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Well, I think your selection of the order of the commercial spots is dead on. So I am very happy with all of the recordings and want you to proceed as we discussed with the CD production. Some day, if I get more work, I will make a character demo to add to my collection. I know I have not shown you my full range, and it is amazing how intimidating it is to do them for you!! Thank you again for your superb direction and engineering. I could have had this done locally, but I know I would not get as good a product as you give me. I have not yet encountered anyone with a better and more discerning ear. It makes me feel lucky to have worked with you.
Thanks again for everything. I'll definitely keep in touch!


Hi David,

I think the new demos did the trick...I signed with Arcieri and Associates on Friday!



Hello, David,
The commercial and narration demos arrived on Friday. All I can say is WOW! The training I received from you and Tom plus the great production work you folks did equaled one heck of a package that I'll be proud to send to anyone in the V/O industry. Many thanks, too for the marketing seminar. Now I'm ready to light the fires and smoke the tires. I'll keep you informed of my progress.
Best regards,

Bob Andrew. (Pittsburgh, Pa)

Hi Ron,

Thank you for a beautiful job producing my demo. It's amazing what can be


Just got a call from someone at CACI, a MAJOR contractor to the federal government who do lots of productions for them. She said, and I quote: 'Your CD demo is the best nonunion female demo I have ever heard'! So kudos to you and Edge!! She's submitting me to her clients, and seems excited about me for other jobs. Voila! Thank you!


Wow it sounds great!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Christine L

Hi David,
Thanks for the great work on my demos. I have been listening to them continually since returning to Toronto and am very excited about my first real attempt at a voice over career in 12 years of "getting ready." Your production was great and the coaching was invaluable. I have been waiting to meet someone with your talents for a long time and for a business to provide the services you do. I don't seem to have met as many people with such an open mind. Part of what I liked about working with you was the fact that you didn't try to change me... but worked with my strengths. My first visit to New York was amazing. I found it a very fulfilling experience ... the great recording session made it an unforgettable experience. I hope to continue this fine relationship we've begun and that it will serve us both equally in meeting our personal and professional goals.


Jake, thanks for your good work yesterday and today. I didn't expect to hear the finished product for some time.

Hard for me to praise myself, but this really does sound good.

And David, the Wildebeest is my new favorite mammal.

Thanks to you both, and please pass my thanks on to Eric as well.


Ken Beitz

Hi, there!

Just received the mp3 of my commercial demo, which we recorded on May 15. I am very happy with it!! Jake is wonderful!


Lauren Rees

Hi David;

Wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the VO demo that was produced at Edge. Your team really has it together!

Look for a CD of my VO demo to arrive this week at your studio. With a move to Arizona scheduled for mid-July, it would be nice to land some CT work prior to my departure.

Thanks again for your help and look forward to some time in the Edge Studio again soon!

Phil Levere

Wow, where do I begin?
I just couldn't be happier with the demo. I knew you were the guy to get this done right. Variety, production, substance, polish, professionalism, and class. It's all in the demo, and I am forever in your debt for coaching and encouraging me through the process.
Thanks again for the great to you soon!


Got the demo CD and all I can say is "Wow!" It's great! I am very thankful to all of you at Edge for all the training, counsel and help with turning out a fabulous demo for me. I know now how invaluable the training is. I am starting to send the demo CD out and the response has been positive. Thanks again...and without question, I would highly recommend Edge Studio to anyone interested in exploring the business of Voice Over work. Edge provides the training, production and support you need to move ahead with Voice Over. Thanks!

Dear David,
Hey, it's Dale:-). -I just wanted to thank you and Mike again for your help, encouragement, and guidance in assisting me in getting my demo completed. As I've mentioned to you before, I feel very fortunate to have found Edge Studio. I can't think of anyplace else where I would have wanted to be trained...or any other studio where I'd want to continue my training, thanks to you and Mike for all your help


Dear David,
First of all, thank you for the wonderful demo you produced. I understand that I may have voiced it, but that very first Suzuki ad grabs the listener and holds them there! Great production! Matt Trust, who works for the Lyons Group, liked it a lot. He sent it to S.E.M & M. Apparently, they are a substantial talent agency. Matt would like to represent me, and I just wanted to talk to you about it. It's all very exciting, and I'm trying to keep my head straight. At this point, I'm just going with the flow. I had hoped for some quick responses to my marketing, but this immediate attention is kind of unbelievable and very gratifying.
I really appreciate knowing you, your studio, and Susan.
Thanks, and have a great day.


Hi Jake...

Thanks so much for your great work on my demos. Your production was terrific and your insights at the sessions was invaluable. I hope I get to be on the other side of glass from you many times in the future!

