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The character/animation workshop was excellent, filled with lots of great "real life" information. The coach's experience in the business added a valuable dimension to the workshop. And his voices and sounds are amazing! He's a walking-talking sound machine!

Howard Lippin

Keep these great classes coming in. It was amazing. Looking forward to Monday's advanced.


Hi David,
I LOVED the workshop. The coach is clearly well qualified to teach such a class. The vocal techniques he discussed were invaluable. These are not typically covered in standard voice classes, as the goal there is a straight read. Without a workshop such as this a person would be quite unprepared to deliver what is required for a character job. He was open, engaging, and generous with his criticism and his praise. I really appreciated the opportunity to work with him, and I am sure that I will do so again.
Regards to all the Edge team. And thank you again!


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop last Monday. It was extremely insightful. I found your ad in "Backstage" and I was hesitant to register at first, but my fears were absolutely unfounded. From one educator to another--I appreciated your patience and incredible talent. You put us at ease and gained our respect.
Thank you again. I wish you continued success and hope to work with Edge Studio again. Now I know about the headset!

Maria A-N.

Testimonial will be from the heart. I had a blast during those short 4 hours, it was incredible with the information the coach provided and especially the delivery. I felt very comfortable with the group too. Although I instinctively knew some of the techniques, it brought out things I never thought to try. I am looking forward to either the advanced class and some private coaching in the future.

Lew Doss

A few days after my workshop, I had a voice-over gig which needed a very animated female voice. I went into the studio consciously choosing to use the ideas and info I learned in the workshop. WOW, the client was thrilled with the result, the sound engineer was very happy and--for the first time--I didn't question my choices after I left the studio!

Pamela Good

Hi David,
It was amazing and has inspired me much so. I filled out the sign in sheet and put a testimonial on it, if you want to use it for the website. I would love to take another class. In addition, I loved my classmates as well. It was a nice mix- the perfect number. I would love a set up where we meet for a class like that and then follow up a week later after having time to experiment and a repertoire for critique or some type of exercises elaborated on. Our coach was exquisite! He is so much fun to work with. Thank you, David, for this opportunity. You have chosen, again, a perfect coach.
Have a fabulous day!


Just wanted to let you know how much a really appreciated you coming down south to share your knowledge and experience. You've given me so much hope that I can have the chance to realize a long-held secret life dream of creating voices for animation work. Bless you.
Perhaps someday I will get another chance to kibitz with you and hear about your amazing life it has affected your heart and mind and what you've learned about yourself and your talent from your mentors.


Hello David,
The workshop was not only fun but informative. His style of teaching is easy to understand and he manages to pull voices out of you that you may not have known even existed! I am planning on putting together a regular voice over demo a little later this year and will definitely be contacting your company for this. Everyone I have talked with has been extremely helpful and friendly.

Kim Frum

It was a pleasure to meet everyone at Edge Studio this weekend at the intensive seminar...As I mentioned I am focusing on Commercial, Promo and Narrative and not on Character ...but...after having met and learned what it is all about I have a new found interest...The techniques I learned and the overview of the area are directly applicable to my areas of interest in ways I just didn't understand until now. I look forward to the pleasure of coming again and taking some Character lessons so I may begin to better understand "accessing my voice".
Best regards,


Wow! Where do I begin? No, I'm not going to sing the 'Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet', I just want to say what a pleasure it was meeting you Saturday for your Character/Animation Workshop at Edge
Studio. Of course, your 'vocal resume' is awesome (truly so, I don't like to use already overused speech), and learning from you made my desire to further myself into this genre of voiceover stronger than it already is.
Again, meeting and learning from you was great fun! Thank you!


Dear David,
The workshop was truly amazing! What a talent! What a charismatic empathetic person. He had all 12 of us at ease, and at an enthusiastic, if not peak, performance. I learned so much. A most memorable evening. Thanks so much for making it possible. Again thanks to you all.

Jacquie (Pearl)

Hi David,
Well I just finished my second night of the cartoon workshop and it was really terrific. The positive energy and passion for what he does rubs off as soon as I see him. He really knows how to focus and zero in on each person's strengths and areas that need more work. He really opened my eyes to the characteristics that I need to think about in each attempt of developing my characters. I would love to continue in another workshop - as Edge has such amazing teachers. It is so obvious that your coaches have a great time teaching and their approach is extremely supportive.
Thanks for offering this.
Kind regards,

Thanks for a great workshop on Monday night. I was blown away by the level of your experience and expertise. I really enjoyed the whole evening. It was very good to realize how much I don't know yet; it's dangerous to think you know more than you do. I definitely don't have that problem anymore. Thanks also for the honest evaluation of my demo. You gave me some very good pointers about using body language. I also realized that I am closer to polishing my commercial and narrative demos and will work on those for now.
Thanks again for all the ideas and inspiration you shared

James Early

Hi David,
I can't tell you how much fun I had at the character/cartoon class. It was a blast!!! I not only learned stuff, but I felt really really comfortable in the booth. That's the first time I felt excited, but not nervous in that small booth. Please let everyone know how grateful I am that my coach was willing to come to me instead of visa versa. I'm already signed up for next Monday's class.

Hi David,
I thought the workshop was great. I'm very busy working this week but will be getting back to you soon.
I look forward to hearing about future char/animation workshops.

Jill Kushner

Edge has great teachers that are very knowledgeable. I took both the intro and advanced cartoon / character classes and they were lots of fun and covered a ton of valuable information. I enjoyed them immensely and I learned a lot. I'd recommend these classes to anyone who wants to explore this area of voice work.

Joe Rodriguez

Dear Edge Studio
I just wanted to drop a note to say Thank You! The character voice workshop was exactly what I was looking for informative, challenging and enjoyable not to mention convenient. Edge's experience and through knowledge of the industry was evident in theskillful ability to demonstrate and teach varied aspects of the character voice world. As a working voice artist I found the information and assistance the coach offered in the workshop to be invaluable.
Thank you,

Tina Segovia

Thanks for allowing me to register and attend last night's workshop. He is one talented guy and an entertaining individual! You were great on mic, too. I had fun listening to you and everyone last night.


Dear David,
This workshop was amazing. It made learning fun, informative and really coached us to reach new levels of creativity with our voices. I would definitely sign up for the advanced class and would love to take weekly classes.
Thanks for offering such a great class - it is very honest in assessing voices and bringing the best characters out of each person. You are very lucky to have the coaches you do on your staff.
Kind regards,

Jeanne Fishman

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