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He was great- and I loved the honesty


The workshop offered an excellent overload of the voiceover field, opportunities to practice a variety of scrips and insightful and supportive feedback from the instructor.



Thank you are so generously sharing your time and expertise with me @ VO Atlanta. In our coaching session, you had the (ahem) guts to return my business card and tell me what I needed to hear. That stung, but I knew you were right. I knew you were protecting my first impression with your staff, and I appreciate that. For the first time since starting this endeavor i feel like I have a plan and the people who can help me implement that plan. So, thank yo. I truly appreciate your guidance and look forward to working together in the future. All the best to you!


You are so good at helping others with the "how" in a class room setting, that I'm certain that working with you as a director has to be a real pleasure.


David was awesome, you can tell he really cares.

Michael O.

Thank you Leanne! I really enjoyed this class. The studio and website are such a great resource. I look forward to working with you in the future!


I found myself wanting to write down everything simply because I heard so much valuable info.

Hi David,
I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your training day in San Francisco on Saturday. It was great to meet you and Kristen, and the day was terrifically helpful, insightful, and fun! You did a wonderful job of engaging with all of us, and the whole experience felt very personal. So, thank you!

Farn D.

It was very helpful.


Edge gives you a chance to live in the head of the client.


Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for sending along the photos. What a wonderful workshop David gave us. I'm still processing everything from the first 'Right car' to the last pivoting 'Dodge Charger' and of course, 'Heeeeere's Johnny!'

I want to thank you, too, for organizing the event for us, including being the delicious tea/coffee and lunch organizer. There's always so much work to be done in the background leading up to these events, and I want you to know that you made the whole day run so smoothly (and you didn't have to use the baseball bat on our tiny next-door neighbors!).


Thanks David! It was a well spent Saturday. I'm so glad you made DC one of your road stops and that I had the time to attend. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Hopefully now I can finally get this fledgling career off the ground.

Kathy Meyer

David was excellent! This was a prof-based informative seminar. The individual critique was invaluable.

Robert M.

Hello David,

Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to since taking part in your great Seattle workshop this spring!

My first audiobook recently went up for sale on

As a result of another Voice Registry weekend workout audition, an agent based in Minneapolis has signed me up. I have auditioned for several projects through her and am waiting to hear back. The first one was a singing audition!!! (and no, I don't have that kind of a voice, but it was a child's voice singing that they wanted, so I could manage that one!).

Finally, just this last week-end, I was hired to record a number of on hold prompts for the BMW and 2 Mini dealerships here. Fingers crossed that they like my British voice enough to continue to use me for regular updates!

Hope all is well with you. Thank you once again for all the tips and training and support you gave us all when you came to Seattle.

Have a safe and happy 4th July!

J. M.

It was really helpful & held my interest


Dear David,

Thank you for the class today. I appreciate that you and Kristen share your experience and wisdom with us in such a positive way. It was great to be reminded to look at the audition from the client's point of view. Thanks for coming to San Francisco.

Tom F.

I got so much in such a little time


Excellent workshop! The techniques David taught we're not only invaluable, but individualized to each participant. It was great learning from each other!

Ericka S.

...your work out session was dynamic. I didn't get a chance to read, but observing the reads and listening to your direction on their reads were priceless! Again, thanks for sharing techniques with the class at VO2014 conference. It helped me understand greatly on how to self direct, and to stay confident in self going forward.


Loved the coaching done by David Goldberg to participants, more of these exercises would have been great.

Great willingness to answer questions.

Matt L.

Warm & comforting atmosphere of attendees & trainer to make one feel safe in learning and receiving feedback.

April G.

Many thanks for a spectacularly helpful day of voice over training in San Francisco last weekend!

I found myself referring to the especially valuable script practice we all received as "The Goldberg Variations." Truly, David's comments on each student's work gave me new insight and practical help.

It was a pleasure to spend at least a few minutes with both of you! I hope you had a safe trip home, and at least one day's rest before resuming your busy schedules at Edge. You guys are wonderful!


Clear Concise suggestions for improvement. Thanks!


Enjoyed the casual atmosphere and feedback (very honest).


Hi Edge Folks:

Just want you to know how much I LOVED David Goldberg’s visit to Seattle (well, Redmond!) a couple of weeks ago. I had many “oh really? Wow!” moments. I did a commercial on Wed., & used some the the techniques we practiced in class, specifically the “pivot” (I think was the name) – the director LOVED my reads. He kept giving me compliments, so I hope that leads to more jobs!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful information you share each week with us.


I attended David's DC Road Trip the week before last. Great experience! Well worth the investment in time and money!

James H.

Hi, Emily!

Thoroughly enjoyed the class! David's insight and encouragement were a giant help in preparing to compete in the NBC-4 TV "Audition Spotlight" the next day at the "That's Voiceover" event at the Directors Guild of America building in Hollywood. Thirty of us were selected to continue in the competition from all the initial entries. It was quite an experience!

Extremely valuable - I always learn so much!


David is cool as a cucumber. I've been to his classes, and the guy is in a word. REAL. Just real as they come. Good show, gang! Now, let me enter this contest!

Tre Mosley

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