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The recent class that I attended with David Goldberg was the single most valuable class of my entire career. David was able to precisely identify a common yet easily correctable mistake I was repeatedly making, show me what to do different to book the job and most importantly, David helped me find my money voice. I've never been busier and for the first time in my career, I've been so busy that I've started to turn down work. If you're trying to figure out whether the class is worth the time and money investment, STOP. This week alone, I booked a four figure job that paid for the registration of David's class 15 times over.

It's no wonder they say that "David has the best ears in the business."

Kamran Khan

David is an exceptional mentor and this is an understatement. No phone call, no email, and no missive from a student or VO artist trying to find their feet, is too unimportant to go personally unanswered by him. For the CEO of a studio like Edge, which is probably one of the busiest recording studios in the country, that is an incredibly selfless feat. David guides you with honesty and an astute business sense – for you – not for him. He wants you to succeed and will use his generosity, his knowledge, his well-honed skills and his state-of-the-art resources to your benefit. He never once pushed for me to sign up for new sessions or classes, but instead advised me on a very specific route that suited both my purposes and my budget. For David, his main focus is to make sure that you do not feel like just a ‘client’ who is trying to find the ropes, but instead feel like a full-fledged VO artist who just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. The kind of confidence that instills is tremendous. I am truly lucky to have discovered Edge and even luckier to have had a chance to work with David.


Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your VoiceOverXtra Telephony teleseminar on Tuesday night! I learned a lot about delivery and the potential opportunities in this niche. My only regret is that my phone froze when you called my name, so I missed my opportunity to read for you! I've been kicking myself about that ever since. Looks like I need a new phone and to keep an eye out for your next class. :)


hi david...

i wanted to let you know i booked my first commercial! going in to record a southwest airlines spot tomorrow. thank you for all of your help! you helped me get this ball rolling. now to keep the momentum!


David Goldberg has revolutionized the way I think and audition as a voice actor. After training with numerous coaches, my bookings doubled once we started training together and I utilized his effective techniques. His knowledge and love for the voiceover business is apparent in every session and matched only by his thorough understanding of how to help you become a continuously booked talent in this competitive market. Along with invaluable audition/performance advice, he has helped me solidify the branding and business model around my voice, resulting in more work than ever before. A fun and easy-to-work with professional, David’s “best ears in the business” will not only hear and draw out your strengths, they’ll provide you a foundation for a successful career.

Alan Adelberg

I would've like more time for David Goldberg's presentation.

Hi David,
I'd like to thank you for the session you led. I am by no means trying to butter you up, but your session was the most helpful to me. It's the one I'm still thinking about the most, and the one I immediately talked to my husband about when I arrived back home in Los Angeles. ...So, again, sincere thanks for helping to propel me to the next stage of my career.


I have received training and coaching from a variety of established members of the VO community and David Goldberg’s coaching/teaching style has had the greatest impact on my development. Along with having his finger on the pulse of what is currently booking, he has an incredibly keen ear, with the ability to hear even subtle differences between a good read and a great read that would book the job. David tells it like it is - always with the intention to encourage - thank you for that!
Take care,



Thank you for a great session. You've both done it again - super impressive!


Hi David,

Thanks so much for the remote Skype session this morning. I followed your advice for breaking down the script from the caster's viewpoint and I popped on v123 to put it into practice.

Minutes ago, I received an email from a media company that they're sending my audition onto the hiring client for review. All I can say is, "Wow and thanks!" This is quickest response I've ever gotten auditioning on the p2ps.

All the best,

John G

Thank you again for the opportunity to read for you tonight at VO Virtual. (I read the documentary sample) You give very clear and perceptive comments and directions, and I really like your style!

Don Reece

Hi David!

...some years back in NYC I worked with you... on my character demo (which got me some cool work, by the way).

Now I'm living in LA pursuing more VO work. ...video game director is pitching me on a number of productions, so it's going pretty well. And I've only been here since September!

I'm touching base because this morning I met with [an agency] and you're name came up, he had a lot of nice things to say about you, as did I, and it reminded me of my time learning at Edge Studio. I still use many pieces from that demo. :)

Hope all is well!

Please pass my "thanks" to David for an excellent class. It was a style of performance that I thought I was not able to do until David's lesson.


I’ve had the opportunity to receive several voiceover coaching sessions with David Goldberg in person and online and each time gained a wealth of knowledge. He’s led me through marketing ideas, getting a better grasp on the conversational read, dissecting scripts and finding the read that a director would be looking for. Just tons of wonderful tips I use every single day. He, along with Edge Studio, has helped me take my voiceover skills and my voiceover career to the next level

Amie B

Good morning, Stephanie and David, and many thanks to you and Ashley for a terrific VoiceWorld Conference on Saturday. I really found it immensely useful - particularly David Goldberg's opening presentation - and an confident going forward as a Voice Talent.

