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You asked for my feedback on the Free Career Center Webinar Tour with Cathy Mancuso which I attended last night. In one word: Excellent! Cathy is articulate and knowledgeable, and clearly stated her purpose and clarified her process. She dealt well with some unexpected connection problems, and answered questions clearly and graciously. As it happened, I hadn’t explored the Free Career Center before, and I now know a great deal more about the resources available.

In fact, every aspect of my dealings with Edge Studio has been a pleasure. Your website is easy to explore and has loads of resources, communications are timely and helpful (I appreciated the quick responses to my registrations and my questions, and thanks for the webinar reminder), and I have felt supported and encouraged from the very first interaction. I’m so impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness I meet at every turn.


I really enjoyed the Monday evening presentation. Even though I am an Edge Studio product, I have to confess that I have not really delved into the huge stockpile of resources that are available. In fact, I have been rather distracted with consulting assignments but would love to get the voice artist project back on track. The webinar has inspired me to roll up my sleeves and explore!
Best regards,


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the webinar. I really enjoyed it. It was very informative.

I liked your comment about the receptionist. Having been a secretary in the past myself, the first male to do so in the school board here, I can really appreciate that view. A little kindness and respect can certainly go a long way.

I suppose I have a different view or concept of things when it comes to voices given my background in schools and with music. If it isn’t too forward or unprofessional a comment, in my experience you have a very pleasant voice Cathy. When you were talking in longer phrases, there was a very definite lyrical element to your voice that my musical ears picked up on.

Looking forward to our guidance chat on June 2nd.



Thank you.I really enjoyed walking through the site again. Reminded me of all you have to offer. VERY useful.

Jenny Dixon

Hey Edge!

Thanks so much for the Free Career Center Webinar. I found it really helpful and I learned a lot of useful information. I can see that I've only scratched the surface of what's available at your web site!

Thanks especially for making these tools available to us newbies.

Andi Ackerman

It was very good! Very informative!

Thanks so much Cathy for both a very informative and enjoyable webinar and for the guidebook link. Keep cool in this weather.

Lori Pisani

Dear Sara,

Thank you for the fantastic seminar on July 18, 2011. I have been exploring the Edge Studio site in detail over the past week. I am currently developing my business plan for my Voice Over career, and Edge Studio resources, technical assistance, and community is above and beyond! I most certainly will sign up for the Demo Analysis, Business and Marketing webinars, and Home Studio webinars. I plan on participating in the community events and networking opportunities to both learn and share. Thank you for the wonderful "tour" I am thrilled that I attended, as you pointed out features that would have taken me a week to discover, as I navigate the labyrinth of Voice Over, on key websites. Again, Edge Studio is beyond superior. Thank you so much for helping me launch and develop my career.

Patricia Etem, MPH


The webinar I attended on Tuesday April 19th was interesting and informative. The presentation was well planned and illustrated to vast resources available on the Edge Studio's web site. It has led me to the decision to start my VO career with Edge Studio.


Paul Hatton

Thank you so much for tonight's webinar. I learned so much! I thought I had perused most of your website, but I now see I've only barely begun!

I was a few minutes late, so I didn't catch the teacher's name, but I hope you'll convey my thanks. The webinar was the "Tour" of your website. Nice job.

Sherry Shoblom


I enjoyed the Webinar Tour with Cathy Mancuso.

It was informative and personal.

I didn't have any questions simply because I am so new at doing vo's for pay. It's seems it is a vast and growing industry.

I appreciate that you have the resources for a newbie like me. I will be digging in and studying the information.

Andy C.

Hi Sara,

The orientation webinar was filled with information and, although I had pretty much familiarized myself with Edge's website, Cathy provided a great amount of insight.


Good morning, Sara.

The orientation was useful and well-focused. Cathy did a great job of guiding us though the website and the upcoming training experience with Edge.


Lane N. Alston

Dear Cathy,

Today's webinar was extremely informative and very well delivered. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Lydia Carlston

The Orientation Webinar was the right length and Cathy was great, to the point and easy to listen to. Thanks!

Rachel Wullenweber

Sara – I was blown away by the immense amount of information contained on your website. As a “newbie”, it’s great to have a “one stop shop” to go to. Even though I had my demo done by a competitor, I will be sticking with Edge from now on. Thanks for a great site!!

Kerry S

The webminar was well conducted by Cathy.
I find the information very revealing. I will be checking out all the links Cathy talked about in the Webminar.
Thank you.


You're the best Sara!

FYI - I attended the Webinar given by Cathy Mancuso last night. I had previously spent many, many hours on your web site studying the volumes of information it contains. Cathy covered areas I hadn't explored such as the Talk With The Pros Archives, and FAQ archives - I'll be combing through them today - my time with Cathy last night was extremely helpful. I do not have her email address - would you pass this on to her?


Hi Cathy,

I wanted to thank you for the great orientation class last evening. I was bowled over by the amount of support offered by the edge studio web site. Thank you for taking us through the various modules and pointing out important features will we will need for this journey.

It was especially helpful for me to hear the "whys" of some things such as taking remote classes to prepare for distance working with clients and appropriate use of the script library. Lots more, but those are two which stood out for me.

I will need to do the prep before calling you for the career counseling call. I do look forward to that.

Dawn U

Thanks for the informative career center webinar on Tuesday. Greatly appreciated.


The 'private tour' was well done. Cathy, is very friendly, informative and knowledgable of the all the tools and services offered on the Edge Studio website.
She was patient to answer my questions and clarified anything I didn't quite understand.

In all, as a newbie, I'm quite impressed with the professionalism of your staff and how thorough your website is. Good first impression, I can only imagine how the rest of your services are.
I'm assuming, awesome!

Thanks again.


Fabulous class and so helpful!!!!
Thank you so much!
And Cathy did an excellent job!

Shane Hobgood

Hello Edge Studio,

I attended your "Free Career Center Webinar" yesterday and I have to say, it was very informative! So helpful! I have a better understanding on how to use the website than I did before. Bottom line: it was great, Cathy was very nice and I thank her for giving the webinar! Thanks so much and you will be hearing from me soon!

Stephanie Rennie

Dear Sara,

Cathy did a great job of demystifying your website for me. It was like having a local take you around town to show you where everything was.
I had registered a couple of months ago but was overwhelmed by the depth of offerings on the site. Now I know where to go to explore a subject or answer a question I have about some aspect of voiceover work. The day after the webinar I read some archived newsletter articles, was able to find the cost of programs and classes and researched local resources for my area.

I would be interested in additional webinar tours on the other two entry points on your homepage. Thanks for providing the free webinar.


Hello Sara

The class was amazing - I had been thru the free section before but didn't really go that far into the resources so it was amazing to see what Edgestudio had to offer and Cathy was great at explaining the different sections and how to take advantage of them. A definite keeper!


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