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Dear Graeme,

Thanks so much for your practical feedback! As you mentioned, it is difficult to get any kind of evaluation on auditions, so I really appreciate your time and effort.

In terms of performance, your comments make it clear why I may not be succeeding in landing jobs on P2P sites, so that's very helpful. Technically, I know I could benefit from some help from George Whittam and will reach out to him when I have some additional funds.

Thanks again! This was really very helpful!


I just wanted circle back to thank you for your time and effort. The critique and comments all made perfect sense and I look forward to signing up for more training.


Thanks for the very constructive feedback!


Awesome feed back. This is the first time using this service and I'm pleased! Thank you and Kristen.


Thank-you for your feedback on 'Yellow river'. I will take on board your comments about picking up the pacing and maintaining a more natural style then it should sound better. Many thanks for a very useful & efficient service.


Thanks for the reply. This is all really good info. Especially the info on the levels. I’ve been going back and forth on how to get the best level and I have found many different suggestions out there. It’s great to finally hear a solid answer. I would be interested in getting some coaching lessons.


This is very constructive and helpful. I will follow up


Thank you so very much to Dan Friedman for such a quick and easy to understand analysis. It all makes sense. I will have to keep cleaning up in post production and try to afford as soon as possible a LDC with a preamp. I have my heart set on a Neumann TLM 102 or 103 as i think I sound nice through it, and maybe a Focusrite Scarlett? Will experiment at sound store in St. George, Utah or Las Vegas when i am there in a could weeks. Meantime, thank you so much for the probable diagnosis.


Hi Graeme,

Thank you for the feedback. Your notes are very helpful. I’ll consider working with David in the future and appreciate the check-up.


Thanks for the excellent and thorough review of my audition! I absolutely hear and agree with your comments, and look forward to improvements ahead.
I would like to have some sessions with David. I'll give a call when my budget allows for more coaching, probably after the holidays.


Thank you sooo much for your analogy. I do need tech training. I will definitely try to work with Edge but you know that money is tight but I guess I need to do what I need to do. You are bringing a great service to the VO community and keep up the great work. Love you guys.


My thanks to David Guzzone! The advice given was well worth the cost!

Chris Wilson

I have expressed my appreciation to Joey, and can say that the coaches comments were worth the money.

Thank You so much Randye for your helpful and positive feedback. We may end up working together soon.


Your feedback is very informative, detailed, and technical.


Thanks for listening to my first attempt :) It was well worth the
$27......................I just wanted you to know that I did go back
and create a new audio of the same script making changes as per your
advice :) I am still a baby at this, so I will take my time and pay
attention to any direction given.

Happy New Year, Be well,
and Thanks for the fun and prompt service.


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