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As a first time attendee at Faffcon I want to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed the two sessions you and David did today. I really appreciate your willingness to share. It was excellent. Thanks.

Hi David.. (from the guy who you said did a pretty fair job with his hand in his pocket)
( guess that was my motivation :-) )
Just want to thank you for your generous contribution to my enlightening and inspiring weekend.

Doing a session under your guidance was worth every penny and minute of my expense to get there.

You've made me hopeful... no, confident that our paths will cross again in the form of me doing work for EDGE.

I'm an "old timer" in this business but never quite got the break-out "break" that I needed to start moving up.

There's a "feeling" inside me that says "time is coming".

Thank you again.

Bob Taylor

It was a pleasure meeting you at Faffcon3. I caught your input in 2 or 3 sessions over the weekend.
It's good to know that you, your staff and Edge Studio are behind us talent and are such a great resource for us.


The direction was excellent! You confirmed with me that I just need to talk naturally with limit pauses when reading the copy. Keeping it flowing and natural is what I will focus on. Thanks for that David!


Hi David,

Just a short note to say it was a pleasure meeting you down at Faffcon3 and I really appreciate the direction on my audition and all of the valuable information given over the weekend. I will certainly consider following-up with Jay Snyder and Linda Jones for future consulting to enhance my career development.

Continued success with VO and thank you for all that Edge Studio has provided myself and my colleagues over the years!

Patrick Sweeney

Dear David -

Great to see you again... you are indeed the go-to person for direct, intelligent advice about best steps to take to solidify my career as a voice over actor...

Ever best,

Johnnie Moore

Good afternoon.

I want to commend you all for your "Talk With A Pro" archives on the website, and offer particular thanks for the archived "Demo" call with David Goldberg.

Just finished listening to the MP3 of that call with David. It was rich with information, but the most profound thing I took away from it was David's comment on how it seems that so many aspiring voice talents don't invest enough love in their demos (paraphrasing here). I wonder how many people dialed into that call or replayed the recording and expected to hear about the importance of love for the art when preparing and marketing a demo? I didn't, but I fully understand and appreciate the advice.

Thanks again.

Lane N. Alston

Hi David:

You were absolutely spectacular on Tuesday! Thank you for taking most of your day to present one of the best guest lectures I've ever been part of. Everything was right on -- timely and insightful with that all important real world edge. The American Tire Supply improv was the best "directing talent" exercise I've ever seen. There is nothing more important to me than exposing our MFAs to working industry professionals. It's the best way for them to learn what will be expected of them to break into the business and have a productive career. I have struggled for a long time with many of my colleagues because they are academics who have never delivered a quality project on time and on budget to a client.

Not only do you have the highest aesthetic standards, but the "Editing" process you described in detail is clearly the foundation to produce recordings with the highest technical standards. People who have a mastery of both content and process are rare.

Everyone loved your presentational style: personable, humorous, and a wealth of knowledge. Next time you might have to take the entire six hour class. I'll throw in a 10 minute break!

Thank you again, and please do not hesitate to call on me as a resource.

Stuart MacLelland Head of the Department of TV and Radio The City University of New York


...Your copy editing and listening talents are superior.


Dear David:
Thank you for taking the time to share so much of your expertise with me this morning.
Your thoughts and suggestions are enormously helpful and appreciated. Did you notice I didn't "pause" there before "enormously?" I am a quick learner, or maybe just a "smart rat?" and will work on my medical narration demo over the next few days. Best wishes for fun/relaxing family time today and this weekend.


Hi David,

I can't thank you enough for your time and expertise yesterday. I will certainly be applying your advice to my existing demos and once edited will upload them to your site. It's great to get expert feedback and I'm duly appreciative.

Hope you're having a great day and I look forward to being in touch.


I just wanted to thank you for last night's "Why 99% of Demos Are Tossed" teleseminar. It was packed full of useful information. Your tips for initial contact with the client are invaluable. I've been studying and reading a lot about voiceover but there were several specific points that you mentioned that were new to me.

Jan Kennedy

Dear David,
I participated in your webinar - "Why 99% of Demos Get Tossed" - last week.

I previously served for 14 years as the Marketing and Business Development Director for two of the largest law firms in the world, and I found your webinar to be the most instructive, informative, and useful session I have evern been part of, including in my former industry.

Your advice was succinct and clear, with immediate applicability. Your enthusiasm for the subjecct and voice over work was also very appealing.

Thank you for taking the time to go through all of this with us!

Sincerely yours,



I learned a lot today. I can't thank you enough for your time, expertise and generosity.


David Goldberg is a winning combination of calm, cool and collected. His coaching is precise and he can pinpoint areas to develop quicker than you can finish this sentence.

Cyndee Maxwell

I was amazed at how much I improved with you in only 15 min.


Hi David,
Thank you for your time today. I really appreciate the extra effort you took to offer great advice, give me ear-training "homework", look over my website, and listen to my demos. It's not the first time I've heard the observation about my voice as potentially appropriate for promo for kid's TV - it's definitely something I will keep in mind. If you think about it, please let me know which channel you were thinking about during our conversation - I might be interested in pitching myself as the "vacation replacement" for their main guy! Thanks again.

Tom Fiske

Since our coaching session I've referenced your advice many times. I so appreciate your help.


I had an amazing session with David. He helped me sort through my demos, their names, and the order in which the spots should run. He was easy to work with, gave me amazing suggestions/feedback -- on my body of work, my voice type(s) and on how best to promote my business. His producer/director ear was laser-like and he pointed out things I had been missing all along. And he did it in a warm and easy-to-digest way. It was well worth my time, and I'm already working to put his suggestions into place. I am confident they will help take me to the next level!

Shireen S. Shahawy

You are an exceptionally gifted director.

Good afternoon David, I am so encouraged by your e-mail and want to thank you for guiding me through the process that brought out the voice in me that I have been looking for, for a long time.

Keith Russell

Thanks again, David. You rock.

Thank you as ever for sharing your knowledge and friendly professionalism. I'll be in touch.............

David, I truly appreciate your interest and response! Solid!
I may transition from the character stuff that has been my forte.
I'll keep in touch


Hi David,

Thank you so much for your direction yesterday..I really trust your
opinion and find I can really get the takes I need..THANK YOU!


Thank you David! Greatly appreciated! I will keep you posted!


Thank you so much, David! I feel so much more confident after our last session! Thank you for these wonderful notes on the sessions and for the recordings. What a difference between the first and last recordings! I'm excited to use the feedback forum (five times a week!!). Talk soon!!


Your evaluations and suggestions were spot on. My business has grown a lot and I'm enjoying it.


This is SUCH valuable feedback! I can hardly believe how quickly you responded, with what must be a staggering amount of us trainees who ask of your time! Bless you and thank you! I'll put this into practice immediately.


Hi David,

Thanks so much for this feedback, I really appreciate it!...
...Thank you again for taking the time to do this - it is very helpful!...

Have a great day!


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