that I had to study my notes for an extra hour after the class ended! She's the quintessential professional...even when she experienced her own technical glitch, she found a way to keep on keepin' on (as she likes to say)! Great time last night!


Dear Edge Studios,

I took the technique spotlight that focused on slates and sounds (just in time for halloween!) and I wanted to say that the class was very good. Despite going over the scheduled time, the instructor made sure everyone got to try what she taught, and she was very informative and answered all questions. I believe I will be a better voice actor for this class.


Thanks, Karen!

The class was exceptional - as are all of Danielle's classes! :)


I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed Kristen's webinars. She is very encouraging and gives great tips. Thanks, Kristen!!

Looking forward to more,


I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me during this past
Saturday's workshop, The Ringer. I learned a ton! I'm placing two signs over
my desk. one will read.."Have a sense of improv in your script"..the
second will read "Take your boots off!"
Thanks again. I look forward to taking other classes with you.

Michele Harding

Hi David,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting everyone at the audition workshop today. It was amazing- I learned a lot in just 2 short hours, and feel better about my next audition, whenever and wherever that may be!
It was definitely worth the trip into NYC on a crazy, windy, rainy day.

Paula Cocozza

I just wanted to say thanks for a most informative and enjoyable afternoon.
It was delightful to meet you. You are incredibly talented, with a great ear, and have a way of making everyone feel good about their voice. I hope to meet with you again, and will certainly seek out workshops which you lead.
Thanks again!

Paula Cocozza

Dear David,
Thanks so much for your help in preparation for my audition. It went quite well, I think. I wasn't at all nervous; the producer at the sound studio was extremely pleasant; and I did the read several different ways for him. He thought it was very good (he said), and told me he would send it over to the client in the afternoon, along with other people's reads. He said he'd call me today to let me know what the client decided. Whether I get the job or not, I have to say that I think I did a good job, so I'm very pleased with that.
Thanks again, David, for helping me with my very first audition experience!


I just wanted you to know that I love the ringer class (as well as the Act - Up) but I think the ringer class is great as you try to take everything you have learnt in the Act - Up classes and put it into practice ...and I love hearing feed back from everyone it really makes you think ... You have such a great way of bringing out the best in everyone and you really empower your students .....that is why I really look forward to each month ... I know I have not as yet done anything with getting myself out there, but coming to class and meeting new people allows me to have another aspect to my life ....( I can escape from Fashion ) I really value everything that I have learnt with you and am continuing to learn ..... Anyone who comes to you to be taught, should value this time too ... Anyway, I just wanted you to know this .... I hope all is well, and see you next month :)
Take care ..


Hi Cathy...I wanted to share with you that today's Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer workshops with Randy Kaye were "fantastic." Her topic "10 things to learn from the copy" we're so helpful in learning different ways to analyze the script and connect better with it. I really feel she gave us the tools to better our skills in delivering the copy. Please forward this onto her.

Thankyou. You guys are the best in "training facility."

Rhonda Duncan

Dear Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding class this afternoon. It was inspiring, informative and very helpful. I was the shoe-buying-dad in the first session.


Hi Johnny,

I was in the Edge Saturday technique and audition ringer classes today and just wanted to say thanks!

The class was fun and you gave us lots of useful tips. I especially liked the info on "how to find out what a character is like." Plus I enjoyed your relaxed and friendly style of teaching.

Thanks for a great class!

Hi Marjorie:

Thanks so much for a great workshop and audition ringer session today. I really picked up some great info and appreciate your casual, friendly approach. You had a lot of folks in the class today, but managed the time well.

Mike N.

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