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Little comment on the feedback's an incredibly awesome tool to begin with, but a fellow student heard one of my recordings and thought I would fit in well with some videos he is producing for his development company. Long story short, we're putting the finishing touches on a bartered deal where I'll voice his videos and set up his IVR in exchange for building my web site!

That feedback forum is a great and simple tool that can lead to doors opening!

Hope more people get to experience the same opportunities...

Personally, had I not found the feedback forum, there is no way I'd be where I am. Working in the industry 2 years now.
All my success story has the Edge stamp on it.


Dear Edge folks:

I have found voice-over heaven with your site! The give and take of being able to submit demos for feedback, and the opportunity to provide feedback as well, speaks volumes of your generosity and vo community spirit. It has been a blessing. I will most certainly, as soon as I am able, take advantage of some of your classes and seminars.

Thanks again for providing such a helpful, supportive forum.

Mike F.

I've uploaded some voice over scripts...I've gotten some feedback…what an awesome and active group.

What a fantastic website. I am a beginner and I need the feedback from people who do voice-overs! I will definitely be going to this website! Thank you so much for providing this information!! I didn't know about it until today.


I thank the Edge Team for this forum along with the many other blessings you all give.

thank you again,


Dear Edge Folks,

First, let me thank you for the script read/critique section of your site. I've been taking advantage of this tool since I joined the site as "Muddyshoes" several weeks back. Listening to, critiquing and having others critique has probably been one of the best tools I've had while on my journey to "VoiceOver Land."

Thank you for the place to practice and get & give feedback.


Just wanted to let you know that I like the new feedback forum. It works much more smoothly than before and makes it easy to hear the newest voices out there and give/receive feedback. Just a pat on the back to your web team!

Best wishes to all down there. You folks are providing a very much appreciated service.
You're providing me with an invaluable workshop in which I'm able to practice,
experiment, and hone my vocal skills. Kudos to you guys and gals.


Just wanted to say thanks for adding the upload feature to the practice scripts. What a help it is in motivating me to get out there and practice! Thank you!

I LOVE Edge Studio. I've been using the script library and feedback forum. I've gotten some great advice and help through the community. I can't wait to take classes with you

Lenora W.

Hello David:

Just a brief memo to express my appreciation for last night's 'live' 09 May broadcast concerning Edge Studio's Weekly VO Contest. Per your verbal request, I would like to see this project continue.

Additionally, I would like you to continue your weekly critique explaining why participants didn't win. Your thorough explanations are brief mini lessons I look forward to and add these briefings to my personal VO library. It's an excellent learning tool and I cannot understand why some would take offense to it. Your purpose is to teach and we as students are here to learn. This requires both positive and negative feedback.


I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without the Feedback forum. Thank you again for providing such a quality service!


Hi David!

I finally got a chance to listen to Wednesday's conference call and I wanted to say I really enjoyed hearing everyone's feedback! I was especially surprised (& delighted) to hear my name in the top picks this week! I had just told myself I wouldn't be hearing it as I wasn't too happy with my read. (And that is why you shouldn't wait til the last second to submit an time to tweak it!) It sounds like I have my work cut out for me this week when I redo it. And thanks to the call, I know exactly what I need to work on! Can't wait for the next call-in!


Holly (LadyAviator) aka the "nice sounding robot" who is not from Canada : )

Your thorough explanations are brief mini lessons I look forward to and add these briefings to my personal VO library. It's an excellent learning tool.

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