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When it comes to producing demos, David leaves no stone unturned. Not only does he work with you on delivery, but he's a master at mixing music and sound effects to perfectly compliment each piece of narration. I've had many clients tell me my demo was one of the best they had ever heard.

Doug Eberhart, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to thank you again for my session today... I LOVE my demo!!! You are an absolute master, knowing exactly what to say to get the best performance out of me. I hope everyone I work with is just like you...

Angel Washington, DC

Dear Tom and David,
Thank you for your time and coaching! Tom thank you for making my demo recording session such fun! You were great to work with. I so appreciate your lightness of spirit and joy and willingness to do that last recording when I felt I had the best one in me waiting to come out! David, thank you for your hands on approach overseeing the whole process. Your heartfelt care and concern guiding us all through makes your company shine! Again many thanks for your time and all your work.
I look forward to receiving our creation!



Just a quick note to say thanks for everything including the scripts, both of which were used. What can I tell you? I was humbled - even without much ego. But your staff are pros and perfectionists (which is a good thing) and I took away more than I'd ever expect to be.

I only wish I could have heard the banter between coach and engineer during the demo sessions. It would have given me even more insight into what they were looking for.

I think the phone training is a great idea and there were a couple of coaches in particular I wouldn't mind engaging with.

This stage of boot camp now completed. On the next one.



I'm having a ball here! I met with Innovative Artists today. The Agency Loved my demo, and agents kept coming in to meet me and let me know that they liked it, they couldn't believe I had never done this before. They were asking about how I got it made and I told them all about Edge Studio. One of the VO agents, Debra, said, "We have to know more about these people at Edge," so, kudos' to you!
Then I went in to a sound booth and did a few tracks for them to hear how I do on the spot. They said that they'd try to get me out on a few auditions over the next few weeks as stuff comes in. Well, they called tonight

Jason Epstein

I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible job you did on my demo. Out of twelve CD's that I sent to various casting agents and Artist Agents without a referral, I have gotten my first audition (next Tuesday) and have an appointment with C.E.D. who is interested in representing me. When C.E.D. called me (I hadn't even followed up with them yet) the first question I was asked was "Are those real commercials or just something you put together?"
Thanks again!


Hello David,
I am writing to let you know about some good news...I gave my tape to a friend who knows someone who works as a voice over casting director at Jumbo Pictures (have you heard of them? I think they do stuff for Disney films). Anyway, he said he loved the tape and he thought it was very professional! So your help has definitely paid off. Thank you very much!

Dear David,

Thank you for your help producing my new demo; it sounds great - - and it moves! It was wonderful meeting you, spending the day and benefiting from your insights.

Also, a huge thank you to Judy and Joan, both totally professional, honest and fun in their directions with voiceover training. I intend to continue working with all of you.

Now, it's time to market this baby, but hopefully it will be so much easier, I'm especially stoked to have a series of tracks for client 'specialists.'

Again, it was a pleasure, start to finish, working with you. A big 'hi' to Gina and Susan as well.


Elizabeth Solar

David - Jean
Yesterday I made my narrative demo with Kerry Miller and Brad (engineer/producer) - couldn't have been a better experience. Kerry (who has been coaching me for 6 weeks!) has always been so supportive with good constructive criticism and praise when it was warranted. I was nervous (who isn't?), but at the actual demo production, Kerry and Brad helped me to sound much better than I could have imagined.
Thanks to everyone.

Sandra Jackson

Hi David,
I cannot find words to thank you enough for this amazing gift. It was an incredible experience, and I feel certain that this will kickstart my career in amazing ways! Please convey again to Steve all my thanks for his hard work. Thanks, too, to Morgan and Sara, who were so welcoming and so kind. Edge is a magical place!

I never, ever hesitate to recommend you and your wonderful staff, because I truly support The Best when I find them. And you are THE BEST!


Hi David and Tom,
Thank you so much for the wonderful demo. I am thrilled with it.


Thanks, guys. Jeez, ya'll work FAST. I'm really happy with the end result, as usual. Danielle and Jake are always pleasures to work with, too. Thanks again to all of you for a fine job. I'm another satisfied customer

Thank you for all the helpful information you provided this spring about the Edge Voiceover Workshop. I went this past April. And I really thought Edge helped me get off the dime regarding my demo (I was singing the "gonna do my demo" blues). They produced my demo in July and now I am marketing it. Their price was very reasonable and they were really efficient in how they used our time. The marketing is a slow process, but I have my fingers crossed that there's a booking out there with my name on it!

Karen Morgan

David - Jean
Yesterday I made my narrative demo with Kerry Miller and Brad (engineer/producer) - couldn't have been a better experience. Kerry (who has been coaching me for 6 weeks!) has always been so supportive with good constructive criticism and praise when it was warranted. I was nervous (who isn't?), but at the actual demo production, Kerry and Brad helped me to sound much better than I could have imagined.

