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Hi David,

Thank you for such an interesting presentation of valuable information. I am looking forward to reviewing the recording of the session. It was also good to hear your voice. You gave excellent direction!


This was uniquely helpful. I was one who read some script; David’s comments were on point and nothing was said in a negative manner, which made it easy to take in and quickly incorporate. He was also the first person who has ever mentioned a certain vocal issue or habit I was unaware of and, as he suggested, I signed up for the Nov 11 vocal health class to deal with this. His choice to speak in the role of a casting director proved to be an eye opener. In short, all comments helpful, worth every minute, done extremely well.

Diane K.

All of the information you sent was very helpful! You're the best!


Hi David -

Thanks so much -- you made my week :)

I do appreciate it. You are really an amazing coach. My only regret is not starting out with you a few years ago -- but I'm glad I'm on the right track now! I am even getting better at editing - I LOVE Twisted Wave!

Have a great weekend!


Loved David G's first presentation and wished it was longer than 30 min.

I learned SO much in such a short a period of time at the small, round table near the Edge Studio display at V/O Atlanta 2014. Five minutes flew right by as David worked with me, offered me precise pointers and assisted me with my delivery of a short piece of copy.

Later that evening, watching David work with lots of conference participants (including myself) on copy interpretation and delivery over a two hour period was absolutely amazing. It was the highlight of V/O Atlanta 2014.

I don't see how anyone could go wrong with getting voice over training with Edge Studio.

Ed Phillips


Just wanted to say thanks again for the call/talk we had some months ago ... You really helped me to think about it in the right way, accept the change and trust it.

Hi David,

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. I just wanted to take a quick minute to say "Thank You" for your support and knowledge you passed on at Faffcon 8.

I regret not getting to meet you, but you were in pretty high demand. I really enjoyed your Saturday night workshop.

Hope to meet you in the future. When the time arises for a new demo or training I will give you a call.

Thank you

Matt R

Wow! Awesome, thank you so much for the boost! That right there got my creative juices flowing! Funny, I've had a bunch of ideas that I've always flirted with, but was always a bit tentative to step out of the box in-fear of career suicide. It's going to feel really good to step out of the norm. Thank you!!!


What a wonderful recap and outline of action steps for me to chisel away at, David. Cheers!

I'm still processing it all and I'm doing it from a place of gratitude. :)

Appreciating You,



Thank you. Another informative session. Please share my appreciation with David.


The class was incredibly informative - tough - but tons of great advice. David's commitment to making us better VO actors was clearly evident. Really impressive, especially working with us to put reads into there overall context, or as he put it, "you're only part of the show." Have to admit I was a bit nervous and hurried my read, but David was reassuring, noting that his focus was on making us the best we could be.

John A.

I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with me today. Your insights and suggestions did not fall on deaf ears. I greatly appreciate your honesty and encouragement...and the kick in the butt I've been needing to move more in the right direction to improve my demo's & website.
We'll be in touch very soon.


I have had the opportunity to be coached by David Goldberg on several occasions. When I first started training with "Edge" studio, David always gave meaningful feedback on phone coaching sessions for technique 101. As I progressed further into my career and had the chance to do a career guidance session with David, he was very helpful. He gave me step by step guidelines for how to improve my website, my narration demo, and how to improve my success in the industry as a whole. David is knowledgeable, honest, kind, and has a great ear- which is so key in the VO business! I would highly recommend working with David to anyone who wants to take their VO career to the next level!!

Val Kelly, Voice actor President/CEO Mid-Atlantic Voiceover,LLC Executive Producer Mid-Atlantic Voiceover "Get Inspired" Conference 2014

It would have been nice if we had been able to see more of the initial speakers but It would have turned the event into two days for sure.

David, thank you so much for all of your feedback. I really appreciate it. I can't wait to start applying everything that I learned :-)

Sharon A.

When David's Road Trip came through San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to learn from him. I mainly narrate long-form jobs, and was in sad need of a tune-up on my commercial delivery. David did a great job in this class working with very new folks, as well as seasoned pros. He gave a good synopsis of the industry and insight into the casting process, while going over sound business practices and how they can affect your chances at getting hired. At the end of the day I felt much more confident in my script interpretation skills, and self-direction techniques. David's patience and humor made the day fly by.

Ann M. Richardson, Narrator

Thank you so very kindly for the time and effort spent with me on the phone to review my demos and help my ear.

