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Thanks so much for getting back to me yesterday. I had a great conversation with Kathy and am really pleased with the program. Everyone has been very helpful and making this a wonderful experience.


Thank you sooo much for your analogy. I do need tech training. You are bringing a great service to the VO community and keep up the great work. Love you guys.

Don Colasurd Jr

Good morning, all at Edge Studio.
I’ve attended a couple of your webinars and I get something out of each one. You guys are a cornerstone in the VO community. Thank you for all you do for us.



Thank you so much for this written evaluation and critique. No worries on the time frame, I know everyone is busy :)

I too feel I had a wonderful session with Scott. He brought many things to light, gave a fair evaluation with a good "kick in the pants" that I needed. I appreciated his honesty and candidness. He brought up many good ideas that I had not thought about in regards to my demo.

Thank you, Edge Studio, for your help and expertise. You guys are top notch and I've passed your contact information along to several people who are interested in voiceover classes.

Judy F.

Hello Kendra!

I have to say, that everyone at Edge I've encountered has been absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

Kendra, I've been doing a lot of soul searching this past year, and I've made a very difficult decision. I have decided to stop my training with Edge. No one has done anything wrong...this is totally on my end. I'm not exactly sure how excited I am now as I was a couple of years ago. I think I'm trying too hard to settle into something...

I do want to thank you and everyone at Edge for your professionalism and encouragement. You guys are all top notch, and I really appreciate you.

Kendra, thank you for everything. Please let me know if I may answer any questions and I'll get back to you asap.

Have a fantastic day! Talk to you soon! Sam


Thanks so much for your practical feedback! As you mentioned, it is difficult to get any kind of evaluation on auditions, so I really appreciate your time and effort. In terms of performance, your comments make it clear why I may not be succeeding in landing jobs on P2P sites, so that's very helpful. Technically, I know I could benefit from some help from George Whittam. Thanks again! This was really very helpful!

Rashmi Nemade

Looking for Voice-Over coaching, tips and classes? Look no further than @EdgeStudio here in NYC. Tremendous help to me!

Melineh Kurdian @MelinehKurdian

Dear Mr.Goldberg,

I am a student in Phase 2 at Edge. I've just recorded my
Narration demo.

When I came to the studio on August 21 for a recording session, you were near the front desk. I didn't know if it was appropriate for me to just jump into a conversation with you. Later, I was mad at myself for missing the opportunity to tell you what an amazing
experience being in the Edge Studio program has been and is.
First, I am honored to have been accepted as a student.
The Edge Studio program teaches the technical,artistic and genre
aspects of Voice-Over and the business,marketing,etiquette and
practical considerations with an incredible level of excellence.
I've had some of the best, most demanding, most dedicated teachers
I've ever had in my life. And Edge has taught me what I need to
know and do to have a shot at working as a Voice-Over artist.

I'm a professional actor and a former teacher (Writing & ESL).
I've been a small business owner. My experience in these areas
makes it very clear to me what a superb job Edge Studio does in
all aspects to get students ready for the real world challenges they will face.

I hope to do a Commercial demo in the near future and will stay in touch with the support system and classes Edge has in place.

Thank you very much for the wonderful thing you have created in Edge Studio and its phenomenal training and support program.
I am truly honored to be a student, a student who has learned the artistry, technique and practices of a whole new world.


First off, what a pleasure it has been to work with the Edge staff; people motivated to help others succeed. I am very excited to continue my education and grow with you as a voice talent.


What an amazing accomplishment ~ congratulations on your anniversary, David! I'm so grateful for you and Edge Studio. You've been instrumental to my education and success. No Piggy here, I'll take the pearls anytime and all the time!
Here's to 30 more years!


I applaud Edge Studio for providing the structure needed for those aspiring & seeking to maintain a voiceover career. When I left VO Atlanta 2013, I was overwhelmed & wondering which way I should go. Edge Studio not only pointed me in the right direction, but provided a map. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Have a great one!


I do wish I had spoken to you about this some months ago.. it took me a while to find the right place for my questions I guess.

Thanks again!


Wonderful coaches who care about your success. Lots of resources and great classes. I'm with edge for a couple of month now and i learned so so much already, thanks for all the help.


I cannot recommend a better or more professional environment to train

and hone your voice over skills. They taught me more than I could have ever imagined, and I couldn't be happier and more confident than I am now. They are honest, upfront, and personal. They treat every student and client like family, and they know their stuff. Thank you, Edge, for many awesome experiences and here is to many more!


Wow...thank you David. ...once again I have to say how highly I think of the organization you have built. I continue to correspond with Kendra who has been such a wonderful support and cheery collegial "friend" and guide. I completely enjoyed the session you led last spring at the Old Second City studios in Toronto. Thanx for the critique re: levels. I ended up normalizing to -3 db so maybe normalizing to -1db would be better. I VERY much appreciate the compliment...

Darren K.

