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Vanessa was great. I'm sure that as I move further toward making a demo this information will become more and more helpful.

Rich Sperandeo

Thank you for the reminder, Cathy. I also want to mention the excellent marketing class on Wednesday. Although a bit daunting for a newbie, I appreciated the details, the organization and methodology of the presentation. I am constantly impressed with the follow-up and care that The Edge provides to us trainees! I am moving forward at a steady pace and feel much encouraged bit the attentiveness of The Edge.

Linda Hutton

Hi Sara,
I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Vanessas presentation, for 2 reasons. First the material was very useful for me in planning my business, and the resources she shared are a big help.

The second reason was that the class flowed very smoothly. For whatever reason, everyone was typing questions instead of voicing them. Vanessa did a great job of answering them and getting voice follow up. The result was we moved through the material quickly and had 30 minutes at the end for a really great Q&A session. It was great!

I've only taken a couple of the webinars so far, but my experience so far has been that the "open mic" style of sessions get slowed down because of "talk over". There are no visual signals for us to know who has there "hands up" or who may want to ask a question. The result is very often several people ask a question at the same time, the instructor can't hear because of the over talk and needs to ask for a repeat, and we waste some time getting one question taken care of.

I understand some instructors like the open mic style, but I think if they do want to work that way there should be a strict "raise hands" or type questions policy. Again, part of my enjoyment of the class was the way it flowed. Vanessa did not get distracted by voice questions or talk over, and typed in questions and raised hands were worked into the presentation perfectly.


Hi Sara,

Vanessa Richardson rocks. She is such a good instructor and is patient with those of us that had questions. She also shared a little bit about her career as a full-time voice talent which made it seem all the more real and attainable for us newbies.

I would definitely take another class with Vanessa if I could.


I participated in this webinar and although I have taken other business webinars this one was the best. I always come away with something useful but Vanessa was outstanding. She's very genuine. I was happy other attendees asked so many questions because it just enhanced the information I already had. Very well done.

Beverly Ann

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