I can already say that the 1/2 hour you gave of your time has produced growth and helped me to get work!!

Again, thank you so much!!


Hi David,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed FAFFCON 6 in San Antonio last weekend! I really appreciate your genuine interest in vo talent and how to help us all. ...your insight and advice was very much appreciated from my end and I'm sure everyone else as well. It was great meeting you and I hope we can continue dialog throughout the year!

Thanks again,


Hi there David, I hope you are well and I'm sure you're keeping busy!
I wanted to just touch base to keep you apprised of my progress - I've picked up 16 new clients, both on and through various production houses and October has thus far been the best month yet! I actually have logos on my website now. :-)
Continuously learning and continuing to recommend Edge to colleagues. I hope to attend another session if your road trip brings you to the West Coast again.

Great seminar John and David. I really learned a lot of tips. I am certain I could handle Telephony. Wished I could have been one of the readers to get some critique. Luck of the draw. I look forward to your next seminar.


Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your VoiceOverXtra Telephony teleseminar on Tuesday night! I learned a lot about delivery and the potential opportunities in this niche. My only regret is that my phone froze when you called my name, so I missed my opportunity to read for you! I've been kicking myself about that ever since. Looks like I need a new phone and to keep an eye out for your next class. :)


As someone who loves to soak in educational webinars in the voiceover industry, David Goldberg’s recent webinar on how to stay relevant in 2019, was by far, the best webinar I’ve ever attended. It was very explanatory, bringing out the most important points and answering as many questions as he could because there were many. He stayed on track, and his passion for sincerely wanting to help people grow in this field came through. Thank you David, for an excellent webinar! I definitely got my money’s worth on this one!

Tina W.

The recent class that I attended with David Goldberg was the single most valuable class of my entire career. David was able to precisely identify a common yet easily correctable mistake I was repeatedly making, show me what to do different to book the job and most importantly, David helped me find my money voice. I've never been busier and for the first time in my career, I've been so busy that I've started to turn down work. If you're trying to figure out whether the class is worth the time and money investment, STOP. This week alone, I booked a four figure job that paid for the registration of David's class 15 times over.

It's no wonder they say that "David has the best ears in the business."

Kamran Khan

David is an exceptional mentor and this is an understatement. No phone call, no email, and no missive from a student or VO artist trying to find their feet, is too unimportant to go personally unanswered by him. For the CEO of a studio like Edge, which is probably one of the busiest recording studios in the country, that is an incredibly selfless feat. David guides you with honesty and an astute business sense – for you – not for him. He wants you to succeed and will use his generosity, his knowledge, his well-honed skills and his state-of-the-art resources to your benefit. He never once pushed for me to sign up for new sessions or classes, but instead advised me on a very specific route that suited both my purposes and my budget. For David, his main focus is to make sure that you do not feel like just a ‘client’ who is trying to find the ropes, but instead feel like a full-fledged VO artist who just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. The kind of confidence that instills is tremendous. I am truly lucky to have discovered Edge and even luckier to have had a chance to work with David.


I would've like more time for David Goldberg's presentation.

hi david...

i wanted to let you know i booked my first commercial! going in to record a southwest airlines spot tomorrow. thank you for all of your help! you helped me get this ball rolling. now to keep the momentum!


David Goldberg has revolutionized the way I think and audition as a voice actor. After training with numerous coaches, my bookings doubled once we started training together and I utilized his effective techniques. His knowledge and love for the voiceover business is apparent in every session and matched only by his thorough understanding of how to help you become a continuously booked talent in this competitive market. Along with invaluable audition/performance advice, he has helped me solidify the branding and business model around my voice, resulting in more work than ever before. A fun and easy-to-work with professional, David’s “best ears in the business” will not only hear and draw out your strengths, they’ll provide you a foundation for a successful career.

Alan Adelberg

Hi David,

Thanks so much for the remote Skype session this morning. I followed your advice for breaking down the script from the caster's viewpoint and I popped on v123 to put it into practice.

Minutes ago, I received an email from a media company that they're sending my audition onto the hiring client for review. All I can say is, "Wow and thanks!" This is quickest response I've ever gotten auditioning on the p2ps.

All the best,

John G

Hi David,
I'd like to thank you for the session you led. I am by no means trying to butter you up, but your session was the most helpful to me. It's the one I'm still thinking about the most, and the one I immediately talked to my husband about when I arrived back home in Los Angeles. ...So, again, sincere thanks for helping to propel me to the next stage of my career.


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