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David Goldberg taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my career. He made me realize that for me, more energy does not mean higher pitch, which is what I had been doing up until that point. By staying in my natural register, my recordings became much easier, more natural and smoother sounding. One day a breakdown will read, sounds like "Kamran Khan," for now I just pretend that they all do. Seems to be working because I just became the voice of Lexus.

Dear David,

I cannot tell you how encouraged I was by your instruction! I am excited to solidify all you've shared. Your tutelage resonates with how I learn. Specifically how you demonstrate before having me execute a read. You are truly gifted.

I'm thrilled at the thought of working with you again in the near future.

My sincerest thanks to you and to Susanne for encouraging me to sign up!

Krysta Wallrauch

That was a tremendously valuable experience.

I just had to let you guys know. I'm sure you're not surprised, but the knowledge and style he brought to the table was phenomenal.

Thanks Joey!


...It was amazing to work with you and I appreciate your generosity.... I so enjoyed our session, it really changed how I look at copy, thank you!


My private coaching session with David was tremendously helpful. He offered several suggestions on how I can make improvements to my demos and website. And he helped me to understand glottal stops and how to avoid them. I had never really been clear on what a glottal stop sounded like or why they occur. Now I have some tools that I can use to smooth out my vocal patterns, and make my reads sound better overall. David also listened to my raw versus processed audio and provided insights on which processing options sound the best. Throughout the entire session, David was supportive, generous with his positive comments, and honest with ideas for areas of improvement. I benefited greatly from our session, and would highly recommend a similar coaching session with David for anyone interested in improving their voiceover craft.

Jeff J

...I wanted to follow-up and share that I heard back from , last week, and they've extended an offer to represent me.

Thanks so much for your honest critiques and invaluable feedback.

What can be said about David Goldberg that hasn’t already been said? I’m not sure I’m quite eloquent enough to capture the depth and breadth of what he has meant to my pursuit of my voice over dreams.

His style of teaching is that of someone who is as invested in your dreams as you are. He wants you to achieve success and it is obvious he enjoys helping, teaching, mentoring and providing insights into the art of voice over from a very experienced reference point.

He has shown me aspects of my performance that I didn’t recognize, until he pointed them out to me. And once I heard what he heard, I realized how to make changes that would allow me to move my career to another level of success.

I count him among my favorite coaches and intend to return to him when necessary to hone my skills and sharpen my voice over axe.

J Rodney Turner

I am on the road and just completed a wonderful live announcement job for a corporate client.

The Edge Studio tools, webinars and contests have been so helpful as I begin this journey as a professional vo talent. David's notes following the "Get a Buzz" contest were very insightful and I am applying the advice, tips and information he provided as I learn and grow.

When I get back home I have plans to schedule some evaluation and coaching sessions with your team.

Again, many thanks for the follow up.

Be well and I hope to meet you all in person soon.


The first time I met David Goldberg was a few years ago.... Being a newbie in the voice-over business I mustered up the courage to read a piece of copy for him during one of his practice sessions at a nationwide VO conference. I was incredibly nervous to be in front of him simply because of what he has achieved, his resume, and his impeccable reputation. My vulnerability was rewarded by his candor, his generosity, and his insightful direction. In other words, I learned a lot from him in that one session.
Fast forward to several months ago and again I ran into David at a local VO conference. We struck up a conversation and his directness and interest in me was compelling. His message: play to your strengths-one of which is golf—I am a PGA golf professional and have been around the game almost my entire life. Since then, David invited me to make a golf demo consisting of Corporate, Documentary, Podcast and Promo. He really helped me to expand my vision and his suggestions were spot on. David Goldberg was a big part of my career path and I am indebted to him for his advice, suggestions, and showing an interest in me when others didn’t.

Jeff Jordan

Dear David,

Many thanks for your incredibly instructive and pertinent critiques of voice over auditions!

I have been reading your archived comments of the prize contestants for some time and always come away

with wonderful new ideas!

This week I finally jumped into the contest myself ( “A Stitch In Time”) and I am thrilled to have received your excellent suggestions!

Also, I get a great prize!!! Yea!!!!!

Greatly looking forward to the chance to learn more from you at Edge!


I don't know what I can even say about David. Such a charismatic persona! Not sure what his background education is, but I would certainly want him on my side if I was going to the most important audition of my life. His criticism was so precise, but always so positive.


I thoroughly enjoyed our session on Friday. You were very complimentary during the hour we spent working on my demo.

Thanks so much for your keen ear in helping me make my first professional demo.