Thank you for helping me with my Voice-Over Career!
Thank you!


Thank you David, for the superior education that you made possible through Edge Studio.

Elizabeth H.

Dear David,
...I'm continuing to take the webinars with the coaches at Edge and remain impressed with the quality of instruction. You've got a great team. Take care,


It's tricky to get good coaching if you're an aspiring, or working professional, voiceover artist. Unless you go to Edge, where they treat you wonderfully and have a gigantic staff of experts in every area, on every level.

David Goldberg literally reinvented the way voiceover is taught, and with his help and that of the wonderful Jay Snyder, Graeme Spicer, George Whittam and many others, I'm getting more work, and having more fun, than I ever dreamed of - and I've been a VO artist since the (first) Clinton administration!

Matt S.

Hi David,

I paid ------- in full in November to provide me with coaching and to produce my demo, but as soon as he received my payment he put me on the backburner for months. He just selected my scripts last week and scheduled me for a session to record my demo in mid-June. Call me crazy, but I think a seven month wait for a voice over demo is unacceptable and unprofessional. I have been quite displeased with the service (or evidently, the lack of it) that I have received from him, and I would never recommend that anyone receive coaching or demo production from him. I certainly should have chosen to work with Edge instead right off the bat, and I am looking forward to scheduling a coaching session with you.


You guys don't realize how much I appreciate you! I believe there are not many other things more important in life than making Dreams Come True. I LOVE EDGE STUDIOS and the opportunity you provide in helping to make my dream come true.


I've been ruminating about the trip to NYC and to Edge during the past week. Every time I start to write a "Thank you" to Edge, I end up just thinking about what I would say :-) "Life changing" would be how I describe it. I feel like a hobbit who has traveled from his little protected enclave into the outside world and has come back. I certainly look at a great many things very differently now.

Edge: The staff and coaches are some of the most hospitable and charitable people I've ever met! I could write a "War and Peace" length email just about them. The recording space has given me ideas as to how my future studio will be built and how to reorganize what I have now.

Bottomline: The Edge recording experience has charitably and forcibly reminded me of why I'm pursuing VO in the first place and has shifted my passion for it into overdrive.

I've said it before and I will continue saying it:
Thanks so much for all your and Edge's help and kindness.


Thank you to you and your staff for the balance of professionalism with warm customer service.


To everyone at Edge,

I don't know where to begin with the thank yous! I recently received my 1st demo and I am thrilled! The entire process has been fantastic, thanks to all of you.

I once told Kristen Thorne that David must work some powerful magic to be able to bring such a wonderful group of people together!

Thanks for my "Edge-ucation" and for such an amazing experience. I can't imagine a better way to be introduced to and start off in the VO world! Thank you!!!

Patty Gibbons

Hi David:

I took an intro to voiceover class this past spring at Edge. You ran the class that day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm nearing the end of my Phase 2 program and wanted to reach out to say thank you.

Even more importantly than that I wanted you to know something that I'm confident you've heard many times but you're going to hear it again. Everyone in your studio and the Edge family of pros is amazing. Susanne, Danielle, Joe, Naz, Kendra, Randye, and Dan have all been facilitating, running webinars and helping me learn the industry in various ways. They're clearly smart, professional, and selfless... and I am grateful to have learned a lot from all of them. None of them ever just phone it in (despite the fact that the webinars are "technically" phoned in; haha).

Clearly your reputation and product quality is paramount to you and you have assembled a team that shares the same vision. I would happily recommend Edge to anyone considering a foray into VO and would gladly serve as a reference should you need one.

Mike S.

I would just like to comment that the Edge program is outstanding! I am not only enjoying the courses taught by proven voiceover talents but also know that by the time I have completed the program, I will have received a firm foundation for future success in the voiceover industry.The rest will be up to me.


A few years ago I took a bundle of business VO classes through Edge Studio and today just as now, your service is absolutely top notch.


It was my absolute pleasure, Sara! I'm SO happy you enjoyed the turtles! I wanted to be sure to get them there on Valentines Day! :-))). I hope you could read my note (sprained my wrist and so my handwriting is the pits!); regardless, my sentiments are the same: gratitude to Edge on helping me come this far in 2 years' time, doing this voice work on the side, which has allowed me the flexibility to shift my work duties to be home more, caring for my elderly parents. Edge rocks! I can hardly wait to meet all of you when I come up to complete my demo in April. Verrrry exciting! :-)))


I've had several fantastic customer service experiences with you this week. Hayley, in particular, helped me a lot. Thank you!

Julie S

This was my first webinar with Edge in the series of courses and I was seriously impressed by the instructor. Danielle was awesome. Friendly, helpful, enthusiastic even at 9pm EDT and eager to deliver for her students. I was very skeptical about the format - open lines on a webinar is a recipe for chaos - but gave it a shot and glad I did. The format works and she was actually able to develop a little class camaraderie.

Glad to be taking these courses!

Daniel L.

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