Testimonials & Success Stories

David Goldberg was phenomenal as well as Pat Fraley and David C.

I would've like more time for David Goldberg's presentation.

Loved David G and Pat!

Loved David G's first presentation and wished it was longer than 30 min.

It would have been nice if we had been able to see more of the initial speakers but It would have turned the event into two days for sure.

I would've like more time for David Goldberg's presentation.

Good morning, Stephanie and David, and many thanks to you and Ashley for a terrific VoiceWorld Conference on Saturday. I really found it immensely useful - particularly David Goldberg's opening presentation - and an confident going forward as a Voice Talent.

Hello David and Karen and Dan,

I just wanted send a quick thank you. It was a real pleasure to meet you at VOAtlanta 2013. Thanks for being so friendly, approchable and for answering all my newbie questions. After 16 years of being a Club DJ/Entertainment Coordinator I don't get nervous in front of a crowd with a mic...until I read at David's session Saturday night. Wow that was an experience. A great experience! Thank you for teaching me and not talking down to me. That session was worth the trip. I am so looking forward to the evaluation class in April. Once again, thank you and take care.

Michael H.

Dear David,
It was terrific seeing you again. You added a very "grounded" presence to the Modern VO panel.

I came here just because Edge Studio was here

Dear James and Penny,
Please allow me to express my thanks for a tremendous experience at Voice 2014 last week.
I feel I have made vital progress in my path to become a sought-after voice over actor. It was only with your and VO Peep's generous scholarship that this was possible.

I've busily linked with many of the speakers from the lectures and panels and I will eagerly utilize each of the pertinent tips I have gleaned to push my career forward.
In particular, I found David Goldberg's and Anne Ganguzza marketing info and approachability exceptionally valuable. George Whittam never disappoints in his knowledge of technology. Additionally, Dave Fennoy's and Beau Weaver's natural ability to share their expertise with such generosity has been and will continue to be a great asset to me. I whole-heartedly believe each one's participation in the event was vital to its success.

Here are a few fun photos, for which I give you my content to publish in whatever media you produce about this past or any future events.
I'll send the full-sized files so they will work for both on-line and print applications. For usage, please verify with Dave and Anne for their consents.


I came just because you were speaking


It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday at MAVO. Thanks again for being a
sponsor. It wouldn't happen without you! Also, as an Edge graduate, I always
enjoy hearing you speak because it reminds me of why I chose to do my
training there to begin with. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for listening,


I signed up for the conference because of the Edge Studio training that came with it

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