David has been a great coach over the years. With his wealth of experience he hears things that others simply can’t. And he gets to the crux of the matter in a hurry. He did a wonderful job on my new demos, which you can hear for yourself at www.voiceguy.com

Jim Cissell

David has a golden ear, I hope it's insured. He sees things within a student they can't even see, he is beyond gifted. David truly gets to know his students gifts and is not interested in throwing together a demo. He wants the authentic YOU to shine

Annette Coward -team Goldberg

Hey, David!

I very much enjoyed your tele-seminar last night and I appreciate your teaching and instruction! I came away with some great ideas to "make happen" in my next auditions. I like doing telephony and would like to see that part of my business grow. I'm seriously going to consider creating a demo this year some time.

Kathy P


It was a pleasure seeing you today at MAVO. Thanks again for being a
sponsor. It wouldn't happen without you! As an Edge graduate, I always
enjoy hearing you speak because it reminds me of why I chose to do my
training there to begin with. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for listening


Hi David,
Thanks for the wonderful session on VOV tonight. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be coached by you. I am enrolled in your training/demo program at Edge. Didn't think I'd ever be coached by the Master Himself. Thanks for your expertise and your generosity. I will always remember your advice to work on the ear as well as the voice.

Cecelia Jones

Taking private coaching sessions with David Goldberg was the best decision I could have made for my voice acting career. I started out in the field by signing up for one of those quick start programs and then worked in the field on my own for about 2 years -- booking very few gigs. I knew I had a marketable voice but realized that I needed to do something different to “up my game.” David Goldberg was the answer!

With David, I can honestly say that I have a voice coach for the first time. From our first session together, I knew that it was worth the investment because he could immediately pinpoint my weaknesses and would give me clear, detailed instructions how to eliminate them. David is incredibly patient, professional and has a phenomenal ear for voices that is unmatched in the industry. He is honest – helping you find your niche in the field – cautioning you what to go after and what to avoid.
Now when I record auditions in my home studio, I can immediately hear any mistakes I make and easily remedy them. My auditions are now crisp, clear and as close to professional quality as anyone can get. I confident submit quality auditions now and am booking many gigs.

Don’t get the impression that this field is easy – it certainly is not – and any compliments David gives you must be earned. But that’s the thing I love about David –I need someone to push me to work hard in this challenging industry and when I get a compliment from David, it’s a great feeling because I have earned it.

With David Goldberg as my coach, I know that the world will be hearing a lot from me in the future!

Terri Corigliano

Great telephony tele-seminar!! Very informative and very helpful!!!
Thanks again!


Thanks so much, David!
The webinar tonight was fantastic. I learned so much!
(… about voice over AND the many time benefits of having such a short name—who knew?!)
Look forward to the next one.


Training with David Goldberg is an experience in excellence. He has an irrefutable ear and with careful coaching, he can draw out the most nuanced phrase from his students, the most exacting read -- the very thing that transforms a read from good to spectacular. He is professional, erudite and a great pleasure to train with. I highly recommend training with David to any voice talent who wishes to polish their performance to luster.

Laura M

You bring out more than anyone else has.

I first met Dave Goldberg as a fellow presenter at FaffCon 3 in 2011. He sat in on my seminar and soon after hired me to be a part of the Edge Studio team. It’s an honor and I’m eternally grateful!

We had a coaching session not long after that. He ran a diagnostic on my website & demos. His vast experience and uncanny ability to cut through the BS quickly made clear what I needed to do to improve both. His approach is VERY different because he has no ego to satiate and gets to the point as soon as possible. It’s refreshing!

Tom Dheere

David is patient, thoughtful and truly enjoys seeing his students improve and goes to great lengths to help make this happen, he’s an amazing coach and an unwavering partner with an unmatched perspective on all aspects of the voiceover business.


Hello David and Susanne,

I just wanted to send a quick follow up and say THANK YOU for my fantastic session with David yesterday (Monday 4/3)! Your advice and expert breakdown of my sound and technique was so helpful, and very much needed. Your guidance was direct, laser-like, and after it was over I found myself pumped up and with a clear direction. Plus, you even kindly went over the allotted time. Time is truly money in this business, and I deeply appreciate your generosity.

Susanne, you deserve great thanks as well! You were so very helpful in making this happen, and it was a pleasure to take your cheerful follow up call this morning.

I look forward to doing more sessions with Edge soon, but in the meantime, I've got some homework to do! :)

Bryan Jester

David Goldberg is the BEST. As an Edge student I have had a few opportunities to work with him in group training classes. He has a wonderful way of putting you at ease, which I so appreciate. If you have a chance to work with him you won't be disappointed.

Debbie O.

Hi David,
Just a quick note of thanks for all you have done to help me find success in the world of VO.
You’ve taught me a lot, but it all comes down to this: You’ve truly helped me develop and refine my script interpretation and performance skills. Most importantly, you helped me “find my voice.”
But, because training and practice never ends, I’ll be submitting an audition tape tomorrow for your Phase 4 program.
You are an outstanding mentor, coach, director, and friend. I wish there were words that could adequately express my gratitude.

Thank you again (because, quite frankly, I just can’t say it enough).

Bill Lord

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