Thanks to everyone.

Sandra Jackson

I was lucky enough to record my demo at Edge Studio with David Goldberg!! I was nervous and he made me feel at ease. We joked and had fun during the 5 hour session. He not only made it fun, but very productive. I learned so much from him about my voice and how to use it to my best abilities. He gave me critique and direction that made my demo something to be proud of. I also was involved in the whole process as well. I got to help select music and sound effects for each script and see how it is all edited and laid down on CD. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Edge Studio and David!!!!

Fran DeCesare

Hi New York team,

I love my demo! Jay gave great direction on the day of and Steve did awesome work editing everything together. I have a strict plan set up to put together my marketing materials and can't wait to start getting this out there. All the work everyone has contributed to get me prepared for this industry is greatly appreciated and I will not hesitate to recommend Edge Studio to my fellow actors.

Vince Eaton

Working with David to produce my demo was an amazing experience. He's professional and incredibly talented and experienced. He definitely helped me make a great demo and after only two weeks and one demo sent out, I've already got a job offer...thanks David!"


Thanks again for your help with the demo, it sounds great!! Your coaching and production ideas really made it come together. You and Joan are just about the easiest folks in the industry to work with, very supportive through the whole demo process. I am very happy with how the demo came out. Thanks and I'll talk to you soon


Hi David,
Thank you so much for everything! I learned a great deal from our session and I was so proud of the outcome. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know. You helped to provide a very comfortable atmosphere. I can't wait to start sending out my Demo


Hi Morgan,

Thank you


Hi David, it's Eileen.

I'm so pleased with my demo, thank you for producing it. Your teaching, coaching and production skills are wonderful. I'm impressed with Edge Studio in general, you offer a lot and you deliver. I look forward to working with you in the future

Thanks again. Eileen

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your offer to re-record my commercial and narration demos. It's really above and beyond the call of professionalism, and I certainly won't forget it. So as not to interrupt your session this afternoon, I scheduled an appointment with Kristin for two weeks from today. I'm looking forward to seeing you then and thanking you personally.
Again, thanks!


Hey Steve,
This is awesome! Thanks for making me sound like the pro I am! I
also have Kristin's fabulous direction to thank! Edge Studio rocks!
I look forward to continuing to do business with you.


Hi David,
I was going to send you a note of thanks but you beat me to it. I am thrilled at how my demo came out. I also appreciate how you pointed out to me some things I did wrong. I was not even aware of them and hope I can remember to correct them. Very soon I will be making an appointment to do the narration demo. I know the v/o business is a long shot, but now I am armed with a much better demo to show the world!!
Thanks again and I'll be in touch

Steve Singer

Okay, so now I've taken the next step--recording my demos with David. It's been a few years since I've been in a studio. His collaborative approach to preparing for and executing the demo was another testament to his understanding of the psychology of performance. He made me a partner in creating a demo that would truly reflect and showcase *me*--no cookie cutters here. As always, he was organized, clear, and encouraging throughout our session., and it was both entertaining and awe-inspiring to watch (and listen to) him build gorgeous productions from my scripts, using music, sound, and artful copy editing. Once the demos were done, I got a bit know the saying: The hard part is over; now comes the hard part. But I realized that Edge Studio is my partner in this; David and his staff are so responsive, and I return again and again to the comprehensive, practical content at and in his e-newsletter, Voice Over Today. Next up, duplication...
Thank you, David!

Thanks again for the excellent demo session yesterday. You pointed out aspects of my voice that I had not considered. Your comments and suggestions made it possible to create a demo far superior to my first one created at another studio. Thanks again and I shall keep in touch.

Jean - New York - June, 2002

Hi Steve

Thank you! I've gotten some positive feedback already, and a prospective job w/a CA-based production company


As you know I recorded my demos (commercial and narration) w/Mike on Saturday, June 2 at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA. HE IS FANTASTIC!! He was very professional and nice, he helped me to feel at ease right away and obviously knows what he's doing. It was a great experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, I will DEFINITELY use -- and recommend -- the services of Edge Studio in the future.

Thank you!

Michelle Woodson

It sounds great! Many thanks for a brilliant posting job -- I love the background effects. It has been great working with you, Bruce and Jean. I have found the experience to be much more than I expected. Edge Studio really thinks of everything. I feel prepared, and now it's my turn to take what I've learned and run with it. I will happily recommend you to others wishing to pursue a voice over career. My son may be in next!
Thanks again.
Warm regards,

Andree Duggan

Thank you for your wisdom, skill, and patience. ....your great teaching and coaching pulled a very good demo out of me. Thank you so much

Ben McDaniel

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