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Enjoyed the class! Tom is always entertaining and informative!


I want to take a moment to thank Tom Dheere for another informative session on taking care of my business. His talks are full of helpful information and suggestions, and his enthusiasm for the topic is infectious and thoroughly motivational. Thanks for the wonderful webinars.

Please pass along my thanks to Tom Dheere for such a helpful and informative webinar he put on for us this week. He gave us so many useful ways to keep track of the business side of voiceover, explaining the pros and cons of each system and how best to use each one.

Most importantly, Tom's easy, relaxed way of talking about the different technologies demystified the whole process for me and gave me the confidence to try some new ideas to track my work.

Many thanks to him, and to Edge Studios for offering such a valuable webinar!


Thanks so much for the great tips tonight. Edge is turning out to be a great resource to take me to the next level of my career AND you guys help keep my wandering-freelancer-type-brain focused as well!
Have a great week,



I have been attending several of the recent webinars and I just wanted to say that tonight with Tom Dheere was exceptionally great! He was well prepared, provided visuals and his delivery style was superb.

Just wanted to pop a note to say thank you to Edge Studio and to Tom ... you both rock!

Jill Janovetz

He's got a great teachers heart. Thank you

I just finished the class with Tom Dheere and I have to say that it was excellent, filled with lots of very practical, sound advice. The pacing was perfect, concepts were explained clearly and Tom was both enthusiastic and engaging. I would recommend his class to any VO actor, regardless of their level of experience.

John A

Hi, Sara!

I was in the Business and Money 201 class that David taught tonight and I thought it was extremely helpful!

First, I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all of the coaches, especially David, Carol, and Sylvia! I completed my narration demo with Carol's help last month and have already booked three long form narration jobs!!! I am sooooo honored to have been given the opportunity, but without the coaching, advice and support of the coaches, I wouldn't have even known where to start in this business!



Dear Sara,
Wanted to say how much I appreciated David Goldberg's 'Business and Money' on
Thursday, October 20th. It is always so uplifting to get steered in the correct direction.
Again, it was great. Soon, I hope for more.

Sheela S. Iyer

The teleseminar was great. Tell David how much we appreciate his insight. If there is a recording somewhere, I'd LOVE to listen again.
Thanks so much,

Laura Branch Mireles

Hi Sara-
Business and Money 201 was GREAT. Tom is an excellent motivator. Really helped to get me back on track. I really appreciated the opportunity to get responses to some personal questions!

David G

Tom's Business and Money 201 was terrific - Really inspiring, great info, engaging and fun. I have been doing many of the things he outlined for many years but he gave me some new ideas, tips and inspiration. He answered every question clearly and was so generous with information and his wonderful spirit! I highly recommend this webinar for anyone working in this business who wants to be prepared for growth and success!

Thanks Tom!

Vanessa Richardson

Hi Sara! I really enjoyed Tom Dheere's class last night and last month, and I wanted to provide a testimonial for him/edge! Here's what I got:

I admit it - I am someone who hates the business side of the VoiceOver business. I find it all very intimidating. But Tom has a wonderful way of making it manageable, and dare I say it... fun... for the less business minded among us! He has developed an impressive system for himself, that has been tried, tested and proven a success, and he has no reservations sharing his tips and tricks and helping you develop a system to fit your personal needs. Thanks Tom!

Emily Edgerton

Tom was great! Always thorough, informative and very helpful.

I would love a webinar on VO rates, thoughts on when and how much to charge for revisions and pickups. Also, any info regarding legal contracts.


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