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Your free web resources set Edge apart from the alternatives. I've spent months perusing your site and still haven't checked everything out. I know, get a life, Bill, get a life!

Bill Anciaux

Just wanted to let you know that I like the new feedback forum. It works much more smoothly than before and makes it easy to hear the newest voices out there and give/receive feedback. Just a pat on the back to your web team!

... today I start recording a project voicing technical instructions for teachers learning how to use their Smart Board software based on a short sample I offered to send the client. Thanks to Edge Studio's sample contract, I also was able to present a great contract to him.

Thanks so much for all you and Edge Studio do for our industry, I look forward to seeing you at Faffcon in September!

Kelley Buttrick

[They have the] the lowest prices for the largest value. Amazing assortment of free resources.

I uploaded my demos to the Edge website yesterday. What a great system- highly user friendly and exquisitely far the best online process I've seen!

Thanks again for the time and energy you brought to Faffcon3,


There’s a palpable magic that happens when you combine knowledge, commitment, and a genuine passion for what you do. David Goldberg and the team at Edge Studio unarguably embody that phenomenally rare combination.

For several years since the day I began pursuing voice-over as a full-time career, Edge Studio has been my #1 go-to resource for information, training and support. From the wealth of free public resources like their “Ask-a-Coach” program to the “Talk With a Pro” live Q&A series or the weekly script recording contests, I have unquestionably found more affordable first-rate tools for voiceover career growth at Edge Studio than anywhere else. I’m still amazed at how much I continue to learn something new with every single encounter, whether it’s a visit to the website or a discussion with one of the team members. The quality of Edge’s invaluable resources and outstanding customer service are simply unsurpassed and absolutely recommended!

Hello folks:

don't know is it's Sara or Sarah...but I'd like to point out how pleasant it was to receive a prompt call
from her in response to a question I posted on your website. She was very kind and helpful and let's face it,
it today's cut-throat world of marketing, a voice talent is often treated in a less than dignified manner.

That's it...

Have a supersuccessfulnewyear,

Youssef M

Just want to say thank you so much for your help and support with this website. I have been both a paying participant and a contest winning participant in various stages of instruction and training….and I have taken advantage of the many free services that are offered. This is an AMAZING learning experience. The staff is never anything short of courteous, encouraging and upbeat. The practice scripts and peer feedback have helped me to define myself as a VO professional. And the contests are fun and challenging. I have picked up a number of jobs in the past 3 years…..and it is largely because of what is offered through Edge. Can anyone spell testimonial???

Mary Ann Jacobs

It is a very unique resource. I appreciate your broad range of offerings more and more. For instance, in just "poking" around in Feedback Forum, reading listeners' comments to peer recordings, one can learn so much in how recordings are evaluated.

John Sipple

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