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It’s an an interesting theory though, and I have to admit that the timing is suspect for this vow renewal announcement, right after Ben won the Oscar. I don’t know, maybe it was also when things were calming down at home for Damon’s family. A

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Hello David,
I wanted to thank you, again, for the wonderful session you gave to my students yesterday. They were very excited by what they learned, and I have no doubt that a few of them will be future clients. You are a wonderful coach!

I know that interrupting your busy day to provide such a session is difficult. The value to these students is immense, and I know will leave them at least one step better prepared to face their future in the business starting in just a few months.

Again, on behalf of all of us, thanks for a job well done!!

Jon Fraser Professor of Theatre & Film LIU/Post

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Please note, they will ask for the email address associated with your account. Let them know you are an "ATTENDEE" and want to test your settings or do a practice webinar. Edge Studio has an account with them and they offer free support to all of our attendees.

3) Go to:
There is an option to "join a session" which is a test session already in progress. You can also, call, email, or chat online with tech support by using this link.

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