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Love, Love, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
I can not tell you how happy I am with what I just heard!
These demos are amazing!

Thank You David Goldberg! Wish I could give you and everyone at Edge a high five right now. You did a wonderful job!

The demo sounds great! It is a vast improvement over the original [made by someone else]. ... Overall, it is much tighter, clearer and crisper than the original, and the fx move with the text much better.


The demo we produced has now gotten me representation in LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and Austin.

See you soon.

John B

Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback! It means so much. I appreciate you taking the time to provide notes and guidance to help define my skills and provide some focus for branding and my demo title.

I will work on this and get back to you.

It was a great experience recording my demo with you. You have taught me so much.

Thank you, David!


Hi David. Long time, no see. I hope you are well.

Good news...I have an offer to narrate a short series project for Discovery Channel.

The narration demo you produced for me is largely responsible for this opportunity. So thanks again.

Gary Gerard

I just listened to my Narration Demo and I absolutely love it! I am so thrilled with every part of it! Every aspect of the production, the music, sound effects, the order, is perfect and of the highest calibre.

I truly appreciate your exceptional mentorship through this process.

Thank you, David!


In a million years I would never have been able to pick out the things that you did - to take my demo to the next level. Your comments and coaching were right on point and I truly appreciate it.
Best always


Could you please extend my sincere thanks to David for this helpful and encouraging feedback. I appreciate his time, and his perspective.


I recently hired David for some private coaching and to mix and produce my commercial and narration demos as well. Judging from my past experiences, it has been really difficult to find a quality coach and a highly competent producer, so I was a bit nervous about what to expect at first. But within the first few minutes of working with David, my concerns were alleviated, and I found David to be exceedingly insightful, prompt, professional, efficient, and detail oriented – much more so than other coaches, producers, and recording engineers at other companies with whom I’ve worked previously. Thanks to David’s great ear, I now have stronger performance skills and two solid demos that have been effective in garnering me voice over work.

David also embodies a number of other characteristics that make him a top-notch coach. I enjoyed working as a teacher prior to starting my voice over career, and when mentoring students I always strove to be tough but fair, honest and encouraging, and driven by a desire for excellence and a passion for helping students increase their skill level and successfully achieve their goals. David surely strives for the same, and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with someone like David who not only shares a meaningful, client- and student-centered philosophy but also excels at its execution! I highly recommend David’s services to others, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Julie Kaylin

Hello David,

Thank you so much for my revised commercial demo! I really appreciate your time and effort. I think it sounds terrific! I prefer it with the addition of the other two spots and I also like the new order of the spots.

Thank you, David!

David Goldberg is one of leading forces in the ever-changing voiceover industry.
His state of the art studios reflect his commitment to stay at the cutting edge.
Whether for training or production, his team is top notch.

I've trained with David, produced over a dozen demos at their studios, and been hired many times by their clients to voice a range of projects.
His ears are laser sharp and he continues to help me improve my technique.

The free resources, available on the Edge website, are a testament to their desire to help people in the business.
I continue to find value in working with Edge-- no matter which person or portal I'm dealing with!

Debbie Irwin

David, I got the narration demo and have been listening to it over and over. I love it! It truly represents me and what I can do. Again, thanks so much for your instruction and direction. Now on to the next phase.

Dear David,
I want to let you know how much I appreciate the time you took to re-edit my narration demo. I thought the original version was good, but how you and the engineer modified it made it great - and made me more confident in marketing it.
Thank you so much for establish Edge Studio's voice over education program and for all you do to help students succeed.

Lenox Powell

Hi David,

Kendra sent me the corporate demo yesterday.

I LOVE it!


Wow, David. I just listened over and over to this up against the first mix, and of course this is the one to use! I already loved my demo, but I think this remix is on a whole new level. It's shorter, but packs the punch and displays my range.
I truly appreciate your having done this.
Thank you so much!


Dear David,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work on my commercial demo. Your choice of effects and background music were awesome!

Thank you also for dismissing any concerns that I may have had with certain aspects of my demo. I am totally pleased.

Looking forward to working with you again on my narration demo!

Stephanie Hecht

David... I had to write again. Just to say these are great! The more I listen.. the more I LOVE them. The transitions are tight, the music and effects fit perfectly, the processing is good, I can't hear any unusual pops or clicks, the levels between spots and added effects on transitions and throughout are great and best of all they really do represent me well and are authentic to who I am. They make me feel like a million bucks! Thank you for your hard work .. I couldn't be happier! You did a wonderful job!!!

Thank you!


Hi David, I want to tell you something really interesting regarding my demo.

If you recall at the time (that you helped me record it) - I was a little hesitant about making a demo that didn't follow the usual reads.

However, as you know I loved the pieces we picked.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this - is that I just booked a huge job for a very very large company.


I think it is proof that one doesn't always have to do things the cookie cutter way. That has always been my feeling, as you know and that's why I was so grateful that you helped me re-brand the demos to go along with the Brand. And the brand is slowly catching on! These people actually found me on Google.


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