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Hey, David! I'd like to thank you for the time and attention you gave me during our online coaching sessions. Working as a voiceover talent in a foreign country has posed many challenges, not the least of which has been finding a qualified voiceover coach who can work with me in my native language! But through the magic of Skype, geographic location is no longer an issue.

Working with you via webcam has helped me identify specific areas of my work where I need to improve and after just five one-hour sessions, you've upped my game to a level where I expect to make my money back in just a few months, since more work is already coming in from clients who have noticed a difference in the audio I send out. Thanks again and all the best from Brazil, Jason

Jason Bermingham, American voiceover talent based in São Paulo, Brazil

I began with Edge Studio in 2012 and have been taking classes and private coaching ever since. I love being a part of Edge Studio and have had the fortune of working privately with David Goldberg. He is, hands down, the best voice over coach and director that I have ever worked with. David is just a natural at working with voice actors. He puts his talent/students at ease instantly, he is very clear about what he wants/expects and generously shares his experience and vast knowledge with everyone he works with. Some of my favorite, but very simple advice from David is, "to just have fun with it," and "smile."

What I find most impressive about the Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, is that he is probably one of the most active people in the voice over community today. Last year, he traveled across the country every week doing 1-3 full day VO performance and technique training seminars in many cities (including NYC, which I attended) on top of working FT in the NYC home office. At these events, every participant had the opportunity to read a script and get live feedback from David personally. We also learned how to listen that day through David's ears, which was a brilliant.

Edge Studio also sponsors many events throughout the year, they partner with services such as and their website is hands down an amazing resource for all voice actors. I highly recommend that you check it out and definitely participate in the weekly script challenge, which encourages practice (so smart!). I believe that David's great passion for the voice over business and his desire to see good people succeed is what has made his company so successful and what makes him so good at what he does. David is committed to his people, his students and his clients. I admire David very much and I thank him very much for his continued support of myself, my voice over career, and for dubbing me, "The Friendly, Loud Mouth!"

David Goldberg and Edge Studio are full service. David literally does it all. Well, except for the actual voice overs, which is why I suppose he has to keep training us all so well, producing such great demo's and then hiring us too. Thank you David, for all that you do.

Anne Gordon "The Friendly Loud Mouth"

Hi David,
Thank you for your time and direction in the Telephony seminar tonight. I look forward to future sessions and the opportunity to work more closely with Edge. Have an exceptional week!


Hi, Edge!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank David Goldberg for his wonderfully informational, thoroughly inspiring, and extremely humbling Intensive Audition Workshop on December 2, 2017.

I feel fortunate to have attended for several reasons:

1) David is an incredible instructor, speaker, and voice-over guru! I can't list the number of new things I learned about voice-over on Saturday! He not only imparted some great tips and ideas, but encouraged the workshop attendees to use their new-found-learning right there in the studio!
2) It was wonderful to meet, co-coach, and learn from other workshop participants as well! It is no surprise that an organization as professional as Edge Studio attracts such wonderful students from all over!
3) As much as I learned, my eyes were also opened to how much there is still to learn, and always will be to learn about this wonderful craft of Voice-Over! Truly a sign of a successful class: learn great amounts, be inspired to learn more!

I hope that I can learn more from David in the future! Thanks for including me in this wonderful event!

Brian C.

David Goldberg is awesome! He's clearly passionate about the voiceover business and wants to serve everyone in it! Edge Studio is an amazing resource that you should check out!
Thanks to David for offering so much amazing info and to his team for a cool year-end contest!

Stacey J.

Hi David,

It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. I really felt your class helped bring a greater awareness of the depth I can add to auditions, and gave me more confidence in being able to self direct them.


Hi David,

Performance class last night was wonderful! I love learning and I especially like that feeling the next day after class of; "wow, it feels good to be learning in my career field". I really appreciate Edge Studios for having these fantastic classes available...especially since I'm in a smaller town without local training.

Thanks so much and look forward to the next class! :-)


Thank you so much for putting so much time, effort and real genuine thought into my career. It is beyond appreciated and I am so fortunate for the help and guidance. I am really looking forward to working with you and EDGE and really sinking my teeth into all of this. This is way better than what could have come up with.....Shhh!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and talent at MAVO2015. It was so exciting to read for you... The feedback then and also in the evening workout was so useful and appreciated. Now I'm looking forward to following your guidance ... 2016 will be a great year, thanks in no small part to you. I look forward to seeing you again.
Thanks again and have a great end of year.

Beth Stewart

Regarding the website and the demo review...again your were fabulous as always. Everything was clear and if you visit the site now you will see that several things have already been corrected. ...Thanks for everything

I've been working with David Goldberg for six months. He has an amazing ear (and has taught me how to listen better), his direction is spot on, and his personal interest in my success has helped me grow immensely as a talent. In addition to working on the technical aspects that go into a great read, David has helped me trust my own instincts so I can go in the booth and deliver interesting and unique reads that make my work stand out from the crowd.

David Goldberg is all business, but his casual, productive, and collaborative approach inspires me to create…and isn't that what VO is all about?

Bill Lord

I’m SO pleased I acted on my impulse to get some Voice Over coaching from David Goldberg at Edge Studio. After spending some profitable time with him, I came away feeling like I had been with one of the best in the biz. He was dead-honest and he offered me a sensible action plan.

