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This session opened up a whole new world. David's knowledge of this field was evident, obvious, and deeply appreciated. Thanks to VOD for offering a service of real value to the voice over artist community

Robert John Hughes

Dear David,
I am very impressed by your response and willingness to answer me at all. Your entire company is the most impressive source of information I have found and I am planning to consult with you regarding my career. I am just waiting to complete my other class before I start my VO training and DEMO, which I plan to make with you. Please give me some time and you will hear from me asking for an appointment with you, hopefully personally, in your New York headquarters.

Frank Abrahams Castle Voice

A great basic understanding

Bill Brewer

Dear David:

Thank you for an excellent seminar. I've taken several paid coaching
sessions through Edge Studio, all from which I learned a great deal.
My expectations for the the free seminar were much lower, as it was
free. Not that I thought it would be poor quality, but I didn't
imagine it would be as comprehensive, specific, strong, or well-run as
a paid training. It was.

I'm from New England, but I live in Ashland Oregon (home of BlackStone
Audiobooks), and Grover Gardner was the first person to tell me about
your group. I travel back East several times a year and try to
coordinate my trips with your workshops. I wish I could have attended
the one you conducted personally in September. After yesterday's
seminar, I feel I should have tried harder to bend my schedule to it.

Thanks again, and I look forward to further coaching from you and your


Joe Caron

Hi David,
Thanks so much for your time today in the Voiceover Directory tele-seminar. It's unfortunate that we only had an hour for discussion, as I'm sure there's so much more you could impart.
I would be very interested in setting up a one-on-one career building session with Edge Studio. Preferably with you, as I truly enjoy the way you communicate. Can you please let me know the possibilities?
Thank you again. I look forward to speaking with you in the very near future. And to you sharing more of your terrific career guidance.

Charlee Redman

What a great opportunity and learning experience. Most valuable for me would be the tips on effectively marketing myself. Thank you very much.

Overall, I enjoyed the teleconference very much. I know David said at the beginning that he thinks it is boring to have people email in the questions, I think in this case it would have been helpful. While he was in the middle of answering some of my questions, a few times people interrupted, changed the direction of the flow of the topic, and the original point was not completely made. I see David's point, but when it's only a one hour conference, it's limited anyway. If you do it again, I would be interested.

Scott Nilsen

I thinks it's important to take part in training, constantly, even if it means giving up some time on a Saturday. Even after being in the "biz" for 30+ years, I still try to make myself available to professional development because you never know what new nuggets you may find. I enjoyed this tele-seminar very much. This is a nice value-added feature for membership in the Voice Over Directory. David was very personable as well as knowledgeable on the subject of marketing voice talent, as well as industry trends. It was a little hard , however to get a word or 2 in edge-wise (pun intended), as everyone who had questions spoke at the same time. David was quite diplomatic, however at not allowing one person to dominate the questions,(the gent from the UK) by trying to allow others in other parts of the country or outside the USA. It was great to have the chance to ask a brief question, listen, and glean from his vast experience. I especially appreciated the chance to send him my demo. Very cool! Hope we'll do more stuff like this on Voiceover Directory.

Bobbin Beam

Hello David,
Wow. The teleconference was informative and well managed and frankly, much better than I expected it to be. Thank you and thanks to the team at Edge Studio for providing a helpful and free! service to voice talent. It takes a great deal of perseverance to market market market, and you gave me some needed energy. I am "Vicki from Oregon" who accused all you producers of having ADD. You took that well.
Of course your opinion of my demos would be appreciated.
Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!
My Best,

Vicki Amorose

I thoroughly enjoyed the tele-seminar with David Goldberg from Edge Studio. His responses to questions from the group were very informative. After being in the radio business for over 30 years, I felt that I truly learned a great deal more about this business. I look forward to our next tele-seminar.

Steve Cannon

I found David's teleseminar very helpful. It was professionally done: punctual, stayed on topic, useful tips, no question dodging - straight to the heart. And, can't beat that price. -

Jim McDonald

I wasn't expecting much from a free seminar, but David surprised me. He took all questions and provided direct and useful answers. I was very pleased to get some insider advice and ideas. The hour went by very quickly and I was all ears! In the past, I've participated in conference calls where one or two people dominate the talking and you just want to strangle them. David didn't let that happen. Well managed, well done

Thank you Mark for this informative seminar. While I have done quite a bit of telephony work, it's always a good idea to hear about the latest trends, especially with GPS, and current telephony applications and pricing considerations. David Goldberg is a very knowledgeable and effective presenter.

Bobbin Beam

Lots of helpful ideas that I will be implementing in my marketing to potential clients. Thank you so much!

Most entertaining and educational hour with Mr. Goldberg.Very useful in catching up with a lot of what's new in the V O business..Will look forward to next program that you might offer.

David Ian Davies, One Voice Recordings.

Very informative and its a great venue for talents to ask those nagging questions they might have been otherwise hesitant to ask because they might not think its a smart question but a valid query nonetheless. Plus, considering the solitary nature of this profession, its somewhat nice to know you all have the same concerns and face the same challenges.

I really enjoyed tonight's Teleseminar. I am not currently doing voice over work but am interested in starting and found the information very helpful. I have always thought of commercials and audio books as the primary work available. Telephony opens up a whole new opportunity for work. Thanks so much for the session and I look forward to more of them in the future

Lisa B.

Hello David-
Just wanted to tell you what a great seminar that was.
Thank you so much for coming and hope to see you again soon!

Joanna Engelman Actor

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