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Training Team (…and David, our fearless leader!) –

I fully expected to be bored to tears with Money and Business 101 focusing on setting up your books and invoicing for 2 hours,and Greame gave us all of that – in an interesting way.
That said, I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was about how he presented this course. Mr. Spicer was engaging, forthcoming with relevant, up-to-date industry info, meaningful insight and valuable websites.

Good nitty-gritty stuff – and we got how to invoice and keep records…Thank you!


Thank you Anne for this exciting session.

What got especially my attention during those 2 hours can be resumed in a few words: your advice for the VO artist to take jobs that speaks to him/her, and combine this with structured and self discipline actions.

The entire session, you made remarks and gave examples encouraging realism and authenticity, but your enthousiasm is very obvious and CONTAGEOUS.

This webinar helps me to see better where I have to aim for work, I can better see the steps I still have to go through before the demo, and it is reinforcing the recent conversation I had with Susanne about my trajectory, as well as what Kristen Thorne thought me during my coaching session yesterday .
Kendra was also very helpful for the logistic of my classes as well as for my questions she answered on the phone.

Basic ideas expressed by different members of Edge but with different words and flavor makes the work attractive, and your consistency invite me and make me feel good to trust you as a coaching team.

Merci Anne, Susanne, Kristen et Kendra. Votre equipe de Edge Studio est SUPER !!!


Graeme's class was impressionable as it really inspired l 'ownership and pride' in the Voice Over field. I appreciated the balance of practical business approach with tuning in to making it unique for personality. Enjoyed the breadth of exposure by providing some history and sharing names in the field. Content filled and great instructor in helping answer our questions fully.

Thank you and have a great week!

Elayne Azevedo

Great class with Ann Ganguzza this evening! She's very knowledgable, friendly and inspiring. Loved it and learned a lot. Thanks!

Halley D.

I found your webinar so informative and engaging, the two hours seemed to fly by, and now I feel better equipped to move forward thanks to the sources you provided, for listening to professionals and doing research.


Just wanted to send a note to let you know that all of the webinars I’ve participated in so far have been really wonderful, including the one I took this evening: Business and Money 101. With each webinar, I feel more and more confident about choosing Edge for education and training!


Hi Graeme!

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful class. It was very interesting. I am still so green in the industry and haven't even had my career coaching session with Cathy yet. However, this is giving me an excellent picture of what I am getting myself into and I'm really excited.

I have already been in contact with two VO talents in the Seattle area, Scott Burns (current coach with Edge) who turned me on to VOBuzzWeekly (so much fun!) and Paul Garner (local talent and family friend). I am hoping to create more and more contacts to get more ideas of how to hit the ground running.

Anyway, sorry for babbling. Thank you again for the great class. Fabulous information.


I just wanted to write you a short note thanking you for your workshop on Tuesday, "Business and Money 101" through Edge Studio.

It was entertaining as well as informative. I especially liked the brief history lesson of voice-over artists, and the stories about Don LaFontaine.

Years ago I graduated NYU as an actor, but have spent the past 20 years as a theatre educator (middle and high school in NJ), and am planning on a return to acting, especially in voice-over. As an educator, I appreciated your approach to the workshop.

Brian C.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a grrrreat holiday weekend. Just checking in with some feedback on Biz 101. Loved it! Graeme Spicer not only gave us the ins and outs of the business but also the history. Really well done. Thank you Graeme!


The Business and Money 101 webinar was wonderful. Graeme is always on top of his game. Again, thanks to everyone at Edge. What a fantastic team filled with so much experience, expertise, and ability to communicate and help those starting in VO.

Theresa D

I have have been privileged for several years to be in a management position, but I have never owned my own business.So this course was loaded with valuable information for me.The insights and the do's and don'ts will save me many a self inflicted headache.Thanks for all the help!


Dear Graeme,

Just wanted to take a moment of your time to say "Thank You" for the excellent class tonight! You aced getting a ton of insights and information structured perfectly into the two-hour webinar format, so much so, that I could have gone another hour easily!

I have an acting background and an audio background, but spent the better part of 20-years running corporate sponsored Motorsports programs. It has taken me a few years to get this training at Edge underway due to certain challenges, but I recently bought a nice little Neumann mic and have some decent software and I'm ready to put the pedal to the metal!

Your class tonight was inspiring to say the least, and shed so many exciting insights about this ever evolving business that I can't wait to become a well-trained part of it all.

Thank you again!



Thank you for the great information you shared with us today and it was also helpfull to hear about your personnel experience.


