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I took the class, Don’t Embarrass Yourself, with David Guzzone yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that it was a great class—fast moving and filled with lots of reminders and tips. It reinforced procedures that have been covered in other classes (which was good because, since it was consistent, it tended to reinforce those behaviors) and it also added new tips that are sure to help in the audition process. So, thank you again Edge Studio, for another great, information-filled and useful class that I know will help in making participants successful in this field.


David was awesome, very helpful and lots of good information

Ross P.

David, I really appreciate the guidance and direction you gave me during our session yesterday. It was really eye opening as well as enjoyable working with you.. I will be sure to follow your lead on approaches to reads..and look forward to getting better, as well as working further with you down the line..


I literally just finished the "Don't Embarrass Yourself" class and found myself taking so many notes and all of it was GREAT information. David was fantastic and willing to be interactive. At the same time, he knew what was important, and what to spend more time on. He emphasized the important things and downplayed info that he knew would be part of a different class. It was great. He filled the time up just right and had about 10 minutes at the end for questions which turned out to be just perfect! I would say this is the best class I've taken so far.


Greetings! Just wanted to drop a line and tell you the class was great! tons of info and very well done. Wouldn't change a thing !


I had no idea what to expect with the Don't Embarrass Yourself class, but I loved what David delivered. His no-nonsense, practical and insightful tips really opened my eyes to how the actual process of auditioning and recording a voice over works. I know that by following his simple, but incredibly essential strategies, I will feel much more calm, confident, and prepared when I'm eventually hired as a voice talent. Thanks, David!


Done in David Couzone inimitable style, a little sarcasm, a little humor and a whole lot of valuable information. It was truly a very enjoyable 2 hours.loaded with a ton of dos and dont's that can save me a lot of time, energy and redos.
Thanks . This is so much more than I expected.This is well beyond book learning it is actual how to stuff taught by those who do it everyday.


Hi Gang

Per your invite I am responding with feedback on Monday's class with David Guzzone. Thoroughly enjoyable. David has a warm friendly honest demeanor that was just what I needed right now. He generously imparted tons of valuable information, some I am already well aware of that served as a reminder, and some information that was completely surprising, even contrarian to what might be the norm in other industries. His use of self deprecating personal stories made it fun and entertaining and pointed. I totally identified with his method teaching as it is very much the same style I seem to have in the multiple classrooms that I instruct in.


I think the class was very thorough, covered everything I need to know at this point. Randye was very accommodating and answered all the questions and actually went the extra mile to help us out.


Hello Edge!

Just wanted to say, David's class, "Don't Embarrass Yourself" was truly awesome. Such incredibly valuable info and, of course David himself is really wonderful.

I'm thrilled Edge teaches a class in such 'common sense' rules of the biz. Probably one of the most important classes of all!!

Looking forward to many more classes with Edge.

Cathy M.

She certainly lives up to her reputation, which was evident in her delivery of a thoroughly insightful, concise and expertly presented webinar.

Many thanks to Randye for another job well-done.



David was fabulous - funny, informative and real! He really gave me good pointers and direction

Roger H

Hi Randye,

I’m Elinor, one of the people who was attending your Edge Studio class on ‘Don’t Embarrass Yourself’ a little while back. I wanted to commend you for putting together such a detailed lesson - I was scrambling to keep up with all the note-taking! - and for being so understanding and patient with all of us.

I really admire your web site and the work you’re doing as an accomplished voice actress, too, and I hope we can stay in touch! I’d be really pleased to make your acquaintance.


I have to say how much I enjoyed David Guzzone's 'Don't Embarrass Yourself' webinar. David is a great teacher, a fantastic storyteller (all the better to remember his points/lessons!), and I look forward to private coaching sessions with him! Even if Cathy hadn't suggested him as one of the coaches for me to work with, I would have requested it, as I had already experienced just how amazingly patient and talented he is in bringing out the best in people during the 'Investigate Voice Over' class I took with him.


I just finished taking the "Don't Embarrass Yourself" webinar with you from Edge Studio, and I really just wanted to send you an email and thank you for such a wonderful class. I appreciated your advice, well wishes, and genuine up-front attitude about making sure clients know you're a pro from the beginning and to treat you with the respect you deserve. As I embark on my journey, it's an attitude I hope to also embody.


Hi David,

Thank you for the phenomenal and practical
Don't Embarrass Yourself class. Your real-life
stories were great and illustrated perfectly
the principles you were teaching us.


Greetings Randye!

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for your instruction of Edge Studio’s "Don’t Embarrass Yourself" webinar on Tuesday night. Edge's classes continue to impress me as the coaches teach with such candor about the industry. Thank you for continuing this trend!

In addition to your answering my questions about starting out in the business, my favorite nugget of advice from the webinar was to remember that “Auditions are fun! They are a free coaching session, a chance to
act, and a collaboration." I can get so easily worked up about the idea of having to put myself out there and audition on a regular basis. Your words were a great reminder that I can see auditions not as something I have to do but a privilege I get to do. Thank you for pointing me to this truth!


I am so happy that I have gotten involved with Edge Studio....I just know that this is the right place at the right time for me.

Scott Z

David did a great job. This was very informative! -Thanks.


I am convinced. Edge Studio really supports the growth of voice talent that they consider "good for the business". The "Don't Embarrass Yourself" class was so informative. David took the time to explain and shed insight on some of the most important do's and don'ts when it comes to studio performance and etiquette.

In the short time that I have been with Edge, the information I've retained has been invaluable and that is what I signed up for.

My now slogan is "Don't Stop Believing"


Thanks for the "What You Don't Know" class you held about a month back It was most awesome!!

Thanks for all the help!


Hi Kendra,

I wanted to pass along some feedback on the "Don't embarrass yourself" class with David Guzzone that I took on November 15th 2012. I have only recently started taking classes with Edge Studio and they have all been fabulous. This class is no exception. I wrote pages of notes from the commentary that Mr. Guzzone had and at the end I felt like I really learned and understood a lot more than I had before. I can completely understand why you implemented this class and how valuable it really is. I appreciate Mr. Guzzone's no-nonsense approach and I felt that he really put the material across in a way that was easy to understand.

Thank you for providing this class, it was well worth my time.

Ashley D.

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