Thank you so much for your time, reassurance, direction and for just being there.
Just speaking with you and the positive energy you put out in all directions. have really ignited my enthusiasm about VO, and I consider you one of the most ethical and trustworthy people I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with in the Voice Over universe.

To one heterosexual male to another. (I think I remember that you said you had a wife) I Think I Love You!!!!

Great job!!! Please tell Charlie!!

I listened to all the demos from the other (director) and you on my system and they sound Awesome! Clearly better! ... They all sound so tight and clean! ... Thank you soooooo much for getting them to me for the events coming up! ... Thanks again!

Hey David,
Thanks for your continued advice, solid insight and willingness to always lend an ear to me and my auditions - which I'm sure is difficult at times!


I’ve been a voice talent for about 5.5 years. My career has been slowly progressing, but I wanted to accelerate my progress, so I contacted David for a consultation.

In a very short period of time he went through everything with me - telling me precisely what I need to do to get more work. He looked at my current demos, all of which were starting to get dated. He could have upsold me on making new demos with him - and I would have done it. However, instead, he helped me put together 10 - that’s right TEN - new demos using actual work I’ve done with a few spots from my old demos tossed in. He knew precisely what spots to use, what portions to use and helped me create demos for categories that hadn’t even crossed my mind. He taught me the value of having targeted demos for specific needs.

David KNOWS what sells. He knows what potential clients want to hear and what will get you work. He’s a very kind and gentle guy, but he doesn’t pull any punches. If a spot sucks, he’ll tell you.

One thing that truly sets David apart from other coaches is that he knows and understands branding and marketing. He knows what will get you work and what will make potential clients say “next”. We went over my website. He guided me on everything from what to feature on the main page to suggesting I replace my photo, as it didn’t truly represent my voice. He also gave me suggestions for the most effective use of my time.

I have also attended one of David’s seminars. It was FULL of information that I believe has helped me become a better voice actor. He has an entire staff of talented coaches, and I will continue to use the services of Edge Studio. Money spent there is some of the best I’ve spent to further my career.

The results? I first consulted with David in May of 2014. As of this writing, I will nearly DOUBLE my 2013 income in 2014. Yes, I love being a voice actor, but I do it to make a living. If you consult with David and follow his advice, you will make more money. Period.

Trevor Jones

David is an excellent coach in every aspect of this business and he shows you the best areas to prioritize to grow (or start) a successful voiceover business. Although I’ve been in the business for a number of years, his coaching has helped me take it to the next level and concentrate on things that keep me perfecting my craft. I’ve seen immediate benefits from his coaching tips and really enjoy his teaching style, specific to me and my needs and skill level and I’ve learned something new and valuable with each session!

I would highly recommend David, both to new talent in the industry and to established voiceover businesses. You never stop learning!

Pamela Almand

It's such a pleasure to work with you! Again, thanks so much for your generosity.


Hi David,

This seems the perfect time of year to thank you once again for putting on such a helpful workshop in Seattle this past spring! Thanks to your direction and encouragement, I now have THREE audiobooks up for sale on and am working on the second volume of a fantasy trilogy that is full of magic, suspense, adventure - and leprechauns, dwarves, goblins, a wizard, various English and Irish characters plus a German baroness! ...
I have also been doing monthly on-hold messages for BMW NorthWest, NorthWest Mini and Tacoma Mini - 3 car dealerships here in the Seattle-Tacoma area.... Wishing you and your family and very happy holiday season and a healthy New Year with much success for Edge Studios in 2015.


Hi David,
thank you for a great coaching session yesterday. Just wanted to let you know that I booked one of the auditions I sent you. Alliant University. So…the technique pointers are working already!

I definitely would like to book 2 more sessions with you.


Once again, I can't thank you enough for your direction and, most importantly, your time.

...It was you in part, after all, who gave me some traction early in my career with some very nice work and the help of your expert direction...


I want to sincerely thank you once again for all the time and invaluable information you've given me over our sessions. They've been enormously helpful, as has been your support and suggestions for success.



Time and money well spent. Lots of good practical information. Enjoyed being able to read and receive feedback. Glad I didn't miss this road trip.

Hi, David,

...Your critique was spot-on and exactly what I need to kick my career and my business up a notch or two!...


I've done several coaching sessions with David and I proudly tell people, "he lives in my head now." Seriously, every time I record a job or an audition, my mind automatically goes back to things David said during our sessions--and I'd been a pro voice artist for over 20 years prior to working with him! No matter what your level, getting coached by David is an investment no one could ever regret. Loved every minute!

Jackie Bales

You have some of the best ears in the business so how could I ever say enough but that you were awesome as always.


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