Thanks again,



Here's some interesting news-I've had my demo in hand for less than 48 hours, and it has already delivered results.

I sent it to the creative director of the corporation where I work, and he called me back within the hour to tell me he was up to his waist in voice scripts for training, product demos, customer-facing PowerPoint slide shows, and the like, and would love for me to pitch in. It looks like I'll have some credits to cite a lot faster than I ever expected.

So thanks for the education, the tips, your endless supply of patience, and the highly polished demo.

Thanks again. It has been a real pleasure working with you, Jean, Kim, and the rest of the
Edge Studio team.

Best Regards,


The feedback I'm getting from demo would make you proud! I keep hearing that it is "wonderful".
In fact, I've had offers from three agencies, within just a few weeks. I also can't thank you enough for the marketing consultation, your advice has been invaluable. Plus, it says a lot about you and your company that you've been so helpful even after you produced my demo.

Thank you!

Julie Borgen

Thanks again for you guidance, I was amazed at how great the demo sounded. When I played it for my wife and friends, they looked at me like, "Why are you making me listen to commercials on the radio?" I had to tell them to listen again, it's me!!!
Now I'm looking forward to working my first job!

Jason Epstein

I would again like to thank you David for an exceptional demo. It is amazing how great you made me sound, recently I have gotten multiple requests from my tape including one recent booking in which they heard my demo and booked me sight unseen. I am also happy to report that my new demo will actually include real spots from some of the commercials I booked and recorded over the past 3 weeks which include Pepsi, Dominoes,, Duncan Donuts, Quizno's, McDonalds, Trident, Zantac, Lucent (and this is not all of them). Again thanks a lot David and I continue to recommend your services to everyone who asks me about demos

David Dettore

Dear David,
I just listened to my demo on CD, and I am so excited! It sounds great!!! Thank you for all your advice, direction and superb production! I am very fortunate that Michael pointed me in your direction.
Please thank Susan for her help, too. Again, David, thanks. I hope we get the opportunity to work together in the future.
Take care,

Rob Kornreich

I love love love it! and Jake is fab fab fabulous!

Thanks, David


I finished my demo recording this past Tuesday. I worked with David and
Tom and they were both great.

Thank you Paul and Tom for a wonderful demo! I certainly enjoyed it despite the hard work - and appreciate your patience and time with me! I know you'll make me sound great! Looking forward to hearing the final cut and also looking forward to working with both of you again...

Maria Pardo

Just want to say thanks for today. I very much appreciate your time, talent, professionalism and critical ear so that I can be the best that I can be. I am an advocate for coaching and mentoring and appreciate all of your suggestions and assistance. I know that I will not only be happy with the demo but because of your help I will get good work and be successful in this business.
I thank you so very much.

Drew Stevens

How's it going? Last time you wrote me you expressed interest in any feedback I had received on my demo. Got a call from Chris Zurzolo of D4 Creative Group in Philadelphia. I sent him my demo last week. After listening, he said the following:
"I really enjoyed it for many reasons...obviously your voice is great, all the stuff on it was really great. What I really liked about it was it was short and sweet and to the point. I listen to a lot of these, and I really appreciated that aspect of it...Whenever something comes up that I think you're good for, you're going to be heard."
Hope to see you soon. Thanks!


Just wanted to thank you again for my demo session today... I LOVE my demo!!! You are an absolute master, knowing exactly what to say to get the best performance out of me. I hope everyone i work with is just like you... My housemates and friends are amazed and soooo impressed. Thank you so much for giving me something to be proud of.

Angel Rozetta, Washington DC - November, 2001

Hi David, Mike, and Staff,
How exciting to receive the completed demo! Thank you so much! You guys are
the absolute best, and I can't wait to listen to it and to sign up for
additional training. It makes a great holiday gift!
If I may, though, a technical question: The attached file appears to be a
".bin" file. I'm not familiar with those, and my computer seems reluctant
To open it. Is there anything I should know about opening such files?
Again, many thanks!

Nancy Nancy Morgan Andreola, RN NMA Medical Commun

Hi Steve and Danielle,

I just listened to the finished demo and I love it. I can't believe that's my voice on the recording. Thank you so much for your coaching and help during the recording process. I look forward to continuing on with my training and working with you again. ( Audio books here I come).



I really enjoyed working with you yesterday. Your easy going attitude and direction helped me relax and be comfortable in the booth. I can't wait to receive my completed commercial demo! Thank You

Corey Brotherton

Hi David,
Thanks for the info and thanks for all the attention and help producing the demo. My wife loved it -- her exact words, "Wow! That's sounds just like a commercial!" I guess that means it works.


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