Hi, just wanted to let you know that I recently took the 'Marketing 101' and 'Business and Money 101' webinars, both of which were hosted by Anne Ganguzza. I thought both sessions were extremely informative and gave me a lot to think about -- not to mention a lot to work on! Anne is a great instructor with a comfortable online presence. She has a lot of personality and makes learning the 'nuts & bolts' of the VO business a fun process. Overall, very happy with the experience!

Jim Morris

I enjoyed, and better, got a lot of useful information from the class.
Thank you for recorded these sessions so that we can review.


I just wanted to send positive feedback about Anne Ganguzza's session tonight. She really gave me confidence and a good sense of where I should be heading in the next few months, how to create my identity as an artist and as a business entity, and she addressed all of my questions really well. Audio quality was great, she gave us a lot of real-world examples of things she was talking about, and it was easy to follow along. Great job!! Please tell her I said thank you so much again. It really helps me put my plan together on how I should move forward and what I should eventually have and be doing, and makes it all seem much more realistic and attainable.


Randye Kaye did a great job instructing the Business and Money 101 class on Monday, March 18th. She was organized, prepared, and full of insightful information. As someone who has been self-employed for over 9 years, running 4 different businesses, I really appreciated her emphasis on how important it is to treat voice over as a business first and foremost. Randye was frank and practical, but she was also engaging and encouraging. I learned a lot and felt inspired after her class.


Just wanted to say I had a great webinar for Business and Money 101 with Anne Ganguzza. She answered our numerous questions, and explained a lot of really helpful things to motivate me in my VO career. Thanks again!

Deirdre O

Hello Vanessa.

Thank you for sending the slides and the actual presentation from the Business and Money 101 class Monday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed your informative and interactive teaching style. My demo was recently completed in Atlanta with the help of my voiceover coach Adam Drescher. Now it's time to implement the business and marketing side of the voiceover business. Thanks again, Vanessa!


I just want to say I very much enjoyed this webinar with Anne Ganguzza tonight. She's an excellent teacher - extremely friendly, professional and efficient. It was a great overview class about the field; and I particular loved learning that my particular personality, drive and skill sets fit the VO business like a glove. I'm more excited than ever to be pursuing this as a career now.

Thank you Edge Studio! And many thanks to Anne for giving a great class!


I also was amazed with all the info provided by Graeme Spicer in the Marketing and Money 101 webinar. The information, advice, list of resources, etc. are incredible, and I will be reviewing and referring to them for quite some time.


Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Anne Ganguzza for presenting a very useful, upbeat and altogether excellent webinar this past Wednesday.

Anne certainly delivers the right stuff with Business & Money 101.


The information presented is the kind of knowledge I wish I had had when I embarked on a freelance video career. This information is just as important to a voiceover career as technique.


The business and money workshop was terrific

Thanks, Wendy

I just wanted to send a quick thank you email to Erik Sheppard. He was busy with questions and I had to hop off the phone real quick before I could thank him for his great workshop. Sooo thanks Erik! I got a lot of valuable info and had a good time in your Business & Money 101 lecture. Thanks for the knowledge and thank you for your time.

Caitlin Simkovich*

Hi Erik,

I really enjoyed the class tonight. You are hilarious and made the class fun as well as chocked full of information. Thanks again!!

La Teata Jackson

BTW: I really enjoyed my phone session with Erik last night. Learned a ton!!




I was so pleased with the Business and Money 101 webinar given by Erik Sheppard. It was actually the second time I sat in on the class and both times the classes were informative, professional, helpful and daunting!!! There's so much more I need and want to know! Plan to take the webinars numerous times so I can absorb all of the information. There's such an amazing wealth of information to learn, and I intend to learn all I can so that I can become successful in this field. And I am having a blast doing so. Erik is a wonderful and dynamic instructor. Thank you so much!



Last Saturday's 1-on-1 session was a blast! I never knew how much fun it would be to talk in a closet! Now that i've had more experience in the booth, i'm more psyched then ever to get this career started! And your comments and directions were brilliant and so easy to follow! Can't wait for our next session together! The Business & Money class was also very helpful; was a lot to process, but good stuff! May have to share it with the hubby since he has the better business skills—he IS a business administrator of a large church in DC! Here's to what i hope is the start of a great collaboration and friendship!

Carol Hammer

Hi again, Sara!

Thank you for "making" tonight's webinar work technically and educationally.

The presentation was informative, more so with questions answered, and real.

Please tell Kristen she has a friendly, experienced approach to leading us in the right direction.

On to the next webinar!


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