One of the things that I felt set him apart was that he helped me identify what I needed in order to grow forward and become more marketable. He also gave me specific advice about how to assess client’s needs when I’m auditioning. (We actually picked apart a couple of my unsuccessful auditions in order to help me make more affective choices when I’m reading job specs.) I was also impressed with the coaching notes he sent me after our session.

At the end of the day, what he hears with his uncanny ears are worth every penny and more. But his assessment, his coaching and his counsel are priceless.


Dear John,
Thank you and Thanks to David Goldberg for a great seminar last night.
I listened for the entire 2 hours and thoroughly enjoyed all of it - there were lots of great tips in the general conversation that
David gave while he actually delivered the course. The coaching was excellent.

One of the best points made was that if you can't do everything as in , translate, voice, edit, etc - find someone who can.
Keep the client, or don't run and say you can't do it because you can't do it all.
Think in shades of gray.


It was an honor to work with you and learn from you on Saturday. As you said, the time just flew by! I have been in many classes like this over the years for various purposes (including some others at Edge) but never have I been in one where everyone was focused on helping each other get better and gleaning knowledge from each other. The people in the group contributed a lot to that vibe; but it never would have happened without your leadership and encouragement. Thank you so much for giving of your time and expertise to help all of us grow!


All I can say is WOW and thank you! I never in a million years expected an email response, let alone website feedback!! Once again I am blown away by your generosity of your time and advice.


I had a great session with David! I really like what he came up with. He's an exceptional mentor.


David Goldberg was phenomenal as well as Pat Fraley and David C.

I wanted to thank you for setting me on the path I'm on right now. I know voice over is just my perfect fit and I have Edge and you to thank for that.

Hello Mr. Goldberg (!!!):

I want once again to sincerely thank you for your time last Tuesday, and to express my appreciation for the invaluable information and feedback you provided. I came to the session with good expectations, and they were greatly exceeded!

David, thanks for the Best Training Session ever.
You haven’t heard the last of me.

Tim L.

David Goldberg presents even-handed, sensible, and timely feedback from a place of experience. As a voice-over novice, how lucky was I to find him? The alternative was a crowded field of grasping experts offering the world. Instead, David was proposing tailor-made, common-sense, actionable suggestions that progressed me to the next logical step in my career.
Clearly David Goldberg’s forte and passion is centered on enhancing your career with tips that grow your voice-over talent and your business. Just think what he could do for you?

Dave Courvoisier

David has the best ear in the business. Not only is he great to work with but truly wants to help you be the best that "you" can be!


Hi, David, from Beth Green. Thank you for an extremely informative Telephony class last night! It was delightful to be in the presence of so many fellow voice actors who are eager to learn and hone this wonderful craft, and to have you as a teacher! It is so obvious that you love what you do, and do what you love! Me, tooooo!


Dear David,

Thank you so much for teaching the audition workshop on Saturday! It was incredibly helpful to practice in-depth copy analysis and to learn about the pitfalls to avoid when recording auditions. The peer critique was a terrific way to train our ears and get us thinking about auditions from the perspective of these making casting decisions.

It was also so great to finally meet you! As I told you after the class, I've enjoyed the training program at Edge so much. I've learned a ton of useful information, and the people at the studio have all been friendly, helpful and encouraging every step of the way.

Thanks again for the awesome class - hope to work together again soon!


David was my very first VO coach after I'd attended an intro workshop at Edge eight years ago. I remember his evaluation of me. I was a little offended, because he heard things in my read, that I swore weren't there, that both limited my castability and opened doors in a niche type. He was dead on right and, to this day, I am grateful.

Anthony Mendez

Thank you so much, David! Our session was terrific and I appreciate your expertise and guidance.


I would've like more time for David Goldberg's presentation.

Kamran Khan: Oh man, things have never been better since your class. I feel like you helped me find my money voice... So thanks for all of that!

David Goldberg: hey, just read this. that's great. are you feeling better about your auditions? or are you getting more work?

Kamran Khan: For the past two weeks straight, I've booked a gig almost every day! And I'm very quick to catch glottal stops should one sneak in!

David Goldberg: That's freaking awesome!!!!! Are these jobs from auditions? Or on-going clients?

Kamran Khan: Primarily auditions! And as a result, those new clients are quickly turning into regular on-going clients!

David Goldberg: nice!!!

Kamran Khan: The biggest thing you helped me realize is that for me, "energy" does not mean higher pitch. I'm not that guy. I'm the "Conversational Smart Guy Next Door who specializes in Explainers for Business and Technology Companies"

Kamran Khan: And the trend is still going...just woke up to this "Thank you for auditioning Kamran, I am hoping for a decision this week. You have a really great chance! -Jack"

David Goldberg: That's great Kamran!!!:::... . . . . .

Kamran Khan: You have no idea! It feels so great to wake up to an email like this on a daily basis! Thanks again David!!!

David Goldberg: can i use this whole skype thread as a testimonial?

Kamran Khan: absolutely

Kamran Khan: more than happy to give back to Edge in any way that I can and I mean that

Kamran Khan

Excellent , thank you.

I am waiting for the new website changes and headshots are scheduled for this week. You have pushed me in the right direction and I am so grateful for that!

Please do pass on my thanks again to David Goldberg for these - not to mention for his time and very kind and thoughtful consideration yesterday. His vast expertise and deeply ethical professionalism were so impressive and I learned an enormous amount. And it was fun!

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