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I've had several fantastic customer service experiences with you this week. Hayley, in particular, helped me a lot. Thank you!

Julie S

This was my first webinar with Edge in the series of courses and I was seriously impressed by the instructor. Danielle was awesome. Friendly, helpful, enthusiastic even at 9pm EDT and eager to deliver for her students. I was very skeptical about the format - open lines on a webinar is a recipe for chaos - but gave it a shot and glad I did. The format works and she was actually able to develop a little class camaraderie.

Glad to be taking these courses!

Daniel L.

Hi, Great to know another person at Edge, (thanks Ted). I for one love the alliances Edge has forged with the media I watch pretty religiously). VO Peeps (attending when possible), VO Buzz Weekly, Whittam's World and of course EWABS. This makes the VO community so much stronger. And speaking of strength, David G. was awesome for the LA tour in May. I too along with Ted started 2½ years ago finding Edge, beginning the journey into VO. Thank you because.... wait for it. Now I have another resource, You! The links on your page will rob more time from my present job, whilst I transition careers. (But the Italian food is so good there). Now I just have to figure out which smiling face you are in the Profile pic. Keep up the Great Work.


To whom it may concern:

I just took Technique 101 and Don't Embarrass Yourself this week, and I have to say, I'm blown away by Danielle and David as teachers. Their specificity, humor, and grace in teaching through teleclass is admirable. David's numerous, topical stories add excellent context to the class, and Danielle's commitment to coach every student until they understand the exercise shows her passion for the craft.

Thanks for keeping such lovely company, Edge Studio.


Just want to thank you guys for bringing us this web site training session with Bob Merkel!

You guys to so much for us aspiring voice actors and I really appreciate it.

I have yet to call in to your office and be greeted with anything but an authentic and friendly voice. ...I really, really appreciate how friendly everybody is at your place.


Dear Edge Studio -

I am so enjoying my classes taken to date! While I am usually somewhat wary of signing up for one large package of anything, I can say that I am extremely pleased with my decision to take the review of my Edge Studio “Exploring” VO” instructor (Noelle) seriously, and participating in the program she recommended. The classes are comprehensive and the instructors have been informative, helpful, friendly and FUN. Thanks so much - I am glad to now be a part of the Edge Studio student body!


Dear Edge Team,

Thank you for your email. I really appreciate you listening to and acting upon the feedback provided; the teaching has always been exemplary and so has the customer service!

Thanks for the excellent and thorough review of my audition! I absolutely hear and agree with your comments, and look forward to improvements ahead.

Don Reece

You guys are in my opinion the industry leaders worldwide for voiceover marketing and promotion. That's why I turned to you first for my editing needs. What you're doing is paving the way for others to follow. Keep up the great work!


I think Edge Studio invented Customer Service. Never a disappointment, always prompt, professional, courteous and most importantly, providing the student with more than asked for. Outstanding!!

Warm Regards,


I was coached by Linda Jones at the Edge Studio in NYC. It was a wonderful experience, and I had the opportunity to meet Cathy Mancuso and David Guzzone. Everyone at Edge has been extremely helpful!


Hi David,
Thank you very much for taking your time to respond. I really appreciate the resource Edge Studio is. Your offerings, suggestions, training are all very, very helpful. One gets the sense that you're sincerely interested in helping us improve our skills and succeed.

I love Edge studio and what it does and stand for.

David V

I have to say that you guys are absolutely fantastic to deal with. Any concerns I had about signing up for your course are completely gone. It's really nice to deal with a company that takes customer service so seriously and handles it so well.


I hope this email finds you well. I’ve been following the progress of your construction via the email updates you’ve sent out, and I have to say the new studio space looks absolutely awesome!! If I ever have occasion to visit NYC, I’d love to come by and visit. Big congrats on the new digs, and thanks again for providing so many great resources and services to the voiceover community

Alex Rain

Dear Karen and The Edge Team,

Thank you so much for all your help! I enjoyed my time at Edge and appreciate the training I received. Edge helped me transition from theatre to voice acting, removing any anxious feeling.

Thank you again!

Hope to see you in the future,

Alanna O'Brien

Hi Edge Team!

So far I've had Scott Burns, Deb Munro, and Marjorie Kouns for the Saturday spotlights, Danielle Quisenberry TWICE for Technique 101, and also joined in on a Sunday night open forum call.

This week has been Dan Friedman, Vanessa Richardson, Kristin Price, and David Guzonne.

So much to learn, and so many answers to questions I'd never know to ask. The network of people, knowledge, and experience is amazing! The support and passion of the instructors and peers is just as touching. Vanessa mentioned this supportive community of voice talent. It's changing me... for the better. It's changing my voice for the better, more relaxed and natural.

Rich Forster

Thanks agin for your continual professionalism with the students and giving us the right tools for our careers. Thanks for seeing the value in us.

Kira L. Downey

Hello David,

I want to thank you for the great training I have received at Edge Studios. I had been working in voice over for a number of years in Finland before getting some training with Edge.
My coaches pointed out that I had a tendency to be choppy. With the coaching of Kristin Price, Linda Jones and David Guzzone, the choppiness is now gone from my reads!

Scott McDonald

Dear Kristen,

I want to thank you for your wonderful insight and professionalism during our marketing session.

It's a pleasure and a great comfort to have you, and Edge Studio on my team!

I look forward to working with you on a new demo, and to accelerating my career!

Thank you again for all of your guidance.


You guys still continue to impress me with your professionalism, whether facilitating the webinars or the timely reminders to register, this feedback opportunity or materials.

Hello to EVERYONE at edge that has been part of my process. I have been getting involved in my training webinars, I am regularly listening to archived pro, tech, and training calls. I have no experience with VO, but I know proper training and what's it's like to work with professionals. I am so excited about being a voice over talent and am enjoying my process. I know you folks have me moving in the right direction and just wanted to thank you.



Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to answer my many questions! I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


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